Choose an issue that you have an opinion about and write a letter to the editor stating this opinion. Your issue can be something that is happening in Indianapolis, the USA or another country. Or it can be a more local issue that affects you as a teenager, an SIS student or an international student. You can either be writing to a real newspaper (local, national or international), or pretend there is a school newspaper and write about an issue that directly affects you here at school. Remember to use features as outline above to get your point across as effectively as Seibel.

Facility- At IS’, there is a lot of space that didn’t use for anything and the facility in our school is not very well developed. I know SIS is a small school that doesn’t need a perfect condition for every student, but at lest we need to build a well-done sports system. For example, the only gym in our school is black well. In black well, there is poor requirement, very little room that cannot be used for exercises. There are only three drinking machines in the gym, and two of them did not work at all until last semester ND nobody fixed them, which is terrible!!!

Also, there are so many classrooms in the gym, when some people have athletics or big activities in the gym, it will influence and noise the students who are studying in the classroom. Besides, there is lots of space that was not used effectively. It looks like a farmer field sometimes because there are a lot of ducks on the grass everyday for their foraging, should the school field be used to cultivate wild ducks? Many of the field can be used to build sports field such as tennis field and inside swimming pool.


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