It is a human nature to seek success in every way possible. While some people try their best make a clear plan and create a strategy to reach their goals, others may prefer to take risks and depends on their intuitions. From my perspective, I believe that success is a combination between taking risks and making a scheme. First, I think so because planning will help you to become more organized. Thus, organizing will help you to focus ON your goal. You know what you want and you make a clear and clever plan to reach it.

Nevertheless, reality has showed that there are a lot of situations in which they cannot succeed due to lack of chances. For example, a graduate has a plan to open his own business, but his plan requires too many resources. However, if he cannot get help from others people, there is no chance for him to make his plan become real. In addition, we can say about risk taking risk can teach us new lessons in our life. This will give us new experience Of learning new things, where we can find our strength and weaknesses.

We can find our interest in that work or activity. This will help us to improve our skills and work on our weaknesses. This will not always results success but, failure is the first step to success so, we should learn to take risk in our life to find our strength and weaknesses Moreover, taking risks can help us to find new ideas and opportunities in life. We can also make a profit by taking risks. For example, in share market, people take risk and carefully invest their money and luckily, they earn profit out of that.

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Again, without a careful preparation, no one makes use of chances that they receive. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students try to attend to a desirable university or college. However, only those who have an effective studying plan and follow their plan until the last possible moment can get into universities or colleges they want. In conclusion, almost success starts from having a careful scheduled plan when a chance comes to , but when things go against the plan, it is necessary to find out another way in order to deal with it.


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