When she goes to buy her fish she has to mom home on the bus, people on the bus get very rude because its not likely for people to bring fish on the bus, this saddens Mrs.. Seen. Everything that reminds her of India makes her overjoyed but also very saddens and depressed. For example when Mrs.. Seen. Receives letters from her family over in India she reads the letter out loud word for word, because of her excitement. Mrs.. Seen. Struggles to accept that she Is In a new country and she won’t be able to return to India In 3 years time. Lila parents and Mr.. Plaza all find It difficult living In

America. Lila parents find It hard because they have no Indian culture In America. So to keep their culture strong they invite people with the same culture over just like Mr.. Parade. They invite Mr.. Parade over for dinner every night, so that they still feel that bond between them and India. Also in “When Mr.. Parade Came To Dine” Lila learns about the differences between life in Carnaubas America and life in less stable parts of the world, knowing why Mr.. Parade is different to her family, but confused because of the knowledge her father as given her.

Some characters may not feel like an outsider In the public but may even feel Like an outsider In their relationship. For example Mr.. Janssen feels that his wife Isn’t all about the Indian culture because she’s does cook for him or wash his clothes. Twinkle loves Jesus and crosses items, because she hangs them around the house knowing that very well Janssen does not like it. Many of the characters feel like outsiders. Some shrug their shoulders and adjust, others struggle like salmon upstream to cling to their traditions.

Some are because of the war or leaving because of government issues, each one of them have to either, adapt or accept what has happened to them and their new life. Mrs.. Seen was doing okay at flirts but lost It after her car accident, Lila Parents have accepted the fact that they wont be able to go back to Indian until they can. That’s why they have guest over Like Mr.. Plaza to keep that bond strong and not feel Like the only one as an outsider. They are like quiet guest at the corner of a party. Who may not seem all that bower to surprise you.

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