Large Bus Tours is the largest operator of open-top rubber-necking Tourss in the World, supplying rubber-necking Tourss in 13 metropoliss across three continents.

Large Bus Tours was formed by the amalgamation of two established sightseeing circuit concerns. The Big Bus Company Ltd – based in London, and Les Cars Rouge – based in Paris. The two concerns, each with over 20 old ages of successful circuit experience, decided to unite their expertness, making Big Bus Tours in May 2011.

Large Bus Tours ‘ sightseeing expression has been designed to supply a flexible attack to metropolis find. Each open-top coach circuit provides a hop-on, hop-off installation at a assortment of interesting locations and, wherever possible, Big Bus Tours looks to heighten the visitant sightseeing experience by supplying complementary experiences.

Large Bus Tours is presently be aftering farther enlargement in the US, Europe and Far East, and welcomes all questions about possible franchise or partnership chances.

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The Original London Transport Sightseeing Tour was the first sightseeing circuit of its sort in London, officially introduced by London Transport as ‘Service J ‘ on 11th June 1951, when 1000s of visitants descended on the capital for the Festival of Britain. It was described at the clip as a non-stop round circuit of London runing with bus coachs from Buckingham Palace Road, South Kensington Station and Bloomsbury Place.

The circuit was promoted with the motto ‘around the town for half a Crown ‘ . As portion of the circuit, visitants were given a free London Transport Guide Book with the assistance of which they had to place the major sights of London for themselves. By the early 1970ss the service had expanded to offer conducted manager Tourss in the City, Windsor & A ; Hampton Court, all “ unrecorded guided ” by the celebrated Blue Badge Guides. Back in 1971 the menus for an ‘Around London Sightseeing Tour ‘ were 50p for grownups and 30p for kids, whilst the conducted manager Tourss in the City cost ?1.40 and ?1.10 severally.

The first unrecorded ushers were introduced on the Around London Tours in 1984, with taped commentaries in French and German following the following twelvemonth. In 1990 the service was further improved with digitally recorded commentaries, in up to eight linguistic communications. 1991 saw the launch of the most popular hop-on, hop-off service leting riders the freedom to acquire off and research the sights they passed.

Over the old ages at that place were several name alterations from the initial uncharismatic Service J until 1992 when the name ‘The Original London Sightseeing Tour ‘ was eventually adopted. In the same twelvemonth the company was sold to the Pullmans Group Limited and traded as London Coaches Ltd.

In December 1997, The Original London Sightseeing Tour Ltd was taken over by Arriva, one of the largest conveyance service administrations in Europe. In add-on to the proviso of coach and train services, Arriva plc besides operates a Bus and Coach franchise ; and holds the Cross Country rail franchise.

In March 2001 London Pride Ltd was acquired and merged with The Original London Sightseeing Tour, making the largest individual operation of its sort anyplace in the universe.

In August 2010 The Original Tour ‘s parent company, Arriva plc, officially became a portion of DB UK Holding Limited ( a wholly-owned subordinate of Deutsche Bahn AG ) for ?1.5bn. The Deutsche Bahn group has 295,000 employees in 130 states.

Today, over 60 old ages subsequently, merchandising merely as “ The Original Tour ” , this multi-award winning company continues to supply visitants to London with a relaxed and gratifying position of the capital ‘s celebrated landmarks from open-topped coachs runing throughout the twelvemonth.

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The Big Bus circuit provides open-top rubber-necking Tourss of London. The company has a fleet of 90 coachs and Tourss run every 5-15 proceedingss, enabling visitants to skip on and off at over 70 Michigans. The carefully devised circuit provides an overview of the history and civilization of London, delivered by either a London usher in English or a recorded commentary.

The digitally recorded commentary allows you to listen to facts and narratives in any of 8 linguistic communications. Head phones are provided enabling you to listen in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese & A ; Russian.

As with all Big Bus Tours, you can remain onboard for the full circuit or do usage of the hop-on hop-off installation, a great benefit of the London coach circuit that enables you to halt and research the sights at your leisure. Take advantage and see the top London attractive forces at your ain gait.

The Red Tour

The authoritative unfastened top sightseeing circuit of London. The interesting and enlightening commentary provided by the professional ushers is merely one ground why the Big Bus Red Tour is the best thing to make when sing London.

All Big Bus Red Tours are led by our experient ushers – London partisans who will speak you through the history of the metropolis and give you a personal and entertaining commentary on London and its tourer attractive forces.

The path has been carefully devised to enable you to see London ‘s most celebrated sights. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul ‘s Cathedral and The Tower of London are merely some of the fabulous attractive forces.

Stay on board for the full circuit or do usage of the hop-on hop-off installation, a great benefit of the London Bus Tour that enables you to halt and research the sights at your leisure. Take advantage and see the top London attractive forces at your ain gait.

Discover the fantastic history of London as you learn and laugh with unrecorded commentary provided by our professional ushers. The circuit takes in all the cardinal sights of Central London with great positions and interesting facts at every bend.

Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul ‘s Cathedral and The Tower of London are merely some of the fabulous attractive forces on the ruddy circuit.

The Blue Tour

The most extended rubber-necking path through London takes you to all the top attractive forces and features an enlightening recorded commentary in 8 linguistic communications on all coachs. The coach circuit takes in all of Central London every bit good as Kensington and Hyde Park

On Board the Blue Tour you will besides be able to detect the shopping oasiss of Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Kensington High Street, take in the elegant Kensington Palace and the stylish Notting Hill. In add-on to the many sightseeing attractive forces of Central London, the Blue Tour travels West to the Victoria & A ; Albert, Science and Natural History Museums – all free to come in, plus the universe celebrated Madame Tussaud ‘s.

The Green Link

The Green Link is an interchange between the ruddy and bluish Big Bus Tours. It allows you to see London attractive forces that may non be covered by either of the other Tours. It connects the popular hotel of Russell Square and Trafalgar Square, where you may substitute with the Red and Blue Tours. The Green Link besides provides the chance to see both the Dickens and British Museums.

It takes merely ten proceedingss to go between the three Michigans on one of our unfastened top circuit coachs. The journey is without a circuit usher commentary and goings are every 30 proceedingss.

River Thames Pass

Enjoy a at leisure sail on the River Thames with entertaining commentary and brilliant positions of London ‘s riverbank. Take a short trip through cardinal London or travel to Greenwich and see the National Maritime Museum and the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

Three Walking Tourss

Join an entertaining walking circuits lead by one of our experient ushers. There are 3 to take from, enabling you to detect more of London. Led by a friendly Big Bus Guide, these relaxed walking Tourss reveal the bosom and psyche of this great metropolis. With your Big Bus ticket you may take as many guided walks as you like.

The guided London walks last about 1 hr and 30 proceedingss to 2 hours and leave from the Big Bus Trafalgar Square stops 10 and 37 ( outside the Sainsbury wing of the National Gallery ) .

Royal London Walking Tour

Beatles Walking Tour of London

Ghosts London Walking Tour

Large Bus Bonus Card

The Bonus card provides great price reductions and added value offers in some of London ‘s most popular eating houses, stores and attractive forces. The Bonus Card can be used for a hebdomad after your Large Bus Sightseeing Tour and can be used repeatedly.


-The houses of Parliament

– St Paul ‘s Cathedral

– The Tower of London

– The London Eye

– Westminster Abbey

– Tower Bridge

– Buckingham Palace


– Hop on Hop Off sightseeing Tour

– 2 Paths with the option of a personal sound commentary or a unrecorded guided circuit

– 3 Walking Tours, River Cruise and Big Bus Bonus Card ( Discount card )

– Unlimited usage of all constituents throughout ticket cogency

Thingss that are excluded from the circuit are:

– Meals and drinks

– Personal disbursals

– Tips and tips

– Optional activity costs


Custom-make your ain circuit by skiping on and off the coach at any halt, as many times as you like. There ‘s a pick of sightseeing paths, including the Yellow Route which features unrecorded onboard commentary. If you ‘re going with the household, take the Red Route – relax while your kids are entertained and informed by the extremely acclaimed Kids Club commentary and their free London activity battalions.

Each path makes frequent Michigans – merely skip off where you want to, and return to the same halt to go on your circuit.


Madame Tussauds

Piccadilly Circus

Leicester Square

Trafalgar Square

Toss offing Street

Large Ben and Parliament

London Eye

Covent Garden

St. Paul ‘s Cathedral

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Shakespeare ‘s Globe

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

The City Sightseeing Tour ( Red Route )

Madame Tussaud ‘s and the London Planetarium, Regent ‘s Park, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus/Eros Statue, Leicester Square, The National Gallery, Nelson ‘s Column and Trafalgar Square, Horse Guard ‘s Parade, Downing Street, Big Ben and Parliament, Lambeth Palace, Imperial War Museum, The London Aquarium, London Eye, South Bank Arts Center and BFI Imax Cinema, Covent Garden, Fleet Street, St. Paul ‘s Cathedral, Monument, London Bridge, London Dungeon, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Shakespeare ‘s Globe, Tate Gallery Bankside, Millennium Footbridge, Catamaran Cruisers, Sherlock Holmes Pub, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Speakers Corner.

The Original Tour ( Yellow Route )

English-speaking to the full qualified unrecorded ushers.

The National Gallery, Nelson ‘s Column and Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards ‘ Parade, Downing Street, Big Ben and Parliament, Lambeth Palace, Imperial War Museum, The London Aquarium, London Eye, South Bank Arts Center and BFI Imax Cinema, Covent Garden, Fleet Street, St Paul ‘s Cathedral, Monument, London Bridge, London Dungeon, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Shakespeare ‘s Globe, Tate Gallery Bankside, Millennium Footbridge, Catamaran Cruisers, Sherlock Holmes Pub, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard, Hyde Park, Speakers Corner, Ritz Hotel, Royal Academy of Arts, Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly Circus/Eros Statue, Leicester Square.

The Museum Link ( Blue Route )

Chief attractive forces: Kensington Palace, Baden-Powell House, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Brompton Oratory, Harrods, Knightsbridge, Harvey Nichols, Hyde Park, Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly Circus, Shaftesbury Avenue, British Museum, Russell Square, Wellington Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial, Kensington High Street and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Capital Connector ( Purple Route )

Holland Park, Notting Hill, Bayswater, Kensington Gardens, Pet Cemetery, Paddington Station, Madame Tussauds.

St Pancras Station Connector ( Black Route )

St Pancras – King ‘s Cross Station – Marble Arch – Paddington Station – Marylebone Station – Euston Station.

The coach leaves St Pancras International at 10.05, 11.05 and 12.05pm ; and departs from Marble Arch at 3.50pm, 4.50pm and 5.50pm. Speak to our staff on the twenty-four hours for the latest timetable information.

Cardinal London ( Green Route )

Leicester Square – London Eye – Westminster – Piccadilly Circus – Leicester Square This round service provides a ready to hand nexus in cardinal London across the Thames.

It operates daily between 09.15 and 15.45.

Childs Club

The Original Tour is the lone circuit operator to offer commentaries specially designed for kids. History made merriment – for childs, by childs… plus the voice of the shade of London! Every kid besides gets a “ passport ” to London and a antic free merriment battalion with activity/quiz book. Look out for the great Kids Club competition in the dorsum of the book where you could win a keepsake of London. The Kids Club Channel is available on the ruddy and bluish path.

Members of the Kids nine will have their ain free activity battalion and a Passport to London. Do n’t bury to acquire your passport officially stamped before you board the coach!

Thames River Cruise

Enjoy this hop-on-hop-off sail down the River Thames with professional commentary. Hop-on-hop-off sails are available from Westminster, Waterloo, Tower and Greenwich Piers. A great manner to research London ‘s riverside attractive forces in greater item… and its wholly free.

Free Walking Tours

On non-guard alteration yearss walks go to Buckingham Palace and to St James ‘s Palace where you can take exposures of lookout boxes. The guard alteration does non take topographic point if it is raining. All Tourss take about 90 proceedingss. Please note that the Jack the Ripper walk will complete at Aldgate East tubing station and non at one of our coach Michigans.

1. The Changing of the Guard Walk

2. Rock ‘n ‘ Roll Walking Tour

3. The Jack the Ripper Walk

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Comparison between the large coach circuit and the original Tourss

Original circuit and The Big Bus are the established operators and are arguably the mirror images of each other in footings of the merchandise that they offer to their clients.


At big both the companies go caput to caput on the monetary value section.

But if one has to compare which company has a more inexpensive ticket it ‘s the original Tourss with merely a fraction.

Large Bus has a 24 and 48 hr tickets that they offer but this is non the instance with the original Tourss, they merely offer a 24 hr ticket.


In the last twosome of old ages both the companies have upgraded their coachs.

All the coachs are dual deck, unfastened top vehicles.

The difference in both the company ‘s coachs is how unfastened top they are, some of the top rows in the forepart are covered.


If you are fluid in English it is preferred that you take the guided coach circuit which is provided by both the companies.

Of the audio ushers all have English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Large Bus does n’t hold Nipponese, the other two do. Big Bus & A ; OLT have Russian. OLT have a Kids Channel. Big Bus has Portuge and Mandarin.

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The original circuit provides KIDS CLUB installation which makes it more merriment for the childs, the same is non provided by the BIG BUS TOURS.

Bonus card, one of the chief installation provided by the large coach circuit.

In this the clients can avail great price reductions and value offers in some of London ‘s most popular eating houses, stores and attractive forces. The Bonus Card can be used for a hebdomad after your Large Bus Sightseeing Tour and can be used repeatedly.

This in NOT provided by the ORGINAL TOURS.


Q1.Which bus circuit did you choose for?

Harmonizing to the informations collected 70 % of the respondents opted for the Big Bus circuit where as merely 30 % of the people opted for the original circuit.

Were you given ample clip given to you for sightseeing?

Harmonizing to the informations collected people who opted for the Big Bus circuit said that they were given clip to see all the sights but some of the people were non satisfied with the clip provided by the circuit companies ‘ but this is based on their personal demands.

Was there any amusement for your kids during the circuit?

The original circuit is the lone coach circuit company that provides amusement for the childs.

Families who opted for the large coach circuit were truly happy with all the installations and the value added services provided by the company the lone thing that they were non content with was that their childs were non given any particular intervention.

Whereas the households who opted for the original circuit were truly happy with the services specially with the childs club installation for their kids, this made their circuit more gratifying.

Was the usher able to reply your inquiries?

The ushers of both the circuit companies were good informed and were able to undertake all the inquiries really easy.

Did the circuit lucifer upto your outlook?

Large coach circuit was able to fit upto the clients outlooks as all the things that the company mentioned were provided to them. The most of import thing that they were excited about was utilizing their BONUS CARD installation.

The original circuit was besides able to run into the outlook and the people with childs were the 1s who were truly happy and satisfied as their childs were able to bask the circuit because of the KIDS CLUB installation provided by the original circuit company.

Would you urge this circuit to your friends?

Customers, whether they opted for large coach or the original Tourss, they were certain that they will urge the circuit service to all their friends as they were highly happy with the services provded to them.


On the footing of the informations collected and the study conducted I have reached the undermentioned decision:

Harmonizing to the information and my personal experience BIG BUS TOUR is the best and besides most of the respondents that were interviewed were the 1s who had gone for the same.

Personally I would urge both the companies to put in lavatories in the coachs as it would do the trip more convenient for the clients.

Harmonizing to the suggestions given by the respondents, coachs should put in some traveling platform with the aid of which people with a wheel chair can do usage of the unfastened top installation provided, otherwise they have to sit at the lower degree

Original Tours should get down a installation similar to the BONUS CARD which is provided by the Big Bus Tour, as it is one of the major distinguishing point between them.

If the Big Bus circuit wants to pull twosomes with childs, they should get down a KIDS CLUB installation or something on the same lines as it would increase their client base, even though it is still really high.


With the aid of the informations collected through the questionnaire and the information gathered from the cyberspace I can easy state that large coach circuit, with all the ballyhoo around it and being started late ie in May 2011 takes the lead in the hop-on hop-off coach tour providing companies.

Original circuit company, even though started about 5 decennaries back, has lost to the new child on the block.

In order for the original circuit company to derive more market portion and one time once more be on the top it has to get down some aggressive selling schemes, give more price reductions, provide 48 hr tickets as done by its rivals.

Large coach circuit company, in order to keep its lead in the market, should present some childs amusement or get down a circuit specially for the younger coevals which would pull more households, as the chief motivation of the household is that their childs should hold a great clip and at the terminal increase their cognition about the metropolis.


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