Which best describes the role that government and business play in investments?
They both receive capital to use for growth.
Which are common types of bonds that are currently issued? Check all that apply.
corporate bonds
municipal bonds
Treasury bills
Treasury notes
Which are the most likely uses of capital invested in a business? Check all that apply.
hiring workers
producing goods
distributing goods
buying materials
Which can be traded in a commodities market?
Which statement best describes how an investor makes money off debt?
An investor makes money by earning interest.
Which is true about investments and risk?
Every investment carries some degree of risk.
Capital appreciation refers to
the increased value of an asset.
Which factors can affect a stock’s price? Check all that apply.
market performance
the company’s financial health
the economy
Are the buying and selling of stocks centralized activities? Why or why not?
No, there are many stock markets around the world, and they are independent of one another.
What is one way in which bonds do not generate income for investors?
Bonds pay a specified amount at maturity.
Which best describes what a market index does?
An index measures market performance.
Once stocks are on the market, which best explains how their prices are set?
Prices fluctuate on the basis of demand.
f a company pays dividends on a stock, does that mean that the stock has appreciated in value? Why or why not?
No, the payment of dividends indicates that a company has earned profits.
Which types of investments are securities?
both debt and equity

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