It is normal for anyone to think that couples who argue a lot are not meant to be. However, turns out it’s not the truth. Arguments and fights are part and parcel of any marriage, at least until you know how to handle them effectively. Truth is, couples who argue a lot actually enjoy a better married life than you think. Here are 5 red flags that are actually good for your marriage.1. You argueFirstly, fighting or arguing is not a sign of hatred or indifference. Arguing only means you are willing to hear each other out in order to make the relationship work, rather than being indifferent or giving up. It also means you respect each other and are not willing to let go of the relationship.2. You love to spend time aloneLet’s admit it! We all deserve some alone time, whether you are a man or a woman. It is only natural for couples who are always in the company of each other to want some space. This will help them grow as an individual and also give them an opportunity to develop interests and circles that are exclusively theirs. And trust me, this will only help you return to your partner refreshed and rejuvenated.3. You flirt with othersMarriage does not mean you stop looking at other men, does it? Well, unless it is all within limits and your partner is open to it, you definitely need not feel guilty in indulging in some playful banter. In fact, experts believe that flirting strengthens your relationship with your partner.4. No topic is tabooIf you are openly able to discuss any topic under the sun with your partner, this definitely is a sign of a healthy marriage. Discussing and debating about any topic- right from your political ideologies to infidelity and sex, only means you are open to expressing your views and so is your partner. And be proud about it because it just means your marriage is on the right track.5. You speak your mindFear can be one of the major reasons for couples to head for a divorce. Being vocal about what you feel or believe in, is a key factor for an open relationship. It also means that your partner is your punching bag when you want to rant. Couples in such marriages thrive. 


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