JULIA SELORMEY BIO 111 Iodine Description: Is a trace mineral that your body uses in small amounts to synthesize thyroid hormones that are necessary for regulating the body growth, development, metabolism and body temperature. Most of the iodine in the body is found in the thyroid gland, but is found also in the blood and muscles. The body contains approximately 20 to 30 mg of iodine which is mostly stored in the thyroid gland located in front of the neck.

Food sources: Milk is the major source, fish from the sea, , shell fish, fish liver oil, sunflower seeds, yogurt(low fat) egg, strawberries, mozzarella cheese and iodized salt. Seaweed is also a good source of iodine. Function : Help ensure proper thyroid gland functioning. Keeps hair, skin and nail healthy, maintain healthy metabolism rate, cell metabolism that is conversion of food energy and strong connective tissue. DRI and UL: The Tolerable Upper Level(UL) is the highest level of daily nutrients intake that is likely to pose risk of adverse effects for almost all healthy people.

The (UL) for iodine is based on thyroid dysfunction i. e. 1. 14mg/day or 1100ug/ day from all sources. Attached is the D R I of iodine (: see attached data) Problems with deficiency: If iodine is deficient, thyroid hormones cannot be synthesized, metabolic rate slows causing fatigue and weight gain. The most obvious outward sign of iodine deficiency is an enlarged thyroid gland called goiter (swelling just above the breast bone) because of the importance of the thyroid hormones for growth and development.

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Chronic iodine deficiency can lead to numerous health problems in adults and children, including various neurological, gastrointestinal and skin abnormalities. Iodine deficiency in pregnant and nursing mothers can lead to mental retardation. Others include dry skin, hair loss and slowed reflexes. When it is taken in excess can also cause enlargement of the thyroid gland. Conclusion: Thyroid hormone regulate the body’s metabolic rate and promote growth and development throughout the body including the brain so we should make sure you use iodized salt and eat food that contain iodine to be healthy. ?



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