It can be extremely disheartening to find that your shiny new hire is struggling a few months into the job. New employee onboarding always begins with the best intentions, but often gets derailed or backburned when everyone realizes you’re back to operating with a full team and stops going easy on you. Being thoughtful and deliberate with your new hire’s first days on the job will make them that much more successful down the road. If they’re still in their first 90 days and you’re noticing a disconnect, now is the time to have a frank conversation about your expectations, where they’re not delivering and how you can help them get there.Look for a root cause. An employee’s performance typically isn’t good or bad independently of the system they find themselves in. In fact, research suggests bosses are often complicit in an employee’s underperformance. Before jumping in to find a remedy, evaluate the problem to figure out what the cause may be.Engage them in solutioning. Have a direct and honest conversation with your employee to share what you’ve observed and how it isn’t lining up with your expectations. Share what success in the role would look like to you and steer the dialogue towards collaborating on an action plan together. Keep in mind, it’s possible both you and your employee will need to make changes to get there. Set goalposts. In order for this exercise to be taken as a directive, and not a suggestion, there need to be clear expectations for the next steps and outcomes. Share your timeline of measurable and achievable goals for showing the improvement you need. Depending on the severity of the problem, this may be where the “X needs to change by Y or else Z” conversation occurs.Stay engaged. Don’t forget to have regular check-ins and praise the employee for any progress you see.It goes without saying that not every hire will be a perfect fit for team, but these tips can help you save the


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