What do I anticipate from you?
1. Be prepared. Approximately go through the stuff in the text edition before the category. 2. I am traveling to spoon-feed you with tonss of inquiries!
These inquiries are designed to elicit your involvement and to assist you to calculate out most of the material by your ain thought!
You will hold fun by actively take parting in thought and discoursing these inquiries. It will be a waste of your clip if you merely want to passively listen to the replies. 3. Make the prep assignments by yourself.

You can discourse the inquiries with your schoolmates.
But do non copy and paste!
4. Please Use Anonymous Feedback in IVLE! State me what you want from me!

What is the most of import engineering invented in twentieth century? The digital computing machine.
•How does the digital computing machine procedure information?
The computing machine performs binary operations harmonizing to a list
of instructions ( plan )
How many operations can your laptop execute in one second?
CPU velocity of 2 GHz –? 2 billion ( 109 )
What is the fastest velocity of the supercomputer now?
China’s Tianhe-2 ( 2013 ) :

33. 86 Petaflops ( 1015 )

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USA’s Cray Titan ( 2012 ) : 17. 59 Petaflops
Japan’s K Computer ( 2011 ) : 10. 5 Petaflops
How many operations can a computing machine ( with one CPU ) execute at any given blink of an eye? •Only ONE! The operations are consecutive: 1 after another!

The modern computing machines are so fast that it may look that many plans are running at the same clip even though merely one is of all time put to deathing in any given blink of an eye.

EE5904/EE5404 Neural Network

EE5904/ME5404 Neural Networks

•Can computing machine crush the human encephalon now?
•Yes and No.
•What are the undertakings that the computing machine can crush the human encephalon? •Playing chess—the Deep Blue defeated the universe title-holder Garry Kasparov in 1997. •Solving equations!

•But there are certain things that we can make much better than computing machine! Can you name some of them?
Pattern acknowledgment such as acknowledging one familiar face among a crowd! Half a century ago. artificial-intelligence innovator. Marvin Minsky of MIT predicted that computing machines would transcend human intelligence within a coevals. Recently. he admitted:

“ The world’s most powerful computing machines lack the common sense of a yearling ; they can non even distinguish cats from Canis familiariss unless they are explicitly and fastidiously programmed to make so. ”
• Can computing machine equal the human encephalon 1000 old ages from now? Is Terminator of all time possible? 9

EE5904/ME5404 Neural Networks

How about the encephalons of other animate beings?
Are they besides good at pattern acknowledgment?
Pigeons as art experts ( Watanabe. et Al. 1995 )
Pigeon in Skinner box


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