There is no famine of competent adult females who can take board seats and one time stockholders are forced to look beyond the ‘old boys’ club’ they will happen adequate adult females to make full them up! While the phrase glass ceiling is metaphorical. many adult females who find themselves knocking their caputs on it find it really existent so. It is most frequently used to depict the sexist attitude many adult females run into at the workplace. In a treatment of go uping the corporate ladder. the word “ceiling” implies that there is a bound to how far person can mount it. Along with this implied barrier is the thought that it is glass. significance that. while it is really existent. it is crystalline and non obvious to the perceiver. The term glass ceiling is most frequently applied in concern state of affairss in which adult females feel. either accurately or non. that work forces are profoundly entrenched in the upper echelons of power. and adult females. seek as they might. happen it about impossible to interrupt through. I feel it is better described as a labyrinth since it more accurately conveys the complexness and entropy that typically occurs better than the glass-ceiling metaphor.

Maze and games shouldn’t be at that place to get down with. but adult females normally are met with pigeonholing. and opposition to be promoted. Some believe that if you fill the companies’ grapevines with exceeding adult females leaders endowments. finally they’ll do it into the executive suite sort of “build it they will come” or “just give it time” doctrines have been widely accepted for decennaries. Unfortunately. it doesn’t work that manner. There are many challenges that continue to confront adult females who strive to acquire to the top. but how long are we traveling to brood over spilled milk? The fact that there are adult females in senior leading places. some in industries that are stereotypically male dominated indicates that the barriers can be broken. So what are the existent grounds behind anyone including adult females non making a certain degree of hierarchy. or publicity ; so is it competency. supply. Comfort zones. complacence. fright of success or none of these factors? Ever wondered why India Inc. is billowing in front siting on the best male brains entirely?

Are gifted adult females rare in out thick? The corner offices and top managerial degrees are all filled up by meriting work forces ; but where are the adult females. some of whom handle of import portfolios in large administrations. The reply lies in a deep-rooted Indian bias. Somewhere down the journey in their callings. adult females get lost midway. some giving up their callings after matrimony or kids and. in some instances. both. It is non that adult females do non merit to be in decision-making places of the companies that do India proud on the international platform. Alternatively. it is the unseeable glass ceiling at workplaces that keeps adult females from acquiring to the top. They are frequently bypassed and overlooked when a top place is being considered. Womans frequently have to manage the self-importances and outlooks of male co-workers. and merely a smattering of them have. so far. managed to interrupt the glass ceiling that keeps them from making the upper echelons of direction. While many adult females insist that the glass ceiling is a existent barrier to accessing male-dominated places in concern. many rivals say that it exists largely because adult females choose to concentrate more of their clip on household and. in the terminal. can non give as much clip to their calling. Others claim that adult females think they want to concentrate on their calling. but in world choose household over calling.

If we can specify the causes of an unwellness and command its symptoms. we can so happen a remedy. so if we can specify the grounds of the Glass Ceiling and diminish its effects so we can happen a solution and a redress to the job. True. India Inc. threw its weight behind the Women’s Bill. which promises to give the fairer sex a bigger function in the political sphere when it becomes jurisprudence. but it is clip to hesitate and believe whether some kind of reserve is besides needed to accomplish the same gender balance in the council chambers as good. There are two factors that can assist lend to accomplishing the equality of sexes in the council chambers. One is to set in topographic point a policy that encapsulates the spirit of gender equality amongst professionals. and the other is to bit by bit impel a cultural displacement within an administration. Merely seting a policy in topographic point would non assist alter the deep-seated bias. Some adult females. who have been able to interrupt through the glass ceiling and have made it to the top are of the sentiment that the work civilization needs to be changed foremost. which involves a bottom-up attack ; the outlook needs to be changed at the grass roots. which will drive diverseness every bit good as a policy that can be put in topographic point to implement it.

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At the same clip. it has been proven that alterations in policies can convey about reviewing alterations in a country’s work civilization and introduce gender diverseness in private establishments. Reservation might non be the best manner out. but the ball has to get down turn overing at some point. Sometimes excess attempt is needed to promote and empower adult females. and quotas can function as a transitional agencies to get the better of initial obstructions. The leading manners of work forces and adult females are different from each other. adult females are non work forces in frocks ; and shouldn’t be expected to move or take the same manner to suit in. Plus adult females at the top are damned if they do and curse if they don’t. If they are aggressive and lead with an Fe fist they are seen as a menace. if they try the inclusive and participative manner of leading they are seen as excessively soft. Work force and Womans are different. and it is this difference that we need to observe! ! Malavika Sahoo ; Meenal Kukreja


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