The undermentioned recommendations are suggested so that hosts do non comprehend touristry development simply as a measure towards economic development but besides as sustainable development that helps in the publicity of their civilizations and in protecting the environment.

The touristry development taking topographic point in the western portion of the island does non truly affect the host community. From the parts that have been selected for this peculiar survey, we noticed that touristry development does non truly generate employment for those host communities populating in the part. This is so because when host communities have negative attitudes towards tourers, the latter will non be willing to see that topographic point once more. One manner of affecting them is through the creative activity of direct employment. If governments want more support from the host community, as factors like nutrient, drink, and adjustment are non the lone necessary 1s, the local hosts need to be included in the development programs and schemes. Besides, without the support of the host community, touristry development can non take topographic point in a sustainable manner.

5.2 Encourage more Local Development

More local installations need to be provided to the host community. The small towns should non be developed merely in footings of touristry installations and neglect the demands and demands of the local hosts. Taking the instance of Le Morne Village which is a touristry small town hosting five star hotels, there are no proper local development to run into the demands of the host population. For case, there are no appropriate drainage systems, no shopping installations and non even a wellness attention Centre. Whenever the hosts need to make their shopping, they need to travel to the nearby small town. As for Tamarin and Flic en Flac, there are a batch of touristry development that is taking topographic point but local services are being left buttocks. Most of the development caters narrowly to the demand of tourers and non that of host community. For illustration, in Flic en Flac most of the stores are tourers & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ stores. Even though there is a positive perceptual experience towards touristry development, the deficiency of installations should non be ignored.

Local development like roads, eating houses, shopping installations, wellness Centres and appropriate lighting on the roads are really of import chiefly in parts that are considered as touristry small towns.

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5.3 Create Outdoor Activities

There is unequal out-of-door diversion that was supposed to be enjoyed by the host community due to tourism development. Most of the host communities agree with the fact that they do non profit from any athletics activities. The lone outdoor activities that hosts enjoyed in the West are traveling to the beach. In Le Morne Village there is non even a football resort area or a park for kids. Tourism development is supposed to supply for out-of-door activities like snorkel diving, aqualung diving, parasailing and many others chiefly in coastal part like Le Morne and Flic en Flac. But in vain, these installations are provided merely by the hotels and they are private services where hosts populating in the part do non hold entree. Even if those activities are non free, still hosts would hold known that they excessively are able to pattern those activities and that they are non reserved merely for tourers.

5.4 Produce More Direct Employment

Even if the perceptual experience towards touristry development create occupations are positive still the touristry industry do non supply sufficiency of direct employment to the host community. Direct employment will be making occupations straight off through using local hosts in hotels, eating houses, and amusement and tourer services that cater straight to tourers instead than bring forthing largely indirect and induce employment. This is so because the touristry development in the small town of Le Morne creates more indirect occupations instead direct one. By making more direct employment, hosts community will be able to profit from a better criterion of life since they will be able to gain more and as a effects viewed touristry development more positively.

5.5 Generate Cultural Facilities

Host community expects to derive in footings of cultural installations from touristry development. But unluckily, in the western country hosts do non profit any cultural comfortss. There is no cultural Centre where kids or even adult female can larn artefacts, history and besides humanistic disciplines. The building of a cultural Centre in the West will be a good manner to advance the civilization of the local and at the same clip to educate the local dweller about the civilization. With a cultural Centre, this will enable people to larn how to do trades, clayware, and kids can larn cultural dance.

5.6 Promote Culture through Tourism

With the development of touristry, many societal struggles arise which have been observed throughout the analysis. Whereas conflicts originating from unequal economic chances have decreased, governments now have to utilize touristry as a vehicle to advance socio-cultural activities and look among hosts. Hotels or any other touristry administration in the vicinity can form cultural activities like Festival Creole in the small towns. Making hosts take part in those activities can assist in constructing community spirit among host community and at the same clip the touristry administration is advancing the civilization of the people while supplying amusement to the patronage.

5.7 Decision

The purpose of the survey was to measure the perceptual experience of host communities towards touristry developments based on environmental facets in the Western part of Mauritius through the usage of a touristry impact graduated table developed by Ap and Crompton ( 1998 ) . The analysis yielded four factors viz. economic, socio-cultural, and environmental and concern for touristry development. The consequence of this survey has found that most of the respondents have a positive perceptual experience towards touristry development taking topographic point in their community chiefly because of its economic benefits. Therefore, it has been noted that economic development plays an of import function in act uponing the manner that hosts perceive touristry development. This happening tends to back up the position that touristry industry emerges as the most of import employment generator under the current socioeconomic conditions given a limited figure of occupation chances in other sectors of the local economic system. However, the impact of touristry on other economic factors like monetary values of goods and services were perceived negatively.

In add-on, the findings suggest that there is a comparatively favourable perceptual experience on some of the impacts refering socio-cultural impacts. Since the population of the West is to a certain extent immature, as such their degree of perceptual experience towards amusement is high which goes with what other writers have said about touristry development leads to an addition in cultural activities and amusement. Harmonizing to the hosts, Tourism development leads to worsen in traditional and moral values that are act uponing largely childs provided in the West.

Host perceptual experience towards the encouragement of touristry development in the small town of Tamarin tends to be more favourable. One ground for this positive attitude may because touristry development in Tamarin is still at the development stage ( Butler Destination Life Cycle ) chiefly with the building of IRS Villa.

Refering the quality of environment, host community disagreed that touristry development can do a gradual alteration in the environment. Besides, Even though touristry development brings in some negative impacts still the host community is non against new signifier of touristry development. This is merely because they benefit a batch from the development economically. On an overall perceptual experience, host community seems to be agreed that touristry development should be encouraged in their part

They are more or less concern about the environment but at the same clip they want development to take topographic point in their small towns and the lone manner harmonizing to the hosts for there any development is through touristry. The findings were apprehensible that the community members still lacked cognition about sustainable touristry, ways to to the full work bing resources, and development policies in line with community demands.

The decision that can be drawn from this survey is that hosts across a scope of communities by and large seem to be positively fain toward touristry. Residents evaluated environmental impacts of touristry positively. These findings provide support for old studies.This does non connote that hosts do non hold concerns about the negative impacts and restrictions of current touristry programs on their societal life and support, although the different concerns vary between communities.


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