It was the morning that looked to be awesome, but suddenly my favourite aunt got sick and she went to the hospital. As I was sitting inside the “King faisal hospital”,doctors would always show up . I was forced to ask them if she would get well soon.”Please let me talk to her,” was my mantra. I really wanted to talk to her.Growing up I had always been “a perfect” child-getting the best GPA and always being polite and well behaved. But something changed within the day. My aunt Charlotte died because of the brain cancer. I was impatient and angry. I needed something to help me escape.Aunt Charlotte was the person who had every reason to be angry. Instead, she stayed positive through every disappointing result she got at the hospital. There was at least a thin smile on her face. I believe that she smiled because she found her strength in love for everyone who surrounded her. She found peace, but I, who loved her, only found  nothing but emptiness.I needed to find light again, but I did not know how to ask for help. I will be forever for my mother, who sensed that I was reaching out. I sobbed into her shoulder as every emotion I had stored up was finally released. “I love u, aunt love you and even though she is not here, she is still watching over you.”She reminded me in her sweet voice.These words hit home, I wanted to honor Aunt Charlotte and everything she symbolises-strength,kindness and courage. Then and there I decided that I wouldn’t let that one dark period of my life define who I was as a human.I am now excited for my future because I accept challenges and know that I will have a positive impact in the lives of others.I have learnt that to be successful in life, I have to be true to myself ,trust in my values, surround myself with people who are encouraging and supportive, be able to weather the stormy times, and not to be afraid to ask for help,.. I will face more challenges as I grow into the person I am meant to be, but I will face them using my armor of strength, kindness and courage just like my aunt.


I'm Niki!

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