A Piece of land, donated by Mr.. William Villager, Tatty. Henry and Mrs.. Eliminable Villager, was originally envisioned to become the third public high school in the municipality. But eventually, after hearing public clamor and understanding the plight of the having our own local college. We are confident that we have enough training in software development to be able to deliver the proposed system.

The system that we are going to produce is user- friendly which can be used and understood by anyone. We will provide surname and password for the security of the system. This is a LANA-based system of the inventory and reservation process of I. T. And H. R. M. Department of Pyongyang Delusional Eng Marital. For the Inventory, the system is able to generate a receiving slip recorded on the database who will receive and the Inventory database will be updated. It will also generate quarter report and annual inventory report. This will also be able to monitor the items in critical level and barded reader for the recording of items. Every item should contain a sticker or control number.

For the Reservation process, only registered students (enrolled student) are allowed to request for any equipment. It will present the inventory of the equipment. In estimation, all faculty members and any number of students are allowed to register, the system will be using a camera to capture an image of the registrant, and this is for the identification. Every semester will be the renewal of the registration. This system will also able to present items that can only be borrowed by each department and it will also generate the list of students and faculty members who did not return the items. Review of Related Literatures


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