This research paper is about the Fundamentalss of Destination Management and Marketing. It shows the value of touristry as a important planetary industry participant and the function that it plays in the development of many communities and Jamaica on a whole as a finish.

It covers a broad scope of tools & A ; Techniques used by Convention & A ; Visitor Bureaus in the part and the touristry stakeholders who are able to help in identifying and implementing advanced and relevant planning, development and selling procedures for pull offing touristry.

The value of the Tourism Marketing Plan for the Island of Ireland will be assessed to see how Tourism has been impacting the finish and the manner in which they are profiting from Tourism in the country. Besides we ‘ll look at the external participants in touristry on the Island and their economical parts and other attempts to Jamaica in footings of finish direction.


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Describe at least Five of the tools or techniques that could be used by the Jamaica tourer board to efficaciously pull off and market a finish such as Jamaica for visitant entreaty.

Cultural entreaty of the finish: A great trade of the entreaty of a finish may be its cultural facets: Traditions, Religions and festivals etc. The Jamaica Tourist board would surely non hold any problem in marketing the civilization of Jamaica because of its unique and autochthonal people. This creates a huge entreaty to individuals from all over the universe to desire to see and Jamaica and see the civilization and lifestyle firsthand. What make Jamaica such a kind after finish are the assorted cultural groups that make up our race: from the Indians, Chinese, and Africans. “ We are genuinely out of many on people ” . Jamaicans are besides known all over the universe for our accomplishments and endowments, over celebrated Bob Marley is among the greatest singer/song author that of all time lived and today his music and memory still reigns ace and lives on in the Black Marias of many. Sports are another cultural event that we can be proud of, infact one of the greatest jocks and universe record clasp who is besides considered the “ fastest adult male in the universe ” , USAIN BOLT, comes from Jamaica. Jamaica Tourist board could besides a major function in sponsorship and marketing our ain Jazz & A ; Blues festival every bit good Reggae sumfest which generates 1000s of visitants to the Island each twelvemonth.

Customers ‘ ability to easy entree the finish: The closer the finish to the tourer bring forthing part, the better. This is known as the propinquity to tourism bring forthing countries such as the UK, United States, Asia, Europe, and Canada. Transportation hubs & A ; gateways are really of import. Jamaica ‘s ( Sangster ‘s international airdrome ) is used as a hub for most air hoses in the Caribbean and the universe. “ Expedia bookings a beam of sunlight for Jamaican Tourism. ” Tourism reaching for the first half of 2012 are up merely 2.5 per cent over twelvemonth before degrees, but big online travel site Expedia attained double-digit engagement growing for Jamaica over the same period. Basically, Expedia recorded more growing in troubled markets than local stakeholders. Merely over one million visitants came to Jamaica over the reappraisal period, or about 25,000 more than last twelvemonth, harmonizing to merely -released Jamaica Tourist Board Statistics analyzed by the Financial Gleaner. 26 October. 2012, Page 3.

Transportation system: Presently they are two International Airports in Jamaica, Sangster ‘s International airdrome in Motego Bay and Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. They both receive an tremendous sum of flights geting and going around the clock from assorted air hoses all around the universe. There besides three major ports on the Island ‘s north seashore in Montego Bay, Falmouth and Ocho Rios. Therefore, it is quite convenient and sensible for anyone to come to Jamaica for whatever intent they might hold in head. In fact two of the most good know sail lines that conveying 1000s of visitants to our Island on a regular basis are Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise. This makes it easier for the Jamaica Tourist Board to market and manage Jamaica as a Finish of entreaty to other states.


Better the visitant experience: In order to better facilitate visitants to Jamaica, circuit groups every bit good as diversion suppliers to step outside the box and happen originative selling schemes such Ads, Endorsement, Developing paths and particular bundles to more visitants to our Island. The Jamaica Tourist board plays a important function in acquiring the information on the abroad market and selling Jamaica on a whole on behalf of these little local operators. Several signifiers of media are used in selling Jamaica to both local and international market ; hoardings, Print media, Brochures, Television, Radio, Internet and magazines.

Handinesss of activities: there is more than adequate activities at this finish to attraction the immature, old, escapade searcher, they individual who is looking for a laid back holiday etc. They are legion attractive forces In a Jamaica that have been carefully designed, planned and marketed by the Jamaica Tourist board every bit good as other Convention and visitant agency. Attractions ranges from Travel award winning hotels such as the ( Half Moon ) , ” Half moon a large victor at Travel Awards ” . Thousands of spoting travel professionals cast their ballots in an on-line ballot declaring Half Moon the Caribbean ‘s Leading meeting and conference hotel and Jamaica ‘s prima and Golf resort. September 19, 2012.

Page 6. We besides boost Villas every bit good as all inclusive holes that are perfect for household holidaies and the perfect pickup. Sandals Resorts and watering place is one of the biggest luxury-included resort companies in Jamaica every bit good as the Caribbean. However, Jamaica is known for the even more dramatic activities and attractive forces. “ Canada ‘s top agent eyes Ja ” . Denise Georgiou-Newell, ranked number-one nuptials contriver in Canada and figure five globally. She ‘s now eyeing Jamaica as her following finish marrying offering. This means that she is in a place to be after and sell to possible clients. “ Jamaica is a antic topographic point and I believe it will be easy to sell, ” she said. A certified travel agent and nuptials contriver, she specializes in local ( Canada ) and finish nuptialss and honeymoons, with 15 old ages ‘ experience to her recognition and was sing Jamaica for the first clip when she came as portion of a 200-strong Travel agents Fly-In Programme ( September 16 ) , this was an one-year event hosted by the Jamaica Tourist Board in Partnership with the Hotel and Tourist Association ” .


Conduct a SWOT analysis of the techniques that were used in inquiry 1.

Strengths: The strength that lies within these techniques is that they are all come-at-able ends to accomplish now. We have the chance as a rich cultural finish full of possible and positive influences to market and manage so that it will be sustained for the future coevals to besides come to appreciate and bask.

Failing: The failing of utilizing these techniques is that there is a deficiency of support and support from influential organic structures that are more than equipped and able to supply aid to the JTB and other stakeholders with this same involvement for the state.

Opportunities: There is an increased chance for new concerns to emerge from the visitants market significance that investors will happen it appealing to come to Jamaica to set up their concern, franchises etc which will necessarily make a flow for new and permanent relationships among spouses every bit good. For illustration the Group Tour & A ; Meetings and Convention centre in Montego Bay. Increased consciousness in the abroad market, illustration selling to the CVB in a state such as Germany will be one thing, but indirectly this will make a bombilation to other concerns and individuals of involvement about Jamaica in the country. Some other chances are Creation of Local Employment, Purchase of Local Food and drinks Consuming of Local Products and Services, Revenue coevals for the Government, Revenue coevals for the Local/Parochial economic system and Socio-Economic benefits to local people ( Quality of Life ) .

Menaces: The Hurricane Season can present a major menace to Jamaica. This starts from June to November. During this clip the handiness for certain attractive forces can be really low and they might non be able to suit visitants due to the season ‘s capriciousness. Violence that was highlighted in May 2011 will make. So the Jamaica Tourist Board will hold to happen agencies and ways how to selling and still trade name Jamaica even within these times.


Critically asses the value of a Tourism Marketing Plan and place THREE procedures involved in developing such a program.

Tourism Ireland 2012 is a selling program that is focused on marketing the island of Ireland overseas. Their subject is “ Competing to win ” . This might be really few in words but it genuinely represents their whole aim for the hereafter and what they hope to carry through in the terminal. This whole program is merely a aureate chance to demo instance north Ireland in a new manner to prospective investors or merely regular visitant looking for someplace they can see which offers a rich heritage and an overpowering cultural experience when they come. While conditions remain ambitious, 2011 appears to tag a turning point in footings of more visitants geting on the Island. This selling squad believes that the Island of Ireland is now in a better place to take advantage of the tendency, that is for people to go for shorter trips, remaining closer to place and being wise in their disbursement guaranting that they are acquiring a great value for their money.

Aim/Objectives: The purpose and aim of this program for 2012 is “ viing to win ” , by truly making and capitalising on the strong involvement of the Island of Ireland in all markets in an extended selling program, through developing partnerships in industries In order to advance visitants involvement in the finish and the relaxation of handiness and value to be had.

Making Techniques/Strategies:

Introducing a new Communication Campaign to capture the kernel of a vacation in Ireland.

Establishing a new web site to heighten communicating in assisting to tackle the power the power of societal media even more efficaciously.

Increasing the figure of platforms on offer to industry and trade spouses.

Working with bearers air, land and seas to advance new paths and bing 1s ( Direct and Indirect )

Campaigning on Television in Great Britain, France, Germany, and U.S.A.

Print media in Spain, U.S.A, Great Britain and online.

Promotion of a finish through events, London 2012 Olympics, Titanic Belfast Festival 2012, World peace twenty-four hours, Clipper round the universe yacht race.


Marketing/Branding: The new trade name placement has been developed to ‘Strengthen Ireland ‘s Competitive distinction over other states. Besides to increase the plangency associated with their vacation bundles offered.

However, selling focal points more on the client ‘s wants and demands and how best they can supply that. The first program is to make a suite of incorporate, synergistic and piquant communications designed for deployment around the work for 2012. This new run highlights the Island ‘s peculiarity through obliging communicating demoing all the fantastic experiences that can be had by visitants.

Branding/Marketing Great Britain

Stigmatization: The Island of Ireland will construct trade name equity through a new advertisement run that will present a compelling place. They will besides go on to counter negative perceptual experience of their finish for whatever grounds and seek to advance ritual iconic experiences to distinguish themselves from other finishs.

Selling: A new trade name originative proposition will be launched across all media in early January. We ‘ll besides construct on the success of the St. Patrick ‘s period with high profile salutations PR stunts across Great Britain. The integrating of concern and athleticss touristry will be maximized with leisure selling activities.

Branding/Marketing North America

Stigmatization: Feature affordability, good value and convenience of entree subjects in all messages.

Selling: Maximize the impact of the new advertisement run through a carefully selected online and offline channel mix. Digital information and broadcast channels will besides be used as cardinal media and an chance to make a bombilation. High vision visitant satisfaction degree will be created through word of oral cavity.

Branding/Marketing Mainland Europe

Stigmatization: We will guarantee strong value message to assist ‘close the sale ‘ and guarantee visitants of affordability and raise Ireland ‘s profile as a occurrence, Ownable and talkable finish.

Selling: The trade name new placement will be launched through Television advertizements in France and Germany. Social media activities will increase battle and word of oral cavity and Expansion of greening activities for St. Patrick ‘s Day in cardinal European metropoliss.


Branding/Marketing Australia

Stigmatization: Make a sense of urgency to visitants that Ireland is the best in new trade name placement. Ensure that the trade name Australia has strong tactical constituents.

Selling: Brining VIP to the Island of Ireland T generate promotion. Besides persue more joint selling chances with Visit Britain.

Name FIVE of the external participants and or organisations that could help a CVB such as the Jamaica Tourist Board with the execution of a finish Selling Plan and explicate at least two economic significance of that aid.

Ministry of Tourism Jamaica: This entity takes attention of the full Tourism industry o f the state. Jamaica draws a considerable sum of tourer to the Island each twelvemonth chiefly from Central America. The Tourism Ministry has the duty of portraying a hospitable and welcoming community for visitants. They assist the Jamaica Tourist Board In that they help to supply adjustment of the tourers, proper substructure and assorted offers to hike touristry. The event such as Miss Jamaica Festival Queen is organized by this section of authorities. One can state that it is because of the efficiency of the Tourism section along with other entities why Jamaica is ranked among the best finishs on the planet. Not merely do they look after the substructures, but besides they help in promote and market the industry to the universe. There are offices of the tourer board of Jamaica all over the universe. Economically, the ministry will be imparting aid to the authorities to increase in grosss, In that they are one of the largest turning sectors in our Island that generates one million millions of dollars for the state ‘s economic system to endeavor each twelvemonth, assisting to make Tourism consciousness for our state and an appealing finish for all when they come to see.

UN World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) : This is an bureau in the United Nations that is the taking international organisation in the field of touristry. Their duties lie from publicity of touristry as a driver of economic growing to the development and environmental sustainability. The economic benefit that is created is able to farther better certain qualities of the state such as beautification undertaking for farther sustainability, develop better roads and other installations that will assist to make an overall visitant friendly feel when visitants arrive to our Island.


UN World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) : This is an bureau in the United Nations that is the taking international organisation in the field of touristry. Their duties lie from publicity of touristry as a driver of economic growing to the development and environmental sustainability. The economic benefit that is created is able to farther better certain qualities of the state such as beautification undertaking for farther sustainability, develop better roads and other installations that will assist to make an overall visitant friendly feel when visitants arrive to our Island.

Tourism Enhancement Fund: This is a particular fund that is attained through room revenue enhancements, airdrome revenue enhancements, land transit suppliers etc. The intent of this fund is to heighten the touristry merchandise, through back uping industry development undertakings.

Caribbean Tourism Organization ( CTO ) : The Caribbean Tourism Organization ‘s purposes significantly to increase the inclusion of the Caribbean part in the set of finishs being considered by travellers.

Jamaica Promotions Corporation ( JAMPRO ) : JAMPRO is the entity that highlights what different concern venture Jamaica is overseas telegram of making on a planetary graduated table, because genuinely, we are more than merely a tourer finish. JAMPRO acts as the gateway which connects the universe to Jamaica, enabling enterprisers from around the Earth to tap into the wealth of trade and investing chances available in the state.



Destination direction is indispensable for any country/Destination in order for the community and visitants to harvest the wagess and benefits of what the country has to offer. I recommend that districting be permitted in certain countries that are delicate and deficient to suit a big group of individuals in peculiar clip, the manner harm to these environments will be reduced.

It is besides of import that Government and Tourism representatives visit little attractive forces and the community to inform them of whatever alterations and events that will take topographic point. They could hold community meets and workshops for the citizens in order to make consciousness.

Up maintaining f the installations in little communities and the wider finishs is a really of import technique that should be paid full attending in peek seasons every bit good as off seasons.



Destination Management includes the Planning and obtaining of concern licenses, Zoning controls, Environmental controls and other concern associations along with a host of techniques to determine the development and day-to-day operations of Tourism related activities.

This Project highlights the Jamaica Tourist Board and the important function that they play as a Convention & A ; Visitor Bureau in Jamaica. It besides shows ways in which they have adapted to the construct of finish direction in their attack to Tourism planning and development in guaranting long-run sustainability of the state and the Tourism industry in our Island.



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