It starts with a dream and it is a novel  which shape as dominating details of dream .
Narrator character work as a security staff in a company and he care about  a red car that he see in dream.  And also , he think that he kill a dog
and  he goes to psychologist  for 
that. Actually , all of them is his dream . But he ,himself, doesnot
sure whether all of them  were dream or
not. His wife  ,Z, know that all of them
is in his dream which see in dream many years ago, but she doesnot convince her
husband . One day , our hero meets a man , who says ‘ I am a writer’ , in a
park. In one of this writer’s novels hero works in a company as a security and
also , his hero is like our hero obsessed with a red car . In addition , his
hero think that he kill a dog.

Henceforth matter and story start to increase . Suddenly , we come
across a writer image who see himself in the face of mirror . Our hero  doesnot 
know that in the face of mirror is him in fictional platform . Of course
, but reader know this in semantic platform . Our hero live similar to same
action with another one . Fiction emplace 
on more mirror behind writer – hero and self – respect reproduce . In
first part , hero meet a writer in park with first person point of view. In
third part , this time our hero become a writer .

     In last
part, with telling reason of seeing dream , writer suppose that his written
character is himself. He lost his ego and he starts to live his caracter .
Writer tells that character find its ego with good fiction and brain – weary
expression . When the character is tired from seeking itself. And examination ,
one day the character starts to go back its home. Analysis start to find that
her wife already read a novel and work papers. Finally Dü? Kesi?i is a novel
that it maket he people do both a delighted reading and brain exercise. Irony
and humorous add beauty  to novel much

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