A taxi-cab is also known as a “CAB”. It is a private
owned vehicle, which is a type of commercial vehicle for hire with a driver.
The driver may or may not be the owner of the CAB. It is used by a single
passenger or a small group of passengers, often for a non-shared ride. CAB
helps the passengers to cover the distance (short, medium or long) within a
short period of time. Compared to other public transports, CAB ensures safety
ride, fair rate and also a comfortable ride to its customers. CAB does not have
any predetermined routes as compared to other public transports. Mahindra
Logan, Maruti Swift, Tata Indica, Tata Indigo, Toyota Etios and Chevrolet Beat
are the most popular commercial vehicles used. UBER, OLA, Red Taxi, Go Taxi and
Meru Cab are some of the most popular CABs available in Coimbatore. Compared to
other cities it is not mandatory to have yellow and black coloured taxi for
hiring purpose. Those vehicles whose ownership is private, can be registered
under commercial vehicles for hiring purposes. During 80’s Rickshaw was the
most popular transport used by public. During 90’s after the introduction of
Auto, the Rickshaw demand got decreased. The demand for Auto started increasing
day by day.  Currently the major player
in the field of public transport is CAB. After the introduction of CAB, the
demand for Auto started decreasing.

Review of literature

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market research survey for Viira Cabs by Neville Chesan Senior Research Analyst
at Agilisys IT Services India. The main objective of his project was to
identify the demand & awareness of Viira women’s cab services in India. He
found that there is a high demand for women’s cab services with 4 out of every
5 women preferring a women’s cab service over a regular radio cab service. And
he also found that more than 80% of the women respondents regard “safety” as
the single most important factor while choosing a women’s radio cab service.


SYSTEM”  by Ankit Singhal, Rajneesh
Singh, Naveen Arora, Harsh Sharma and Prashant from Kasturi Ram College Of
Higher Education (Affiliated to GGSIP University, Delhi) Narela, Delhi-110040.
This project is about the designing prepaid taxi management database system
using MS Access, and Visual Basic 6.0. This project presents an investigative
view of presenting the taxi management system including the history of taxis.
Present system of taxi management system is having some shortcoming on which
they have tried to work on that to eliminate the disadvantages.


CHALLENGES AND GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES” by UR Associates. This report is the first
report on this industry that has in-depth focus on the challenges and potential
risks. The report provides the historical financial performance of all the
major radio cab companies. In order to aid investors, after in-depth analysis
they have built the future financial estimates and growth in fleet size of all
the major radio cab operators. The report also contains their key suggestions
to the industry.


Area of study




India is one of the developing country. It has been
founded by many researchers that the CAB service have resulted in enormous
growth for the past recent years. The researchers also says that there is a
chance for increasing the demand for CAB services than any other mode of
transport in India. Researchers says that, many people feel that investing to
own a vehicle, will increase their present and future expenses. And also due to
depreciation, value of vehicles get reduced at the point of sale. Coming to the
safety measures, CAB ensures safer journey than any other public transport. Considering
the time, there are people who value time more than expenses and safety. People
belong to such category tend to choose CAB for reaching destination as quick as
possible. Nowadays most of the people uses smartphones, therefore uses of CAB
applications has also become popular. CAB operators also give ride offers for
booking through CAB applications, therefore people tend to choose booking
through applications than any other forms of booking. CAB operators provide
multiple mode of payment like Cash, Debit or Credit Card, UPI, e-Wallet, Net
Banking etc. CAB operators also ensures that the customer is comfortable in
his/her ride on the go. After every ride CAB operators collects feedback, to
know the customers overall satisfaction with the ride.



The main objective of this study are as follows:

know why consumer prefer CAB than other public transport.

know which CAB they prefer most.

know what all are the factors that can affect the consumer preference.

know the consumer approach, thoughts, trends and tastes for the future growth
and development.




A detailed study will be carried out to analyse the CAB industry.
Previous market research samples regarded to CAB industry will be used to gain
more knowledge. The area chosen for this study is Coimbatore. Primary data will
be collected by preparing a market survey questionnaire, which will be
distributed to the users of CAB within the District. Later the collected data
will be analysed and interpreted into pictorial representations (like graphs,
charts etc.) and written form. The primary data will be collected mainly from
rural population, to analyse the growth of the CAB industry in rural areas.


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