Technology: Beneficial or Detrimental? Technology has really progressed with devices such as computers, cell phones and amp players. Almost everyone has instant access to communication and knowledge. Even though there might be some faults and flaws it is also very expensive and high priced but it is all worth the time you saving with these fast systems of technology. Teenagers use technology very frequently to help them with research for many school assignments.

It is very helpful being able to look up anything you may need or schoolwork and research on papers in a matter of seconds. But, there is also a lot of information that is not true on the internet and it is not very safe to believe everything you read online. Yet there is also much useful information out there online and you Just have to learn from the useful websites and the phony websites. I also understand that with all this free information it can lead to plagiarism but that’s where your dignity and honor comes in to do your own work.

Technology is also used for communication by many teenagers across the globe. Having instant communication is very useful for getting a missed home work assignment which allows you to stay on top of your work. It also helps for communicating with relatives who live far away and getting together with old friends from the past by using websites such as Backbone, Twitter, and your Email. Using these communications can make you anti-social by Just talking to people online and not in person but in that’s where you draw the line and you Just use it for limited purposes and then meet in person.

Technology doesn’t always have to be used for school purposes or communication it can also be used for entertainment such as Youth and listening to music on Tunes. Yes it might be a waste of time and can prevent people from experiencing nature and getting exercise outside. But an easy solution to that would be to split up your time evenly so you can get the best of both worlds. Technology can also be used for online shopping when you can’t make it to the store to buy a couple new shirts so you can Jump on the computer and buy things in seconds.

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This might create some problems with debt and spending too much but you should learn your limit and set up a budget before you go online to shop. Technology can be used for many bad things but it can also be used for many good things. You Just need to know what and what not to believe, limit time online when talking to friends, and learn how to control your urges to buy everything in the store online. With using these tactics technology can be extremely beneficial to a teenager’s life. Is Technology Beneficial or Detrimental By gatekeepers


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