Assignment # 10

Question 1:

Global Information Systems are the systems developed for the transnational users in order to supply free flow of information within the divisions of a individual company and between the MNCs.

Question 2

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Think globally and move locally means a merchandise should accommodate the regional and cultural penchants of the local people and at the same clip the merchandise line should be planetary and strategic planning demands to be centralized

Question 4

Yes every web site is a planetary IS. because there is a free flow of information through the web site and about all the web sites are now providing to planetary clients irrespective of their location.

Question 5

If I were an executive of a multi linguistic web site. I would strike a balance between manual reading and package based interlingual rendition. because at the terminal of the twenty-four hours the quality and truth of interlingual rendition is more of import.

Question 7

Data privateness Torahs are different in United States and European Union and there is a disagreement in the aggregation & A ; usage of personal informations in US and European states.

Question 10

It is of import to supply the Time Zone convertor in the Global SCM because the transportation and bringing clip and the payment clip should fit with the clip zone of the clients and the providers.

Assignment # 11

Summary of the Case: Fairchild Semiconductor is universe leader in design & A ; fabrication of microprocessors. It has 36 offices in 17 states. Fairchild ships more than 17 billion units of its merchandises yearly to every bit many as 45 states. The company has assembly and proving installations in China. Malaysia & A ; Philippines. The work-in-progress is frequently shipped from one state to another and back to the original state for farther processing. Fairchild integrated the package called Trade Export Solution into its ERP system. It helps automatize the planetary logistics. The package has helped Fairchild cut costs by readily supplying the trade conformity certification. avoiding transportation holds. cut downing the transportation staff and standardising the transportation processs worldwide.

Question 1

Answer: The package reduces the hazard of logistic & A ; transportation holds due to non-compliance of export & A ; import Torahs and ordinances of state including US fatherland security issues.

Question 2

Answer: The package helps company cut the costs by shortening the transportation continuance ; avoiding transportation holds ; minimising the responsibilities ; by supplying fastest bringing and by cut downing the transportation staff.

Question 3

Answer: The integrating of Management Dynamics’ package into ERP system helps automatize the planetary logistics. The digital signifiers are generated. the information on fastest & A ; least dearly-won bearers is provided. assorted costs related to transportation and exports are calculated automatically. the trade conformity certification is readily available salvaging the labour-intensive hunt and transportation processs are standardized worldwide.

Question 4

Answer: The standardisation of procedures is of import in Fairchild because the company has its planetary presence in 17 states and the work-in-progress is frequently shipped from one state to another and back to the original state for farther processing. Besides it is easier to implement the benchmarked processs in the new installations. in future.


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