In Nicholas Carr’s journal article titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid? ” published July/August 2008 in The Atlantic magazine. Carr discusses the alterations that have been coming up since people start to trust on the cyberspace to acquire information. He makes an argument many people might non of all time see. Carr claims that the cyberspace has really affected how humans existences procedure information. His chief thesis is that people has become impatient and unfocussed.

My first response to Nicholas Carr article was “sounds interesting” . Merely by hearing the rubric. I wanted to read it because I have had several arguments with friends in this topic. In Nicholas Carr article uses facts and illustrations of outstanding work forces. as Friedrich Nietzsche. Plato and Socrates to do his point. This article is made up with facts and illustrations on how the cyberspace and Google alteration and still altering the manner we entree and procedure informations. Nicholas article is so organized in a manner that his readers can non deny the world of the facts. Important points are all discussed in this article and the writer besides uses poignancy to show his feelings. In the last paragraph he is utilizing words like haunted and afraid merely to show the manner he experience. Carr does non merely endorse up his observation with existent narratives. he besides pulls a scientific survey from the University College London that is in line with his appraisal. I enjoyed reading the article of Nicholas Carr “Is Google Make Us Stupid” . merely the rubric made the article so interesting to me to maintain reading to the terminal.


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