“The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. ” The new iPhone 5 has more and superior features than the iPhone 4s. The new features that Apple offers through the iPhone 5 gives the owner of the phone more advantage than those with a iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s most noticeable features are the Internet 3G, the size of the phone and the quality of camera. The 3G Internet is a fast and high quality connection. Not all phones are capable of using the 3G connection this is a plus to the iPhone 4s.

The size of the iPhone 4s is very manageable and practical to carry around. The feature that is the most important to me is the quality of the camera, in the iPhone 4s the camera has an average quality but it has better quality than many other phones. The iPhone 5 has a brand new more advance Internet connection call 4G. The new 4G is faster and a greater support system for your Internet usage. The new iPhone 5 has a new design that is thinner and longer shape. The change in its design makes the phone a more useful and easy to work with.

The new camera of the iPhone 5 has a finer quality and more functions to the camera. This superior features make the iPhone the best choice. The differences between the phones may be minimal but that small change makes the iPhone 5 a more preferable choice of phone. The new features apple created have improved in many ways making iPhone 5 one of the most technological in the market. In conclusion the iPhone 5 is a better choice if buying a phone. It worth it to change your phone due to the new technological features apple created.

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