Invasive non-native plant in Southern California I research some Information of Iris Pseudopodia which Is commonly known as Yellowing Iris. It is native to Europe, Western Asia, and northwest Africa. Especially, Pseudopodia is one of two iris species native to British Island. It was brought to Canada and the U. S in the early sass in order to use as an erosion control plant such as used in sewage treatment cells.

In recent decade, the plant is used in landscaping and sold through garden and plant dealers and over the Internet, since It has attractive appearance. It has escaped cultivation in certain area rapidly, especially It’s easily found In wetlands, meadows. And ponds. Due to fast growing In wetland, it invades along coastal California. According to some records, the plant has historically been used as an herbal remedy, most often as an emetic. Although we could use it for the remedy, the plant is fast growing, spreading quickly, by both rhizome and water-dispersed seed.

This causes to displace native vegetation, reducing food and habitat for native animals, especially it could cause gastroenteritis in cattle. Where it Is Invasive, It Is tough to remove on a large scale. Even the plant as potential to Invade similar ecosystems In different U. S regions, to prevent It’s fast spreading out, there is no biological control work has been done for this plant. We could consider to use aquatic plant chopping machine, but there is no consideration or serious harmful damaging by the plant yet, so not using it.

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I’ve seen it before when I go lake area, and I simply thought it is pretty. When I found the name on the invasive plant list, I surprised that this causes issue to us. Now I have more Information about It, so next time when I see It, there might be a different Impression and willing discuss about the plant with my friends. Picture of Iris Pseudopodia Invasive in California Distribution maps [originally] [Europe map] [moved to] [America Map] ** there was no detail information about the name of the map, legend.


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