The purpose of this study is to find if possible alternate hub airdromes to serve the growth of Australasian and Pacific markets by researching and placing considerable inroads into this big market for spread outing and turning chances for Virgin Australia’s possible abilities

Methods Used
A questionnaire ( Appendix 1 ) was distributed to pupils go toing Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe ( MSIT ) every bit good other informations conducted to research preliminary and secondary informations from the Tourism Australia market profile. Equally good as carry oning Risk Analysis from other states in the Pacific and Australasian states. which includes air hoses and traveler statistics and public presentations.

When set abouting the questionnaires. the information was distributed and collated by replying inquiry on what pupils preferred as their draw finishs. As a consequence the analysis was conducted that most of the pupils preferred Fiji in class 1 while class 2 the pupils preferred Malaysia that has the highest per centum of pupils followed by Vietnam and Philippines as their hub finish.

Students preferred its natural beauties of its states instead that its substructure. and rich heritage. Equally good as its scenic positions and fortunately 23 pupils have travelled internationally while 4 pupils said they ne’er travelled at all. From the pupils conducted in this questionnaire pupils were about 21 to 30 old ages old more than the remainder of the respondents in this demographic.

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Other than the questionnaire. this study did non utilize any other beginnings but analyzing a hazard matrix of states whether the profile position was able to be a hub finish or non.

This study looks at the sentiments of pupils go toing MSIT Mt Gravatt. and probes of states in the Pacific and Australasian parts for schemes to carry on major air hoses services.

From this study it will be investigated by the undermentioned elements of regional analysis in Australasia and the Pacific. It will besides look at the tendencies from the landscape of air power analysis and the chief key air hoses that each states support on utilizing as its bearer. Demographics will besides be analysed by the market public presentation of the state in each class and its finish ports and statistics.

Establishing a public presentation on its international paths will be the cardinal precedence in edifice successful and stronger platforms for the hereafter.


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