Using the technology available during that time period, describe a creative method that would lift the huge limestone blocks that helped to build the great ancient pyramids. Explain how the methods used by the Egyptians to build the great pyramids compare to the methods used by ants when building their great structures. 3. King Tutu and HIS Tomb How would the present-day professional explain the numerous premature deaths associated with the excavation of King Turns tomb: physician, historian, philosopher, detective, archeologist, chemist, geologist, paleontologist, and you?

Describe what it would be like to be the mummy of an ancient Egyptian leader buried in a great pyramid, Include all five senses, emotional feeling, and thought. Along with the causes of these. Start with the beginning of the mummification process, through three days after the closing of the tomb. Explain how tombs of today might have evolved from the ancient Egyptians 4. Religion: Gods and Goddesses Explain the religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Egyptians. Discuss the important Egyptian gods and goddess.

Compare and contrast 2 of these gods with other ancient civilizations (I. E. Aztec. Greeks, and Romans). Is there any influence of these gods on modern day religions? 5. Great Sphinx How was the great Sphinx built and why? Compare the Great Sphinx to five monuments of today, include the methods and materials used, time needed for completion, their locations, and why they were built. What building methods and materials might have evolved from the ancient Egyptians? 6. Ancient Civilizations Research Project Together in class we have learned about Ancient Egypt.

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You will use this experience to help you learn about another ancient civilization of your choice. You may do this project with a partner, or independently. For this project I am going to let you choose your partner. I know you will make a wise decision and work productively together! Instructions: 1 . Choose one of the following ancient civilizations to research: Egyptian Mesopotamia Phoenician Chinese Indian sheets. When planning and organizing ideas, remember to: -use point form -put the information into your own words All research must be completed by Wednesday, May 7th.


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