The consequences of the interviews:

The interviewees have been asked a clump of inquiries sing the ethical issues in the field of la enforcement. Before looking at the consequences of the interviews. it would be better to look at the inquiries foremost. These inquiries were as follows:

1. Why are moralss and character so of import in the field of jurisprudence enforcement?

2. Make you experience that constabulary are more ethical today. or were they more ethical ten old ages ago?

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3. Why do constabulary officers become involved in misconduct?

4. Make you experience that there is adequate preparation offered in moralss at the constabulary academy degree? If non. why is that?

5. Should ethics preparation be offered as an ongoing procedure for jurisprudence enforcement officers?

6. Make you experience that instruction and/or preparation in moralss would cut down incidents of constabulary corruptness?

Now the consequences can be presented here. The reply of each inquiry will be reported individually here.

Equally far as the first inquiry is concerned. both of the interviewees have expressed great respects for the ethical values associated with their places. Although the two interviewees belong to two different coevalss. their positions on ethical values in the field of jurisprudence enforcement are similar. Both of them stressed the demand of moralss and character in the field of jurisprudence enforcement.

Harmonizing to the gaol super indent he could non hold performed his responsibility good in his long calling without following ethical norms ; whereas the junior constabulary officer believes that without giving proper regard to moralss he could non hold been trustable to the society. Harmonizing to both of them importance of moralss in the field of jurisprudence enforcement is immense. As jurisprudence enforcement practicians they feel that without obeying ethical norms it is rather hard to show themselves as the defender of the society.

They feel that without holding ethical norms to steer their behavior. they would be no better than the bad cats whom they arrest. Society put constabularies on a really high place on history of their duty to the society. So it is highly of import for these cats to make right things and in order to make these they need to follow ethical norms. Harmonizing them. even if their fellow practicians do non trouble oneself about paying fear to moralss and do non like other to make so. it is really of import to make their several responsibilities in ethical ways.

In instance of the 2nd inquiry. the gaol overseer finds it really hard to do a comparing between the present state of affairs and the state of affairs that existed ten old ages ago. In his 20 five old ages of calling he has seen tonss of incidences of misdemeanor of ethical norms by constabulary officers. He told that corruptness in the field of jurisprudence enforcement is non a new phenomenon. He himself saw a figure of instances of misdemeanor of ethical norms in past by constabulary. Police used to be accused of assorted offenses even ten old ages ago.

He. nevertheless. feels that most of the sections are seeking to going better in implementing higher ethical criterions for the practicians. Harmonizing to the gaol superintended every section are seeking to use best officers for stand foring the several bureaus. He himself put accent on analyzing ethical values of the officers before naming them in his section. The junior constabularies officer on the other manus was non at all agree to pull a comparing between the two period as he experience that functioning merely three old ages in the constabulary force he cant justice the state of affairs that existed ten old ages ago as he lack proper experience.

He. nevertheless. experience that at present higher governments are paying great attending to ethical values of constabulary. they are seeking to beef up ethical norms. He even cited an illustration of suspension of three junior constabulary officers. one senior constabulary officer and five constables on history of misdemeanor of ethical norms in last three old ages. He feel that today. may be in fright of suspension. constabulary officers are seeking to keep the ethical codifications of their several places. Although exclusions are at that place. he finds most of his fellow constabulary officers obeying ethical norms.

Equally far as the 3rd inquiry is concerned. both of them feel that it is non right to impeach full constabulary section of affecting in misconduct. They feel if the full system got corrupted. so it would non be possible for any authorities to keep peace in the society. Harmonizing to them. the state of affairs have non deteriorated to such an extent that an exigency can be called upon. It merely tells the fact that there still exists good officers who are good cognizant of their duties and execute their responsibilities with great attention.

They nevertheless. did non bury to show their concern over the presence of some bad apples in the basket. Both of them are of the sentiment that through the loopholes if the system some bad people enter into the system and make bad staff by taking advantage of their places. These people have a inclination to develop a perceptual experience about themselves that they are above jurisprudence and can make whatever they want to. The gaol superintend every bit good as the junior constabulary officer are of the sentiment that the bad activities of these few people spoil the image of the full system.

They besides feel that engagement of these bad people in unsought activities sometimes provokes others to affect in these Acts of the Apostless as enticement is immense at that place. However. they feel that it is non right to impeach full section of affecting in misconduct. As for the forth inquiry. the gaol overseer is of the sentiment that the preparation system is adequate for anchoring ethical values among the officers. He said that the preparation system has been designed at a gross degree.

He said that the preparation system can non be made single specific as it would convey immense complexnesss. In general the preparation system is good designed to steer a police officer in right way. But he feel that finally the issue boils down to the fact that how an single officer will use his preparation and follow the regulations and ordinances and go an illustration of an first-class officer. He thinks that no excess preparation can alter a individual who have a outlook to make his ain staff and entered into the system merely to take bad advantages of his place.

The junior officer nevertheless differs to some extent from the point of position of the gaol overseer. This junior officer feels the preparation system is good but it can be made better as there exists broad range for the improvement of the bing preparation system. He feels that a general degree of clip sometimes is non appropriate. peculiarly when people from diverse civilization and background join the force. Some people inherits personality traits like greed. obstinacy in negative manner. aggression. etc. hich are capable plenty of deviating their focal point from their duties. The preparation system should hold a method of happening out people with these personality traits and offering them particular preparation in order to guarantee that their focal point will be kept merely on their assigned duties. Therefore harmonizing the junior constabulary officer theb preparation system should be modified by some extent. Equally far as the 5th inquiry is concerned. both of the interviewees feel that ethical preparation should be made an on-going procedure for the jurisprudence enforcement officers.

The gaol overseer said that at the beginning of his calling the preparation was used to be offered merely at the clip of come ining into the constabulary force. Although sometimes some particular preparation used to be offered. it was non made a on-going procedure as a consequence of which many officers were found to hold forgotten their existent responsibilities. A constabulary officer’s societal duty is immense than a mere service adult male or an ordinary citizen. A procedure of updates of moralss developing is indispensable at regular interval to maintain them reminding of their responsibilities and how to carry on themselves while executing their responsibilities other wise they would fall apart.

The junior constabulary officer besides feels that it is really of import to remind invariably every officer of their duties and the manner of carry oning their responsibilities otherwise there exists a immense chance of burying the intent of their service. Thus H besides stressed on doing moralss developing a on-going procedure for the jurisprudence enforcement officers. As for the 6th inquiry. both of the interviewees here feel that instruction and moralss preparation can play a great function in cut downing the incidents of constabulary corruptness.

Proper instruction and moralss developing can turn among the officers a feeling of duty towards the society and to their several sections. They are of the sentiment that proper preparation and instruction can do the officers understand that their misconduct non merely destroy their image but besides the image of their sections every bit good as of their households and therefore jurisprudence enforcement officers can go more cautious while executing their responsibilities and seek to forbear from prosecuting any male monarch of misconduct. Analysis of the consequences of the interviews:

The consequences of the two interviews show that the jurisprudence enforcement practicians are rather reasonable and possess adequate cognition about the current state of affairs. In malice of being a portion of the jurisprudence enforcement system they did non waver to indicate out its loopholes. An interesting thing has come out by analysing the positions of these jurisprudence enforcement officers. Looking at their replies it seems that sometimes media exaggerate the incidents and fault the full system for the misconduct of one person.

Of class there are many illustrations where constabulary officers have been accused of go againsting ethical norms. like misconducting with people. affecting in sexual offenses. affecting in corruptness like taking payoffs. paying least attending to the agony of the multitudes. concentrating on their ain personal additions and so on. Both of the interviews have admitted these facts. but they do non experience it right to impeach the full system of these misconducts.

Looking at these illustrations. they have besides stressed on the importance of moralss developing in the condemnable justness system. Looking at their replies it seems that uninterrupted ethical preparation is the lone ways of cut downing these kinds of misconducts. Although. they do non possess any clear thought about whether constabulary were more ethical ten old ages ago than now. they have accepted that misdemeanors of ethical norms were rather prevailing in past excessively and therefore it is non a new phenomenon.

In kernel the interviewees put emphasis on the importance of moralss in the field of jurisprudence enforcement field and point out the importance of ethical preparation and instruction as a important tool of cut downing misconduct and corruptness by constabulary officers as ethical preparation and instruction can move as moral supporter and do officers aware of their duties. Decision: The interviewees seem to be rather right in their reply. In malice of being a portion of the jurisprudence enforcement system they did non seek to cover up its defects.

The existent scenario seems to be rather similar to what the interviewees have pointed out. As the two interviewees pointed out. the importance of moralss in the field of jurisprudence enforcement is immense. The issue of moralss is non new in the field of jurisprudence enforcement. in fact the subject of ethical behaviour have been in this field for centuries. With clip concerns over ethical issues have become more and more hard to turn to. In today’s society ethical criterions have taken a really complex form.

Not merely that. but ethical criterion of jurisprudence enforcement officers are besides being continuously scrutinized by the populace. Therefore. jurisprudence enforcement officers should transport their undertakings following ethical codifications. Law enforcement forces are set at a high place by the society. and hence it is the responsibility of these officers to execute their occupation in an efficient and professional manner. They are non allowed to show any personal positions or emotions while executing their responsibilities.

To carry through this. they are required to adhere to the codifications of moralss and behavior. Ethical criterion of jurisprudence enforcement officers requires them to make right thing in the right manner at the right clip for appropriate causes. Keeping the kernel of ethical criterion in head. the “International Association of Chiefs of Police” set up a codification of moralss ( Grant. 2002. p. 1 ) . This codification of moralss has to be followed by every member of this association. This ethical codification dictates how the officers would carry on their occupations.

Peoples have established a set of societal norms and values that they want all jurisprudence enforcement forces to pattern. In order to follow these norms and values and to derive regard from public. it is necessary for jurisprudence enforcement officers to act in ethical manner and behavior themselves consequently non merely on responsibility. but besides off responsibility. This ethical codification accompanied by proper moralss developing encourages officers in the field of jurisprudence enforcement to go a portion of an ethical profession. ( Grant. 2002. pp. 1-2 ) .


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