The interpersonal misrepresentation theory’s presence throughout Martin Scorsese’s movie. The Departed. is made copiously clear through the interactions between the characters. Two of the chief characters. Agent Sullivan and William. both prevarication in order to make their occupations. and to merely last. These characters exhibit the three dominant misrepresentation theories – disproof. privacy. and evasion. every bit good as using oculus contact. either intentionally or non. The interpersonal misrepresentation theory efforts to explicate the mode in which two people who are engaged in face-to-face communicating trade with misrepresentation.

It is possible to observe misrepresentation from verbal and gestural cues. There are three dominant misrepresentation theories – disproof. privacy. and evasion. Disproof is when one person. the “sender” . blatantly lies to another person. the “receiver. ” Concealment is when the transmitter omits certain facts ; this consequences in misrepresentation. Evasion is when the transmitter skirts the issues by altering the topic ( Hearn 2006 ) . In Martin Scorsese’s movie The Departed. William. the clandestine officer working with Frank Costello. and Agent Sullivan. the investigator who is assisting Frank Costello. both exhibit dominant misrepresentation theories.

Both prevarication throughout the full movie ; William is a good cat feigning to be bad. while Agent Sullivan is a bad cat pretense to be good. Both are reasonably good at lying. nevertheless. there are little. slightly tell-tale marks that they are being delusory. Agent Sullivan is a detective with the Massachusetts State Police. When he was a male child. a local felon. Frank Costello. helped him out. and the two had been friends of all time since. When Sullivan became a investigator on a instance where the constabulary were seeking to capture Costello. Sullivan did everything he could to assist Costello.

Because of his ambidextrous nature. he had to lie to his girlfriend. Madolyn. and the work forces he worked with. including his foreman. Agent Sullivan worked his misrepresentation on those around him in two obvious ways – privacy and evasion. The first illustration is of evasion. About half manner through the movie. Sullivan got a phone call from Costello. and Madolyn answered the phone. When Sullivan got off the phone. Madolyn asked him who had called him. Sullivan told her that it was his foreman.

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She knew he was lying to her. so he skirted the issue by stating that there are things about his occupation that he could non state her. things that she did non even want to cognize. He even tried to do a gag about her inquiries interfering with an on-going probe. He successfully got her mind off of the existent issue at manus. the issue of the cryptic company. The illustration of privacy is demonstrated throughout the movie in respects to Agent Sullivan. Sullivan spends the full movie seeking non to be found out as the adult male Costello has in the constabulary section.

When things start to truly unravel. Sullivan is assigned to happen the leak in the section. and he really takes on the undertaking. From here on out. Sullivan works difficult to go on to hide his true individuality. William was working for the Massachusetts State Police as an clandestine bull. He did non successfully finish the preparation at the Police Academy. but he wanted to be a bull. No 1 knew he was working for the constabulary section except for two high-level officers. William became a sure friend of Frank Costello while look intoing him.

This gave William the border he needed to capture Costello. but lead oning Costello could hold proved to be lifelessly. William worked his misrepresentation on Costello in two ways – disproof and privacy. In a scene where Costello wanted to speak to William about a “rat” in the operation. William flat-out lied to him. stating Costello that he was non the rat. William knew that Costello suspected him of being the rat. but William kept denying it. Costello began to believe him. William successfully lied his manner out of a potentially deathly state of affairs. William besides used the fast one of privacy to his advantage.

He. first and foremost. concealed his individuality. non merely from Costello and his pack. but besides from other officers in the constabulary section. No 1 in the constabulary section knew that he was working undercover. Because he did non graduate from the Police Academy. William was non a existent constabulary officer. Because of this. he went virtually undetected. William’s privacy of his true individuality was successful. until Costello wanted his existent name. societal security figure. and bank history Numberss. It was so that William knew he had to happen a manner out.

From here on out. things began to fall apart. Both Agent Sullivan’s and William’s misrepresentation could hold been detected. Most persons believe that they can state when a individual is lying to them. They can observe misrepresentation by listening and watching the transmitter. Signs such as oculus contact/rapid oculus motion. organic structure rigidness. and fidgeting can be tell-tale marks of when an person is seeking to lead on another person. Eye contact is held as the figure one index of truth or misrepresentation. Most believe that if an single holds strong oculus contact. so that individual is being true.

On the other manus. if one’s eyes move quickly. or one can non look another in the oculus while speaking to them. it is an indicant of misrepresentation. Law enforcement interviewers and inquisitors believe that when a individual is non being true. they will interrupt oculus contact and either expression to the right or to the left. This belief. nevertheless. is non substantiated ( Walters 2000 ) . Although proven an undependable agencies of observing misrepresentation. this does non halt Scorsese from implementing this scheme when it comes to Agent Sullivan’s behaviour.

Agent Sullivan’s behaviour. if paid attending to. would hold alerted anyone to his misrepresentation. For illustration. Sullivan ne’er made complete oculus contact while lying. He does do good oculus contact when he says that Costello has a adult male in the constabulary section. because that information is true. However. when he says that he is working on happening out who it is. he looks briefly at the floor. Sullivan breaks oculus contact. an indicant that he is lying. In actuality. Sullivan himself is the adult male Costello has in the constabulary section. so Sullivan has no purpose of happening out who the rat is.

Another illustration of Agent Sullivan’s uneven behaviour is at the sting. Sullivan calls Costello to inform him that he is being watched by the constabulary. Later. Sullivan finds out that the FBI is present and is supervising cellular phone activity. Sullivan begins to mouse nervous glimpses around the room. looking to see if anyone has detected his engagement with Costello. In the scene where William meets Costello for a treatment on who the “rat” is. William makes deliberate. strong oculus contact. Unlike Agent Sullivan. when William lies to Costello. William looks him directly in the oculus and does non waiver.

William is nervous about run intoing with Costello. but he carries himself as though he is in control of the state of affairs. Although William was nervous. he does non endorse down from Costello. This forces Costello to endorse down and to take William’s word that he is non the rat at face value. It is by and large believed that when person breaks oculus contact with the individual they are speaking to. they could be lying. However. when person makes deliberate oculus contact. that could intend that they are seeking to hide the fact that they are so lying.

Deliberate oculus contact besides means that the individual keeping strong oculus contact is seeking to keep laterality or control over the individual he is talking with. This is done is such a manner that the receiving system would non even think about oppugning the truth of the sender’s words ( Walters 2000 ) . This is how William wins over Costello. The term “leakage” is used to mention to any behavior exterior of a deceiver’s witting controls that could signal dishonesty. These signals could include the once mentioned organic structure rigidness and fidgeting ( Schneider 2007 ) .

For illustration. when Agent Sullivan is at the sting. after he found out that the FBI were supervising cellular phone activity. he sits really still. merely traveling his caput to peek around the room. His organic structure seems to go really stiff. perched uncomfortably on a tabular array. He besides seems to be fidgeting inside his coat pocket. In actuality. nevertheless. he is directing a text message to Costello that says. “no phones. ” Sullivan could hold “leaked” his engagement with Costello if person had been paying attending.

The characters of Agent Sullivan and William exhibit disproof. privacy. and evasion. The usage of oculus contact. both deliberate and non. do the characters more human. All of the marks of dishonesty that these two characters exhibited made the spectator believe that those characters were existent. Both characters’ misrepresentations could hold been seen through. like most people’s misrepresentations. but they were non detected. They carried their loads good. working their hardest to non merely do their occupations. but to last.


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