Ireland is traditionally a tea-drinking state. The tea houses have been functioning up tea, in all its alien assortments over a hundred of old ages. The globalization and alteration in client ‘s gustatory sensation and penchants has made a drastic alteration in consumer ‘s gustatory sensation and purchasing behavior in Irish market. Life manner picks and alterations has made the tea industry to lose its value than earlier, but is still liked by many people irrespective of age and sexual differentiations. The sheer traditional assortments of tea will keep the digesting popularity of tea over java in Irish places.

It is noted that the net gross revenues of the tea industry is worsening every bit compared to coffee. Similarly, gross revenues of green and fruit/herbal tea trounced black criterion tea bags in footings of growing over the last five old ages. Despite this, standard formats continue to characterize the industry, with black criterion tea accounting for the huge bulk of entire off-trade tea volumes.

Tea market in Ireland has witnessed a negative impact for last some old ages even though the ingestion rate for tea remains high. It is extremely argued that the outgrowth of java concatenation stores and the stimulation consequence of java has been the primary cause of diminution for the demand of tea in Irish markets.Some other statements were sing the readying procedure for tea. [,2007 ]

Planing a run to establish a new merchandise in to the market and its justification

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A “ run ” is a complex set of engagement, coordinating, a complete program or a series of different but related selling communicating attempts that appear in a different media and selling communicating countries across a specified clip period. Companies that create one ad at a clip and invariably change the nucleus message are non involved in run procedure. A run should be like an umbrella subject that extends across clip, different stakeholder audiences and different selling communicating chances. This analysis of background information is the research foundation that provides the footing for placing the audience, budgets, aims, scheme and policy. One should hold thorough apprehension of market economic systems, rival activities, consumer ‘s relationship with single trade names and consumer ‘s relationship with publicities.

& A ; uuml ; Trade Oriented

The footing of trade oriented Gross saless publicity is the ‘Push scheme ‘ harmonizing to which the maker directs its selling activities towards channel members to bring on them to transport the merchandise and advance it to the concluding consumers. ( Gerwin 2001, )

& A ; uuml ; Organizational Analysis: What are company ‘s gross revenues and net incomes, mission and aims, merchandise and services?

& A ; uuml ; Competitor Analysis: Who are direct and indirect rivals of the trade name, resources they have, existent and sensed differentiation between trade names.

& A ; uuml ; Consumer Analysis: Who are the mark audience, their profiles, impulse to purchase, their purchasing and ingestion form.

& A ; uuml ; Market Analysis: What is the gross revenues distribution form, which population section ( s ) are most likely to react to the company, market chances, Significant changes taking topographic point with regard political, regulative, economic, societal and technological forces.

& A ; uuml ; Product Analysis: Does the merchandise have the ability to give consumers what they want, does the bringing of merchandise lucifer consumer ‘s outlooks, does the merchandise ‘s entire offering promise to present or turn to what consumers want.

Target Audience- Who we are speaking to?

Customers should be a focal point but from clip to clip, portion should be increased through altering the audiences. Many groups such as the media, friends, co-workers, sentiment leaders may be strong influencers in purchase determination. Decision doing groups may necessitate to be considered as a portion of aiming attempt.

Puting Budget Allocations, doing resources available- What resources do we necessitate?

The entire fiscal budget, specific budgets need to be allocated to the assorted elements of a run.

& A ; uuml ; Targeting a specific Market section: To derive more market portion company focal point should be specific market sections ( Geographic, demographic, psychographic and cultural markets ) and are ever looking for ways to make mark audience ( user position group non users )

Introduction of the new merchandise: Pearl Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea is developed to obtain a new market portion with its alone features: healthy, variant, premium yet economical.


Pearl Milk Tea is a mix of evaporated milk, black tea, sugar, and fruit juice or other ingredients. Evaporated milk is a shelf-stable transcribed milk merchandise with approximately 60 % of the H2O removed from fresh milk, which will last for hebdomads, months, and sometimes old ages on the shelf depending on the trade name. Harmonizing to the U.S. Government, the vitamin substances contained in evaporated milk are as follows: Vitamin D – Each unstable ounce of the nutrient shall incorporate 25 International Units ( IU ) ; Vitamin A – is optional, but if added, each fluid ounce of the nutrient shall incorporate non less than 125 IU. ( Wikipedia, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to a study by UK Tea Council, black tea, which represents about 72 % of entire consumed tea in the universe, is rich in flavonoid, a substance which is good proved to be able to forestall bosom disease, malignant neoplastic disease and keep unwritten wellness. Table 1 provides mean values for the different components present in black tea ( Harold 1992 ; 334-350 ) .


Pearl Milk Tea can either be made with iced or hot milk, depending on consumers ‘ penchants. Sugar, one of the indispensable ingredients, can besides be added by the clients themselves. Different sorts of fruit juice or other sorts of ingredients like java or batch can besides be added to run into consumers ‘ assorted demands, which feature the typical devouring tendency in Irish tea market today.


The two chief ingredients to do the Pearl Milk Tea, evaporated milk and black tea, are chosen from celebrated fabrication companies. All other ingredients are besides purchased from their relevant celebrated fabrication companies so that the consumers of the new merchandise will bask a top-standard quality from imbibing it.


The ingredients are buying in big measures from major companies so that it would be made certain that the costs and unit monetary values of the new merchandises will be kept at a low degree to vie with other types of drinks.

With its healthy ingredients, assorted and pulling spirits, top-quality stuffs and its competitory monetary values, Pearl Milk Tea will decidedly claim a significant portion in the future tea market.

Selling Aim

1. SALES Target

The gross revenues mark of the company in the initial twelvemonth is 3500 units per twenty-four hours for the first six months and a gross revenues mark of 5500 units per twenty-four hours is expected for the following six months thereby lending a sum of 1620000 units per annum at the cost of 1.50 euros. The gross revenues mark would be a sum of 2430000 euros per annum.At the terminal of the 5th twelvemonth, the gross revenues mark would be 25000 units per twenty-four hours, where the mean sale would be 50 Cannes per shop.


The figure of shops through which the milk tea is distributed is about 250 shops across Ireland. In the back-to-back old ages ; it is expected to increase the figure of shops and at the terminal of 5th twelvemonth, the figure of shops will are 500 across Ireland.


The publicity disbursals would be high in the initial old ages, as it is an introductory merchandise and could be lowered in the back-to-back old ages as the merchandise gets familiar in the market at the terminal of 5th twelvemonth.

4. Net income OF THE COMPANY

The company would n’t hold a profitable twelvemonth in its first twelvemonth of operation as the preliminary disbursals of new merchandise would do it hard for the company to derive net incomes and the company would run into its Break Even Point in the 2nd twelvemonth. From the 3rd twelvemonth, the company would get down doing net incomes and by the terminal of 5th twelvemonth, it is expected that the company will emerge into a growing phase where the net incomes will be immense and it paves for the enlargement.

5. Market Share

The merchandise or company wont derive any market portion in first two old ages and from 3rd twelvemonth, it is expected that the company would get a market portion which is less than 5 % and from 4th twelvemonth, it would be increased to 10 % and is eventually expected to 20-22 % by 5th twelvemonth thereby deriving a competitory portion among other trade names in the market.


& A ; Oslash ; As the merchandise is new to the market, the deficiency of consumer consciousness may impact the merchandise variously

& A ; Oslash ; The menace from rivals, chiefly from tea industry could alter their selling schemes when Milktea enters the market.

& A ; Oslash ; The immense initial disbursals that the company needs to put up premises and repairing the net income border with the shops through which Milktea is distributed.

& A ; Oslash ; The cost of developing gross revenues individuals so as to do them present efficaciously.

& A ; Oslash ; The budget of the company and trouble in expecting gross revenues figures for a future period of clip.

Marketing Mix

In this portion, four groups of variables that influence the demand of merchandise are traveling to be discussed, that is, merchandise, publicity, monetary value and topographic point.


cubic decimeter Actual merchandise, the touchable elements of the merchandise, like characteristics of the PEARL MILK TEA.It is a mix of evaporated milk, black tea, sugar, and fruit juice or other ingredients. It can either be made with iced or hot milk, depending on consumers ‘ penchants.


Basically, there are five promotional tools, advertisement, gross revenues publicity, direct selling, public dealingss and personal merchandising. Based on the characteristics of the merchandise, the tools of advertisement, gross revenues advancing and public dealingss could be chosen.

Ad: in the introducing period of the merchandise, enlightening advertisement should be used to acquire clients cognizant of the merchandise by advertisement in popular magazines among immature people.

fifty Gross saless advancing: The chief topographic points of selling PEARL MILK TEA are college canteens, shopping centres and bases in topographic points of involvements. Promotional activities like “ purchase one, acquire one free ” or vouchers should be arranged to excite purchases at the retail degree.

Topographic point

In order to make up one’s mind on the channels of merchandise distribution, the undermentioned stairss will be followed to plan the channel.

1. Analyse consumer demands: based on the type and the characteristics of merchandise, the clients would wish to purchase it on a produce-on-the-spot footing.

2. Set channel aims and restraints: merchandise could be considered

3. Identify major options: since the blending regulations of the ingredients of merchandise should be purely followed, the sole distribution should be kept and the flexibleness should be kept under control.

4. Measure major options on assortment of factors: as discussed above, the profitableness and the flexibleness of the distribution should be controlled.

5. Choice channel members based on most of import standards: sales representative should be extremely experient. Besides, amenability among different stables should be encouraged.

6. Motivate channel members: since the net income could be comparatively low, selling competitions between staffs could be conducted to actuate channel members.

7. Evaluate channel members: client satisfaction, gross revenues quotas, mean stock list degrees could be used to measure channel members and they would be awarded with the actuating methods discussed above.

Monetary value

fifty Internal factors:

1. Marketing aims – scheme of the merchandise: harmonizing to the mark selling portion, it could be drawn that PEARL MILK TEA should be considered as “ low quality mundane point targeted to middle to low income ” group. That besides conforms with the message: bask a life style that most immature and energetic people enjoy.

As to the fiscal ends, at the first phase, to accomplish market portion leading, as a consequence, a comparatively low monetary value should be decided on in order to pull as many consumers as possible.So, the merchandise is introduced at a monetary value of 1.5 euros, which is comparatively inexpensive and low-cost by the clients. When in the maturing phase, in order to contend emerging rivals, lower the monetary value to prolong in the market.

2. Other marketing mix determinations: based on the three factors discussed supra, a low monetary value should be decided since it is a low quality merchandise sold through sole retail merchants with the aid of low-priced advancing methods.

3. Costss: should be fixed low costs in the introducing period to derive market portion and variable costs in maturating period to contend with rivals.

4. Organizational considerations: this facet would hold to much influence on the monetary value.

fifty External factors:

1. The market demand: market should be monopolistic competition type so that the monetary value can be changed to some extent.

2. Rival ‘s costs, monetary values and offers: utilize a low monetary value, low-margin scheme to maintain rivals out.

The four elements of the merchandise are decided through the aims of the company and the selling schemes. As market grows and our merchandise develops, the four elements could be changed consequently.

Competition IN IRELAND

Taking Tea industry as a whole, for taking the chief competitors.It has been noted that tea industry tends to lose its value and java industry emerging stronger.The chief participant in tea industry Internet Explorer, The Barry ‘s Tea and remainder of the tea section as a whole. Other cardinal participants in the industry are The Lyon ‘s tea and Nestea.I am taking Barry ‘s Tea as chief rival in Ireland.

The Barry ‘s Tea

Barry ‘s Irish tea offers a broad scope of blends which have been perfected after old ages of skilled tea blending. The company was founded in 1901 by James J. Barry, gramps of the present president, Peter Barry. Until the 1960 ‘s, the tea was sold chiefly from a Cork metropolis store in Prince ‘s Street, but because of it ‘s increasing popularity the determination was made to widen the wholesaling and distribution of the trade name. The company began selling tea to stores in Cork City Centre, spread outing into the suburbs and so out to the remainder of the state.


The merchandise, Pearl Milk Tea is a voguish and advanced merchandise. Even though there might be some troubles in marketing the merchandise during the first few old ages, it would well achieve a profitable market portion. Since the merchandise is new to the market, immense costs have to be incurred during the initial old ages to achieve the market portion. The selling disbursals would be high as it would be a hard undertaking to acquire the consumers aware of the merchandise. During the initial old ages, the company is likely to incur losingss or really small net income. This is because of the disbursals in formation of the company and immense selling disbursals which occur during the initial old ages. But, with clip, as the demand for the merchandise additions, the market portion would besides increase ensuing in increased net incomes and growing chances. The company would be able to set up itself as a strong participant in the market since five old ages of the beginning of the operations


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