1. It is called the “BRAIN” of the computing machine.
2. It is a memory type that is non-volatile and the informations in them can’t be alteration and the information in the french friess can merely be read and used. 3. It is a device that accepts informations and instructions from the user. 4. It contains the intelligence of the machine and it is where computation and determination take topographic point. 5. The map of this is to execute the arithmetic and logic instructions that brushs by the other portion. 6. This cardinal Lashkar-e-Taiba you change the place of the pointer on the screen. 7. It is normally used for electronic signature or messages that are stored and transmitted as a in writing image. 8. It is the most of import because they are end product devices that people interact with most intensively. 9. It provides hardcopy on what you’ve seen in your proctor. 10. It is the physical constituents of the computing machine.

11. It is a aggregation of switches. albeit neatly hidden beneath keycaps. 12. It is a portion of the keyboard that looks like a typewriter is arranged the same manner on virtually every keyboard. 13. These are proctor that is normally used in notebook computing machines. 14. It refers to the set of instructions written in codification that computing machine can understand and executed. 15. It refers to computing machine constituents and entering media that retain digital. 16. This pressman that create an image straight on paper by spraying ink through every bit many as 64 bantam nose. 17. The familiar compact disc is popular medium for hive awaying music. 18. It contains plans that perform undertaking needed for computing machine hardware to map expeditiously. 19. It enhances the OS by leting the user to command the allotment and usage of the hardware resources. 20. It assists you in making. redacting. planing and publishing paperss.

21. These are plans that are designed for a specific computing machine application. 22. The map of this is to organize all the computer’s activities. 23. It is a memory type that is volatile ; the informations in them can be alteration. 24. Its map is to keep a piece of information while it works with them. 25. It is a device that returns informations. that is. information back to the user. 26. It is a portion of the keyboard that is arranged in a row along the top of the keyboard ; let you to give the computing machine commands without typing along twine of characters. 27. It is convenient for come ining certain type of input.

28. This pressman has a print caput that travels back and forepart on a saloon from the left border of the paper to the right. 29. It is portion of the keyboard located on the right side of the keyboard. it is the portion looks like an adding machine. with its 10 figure and mathematical operators. 30. It is called mass-storage device along with tape. optical disc. and other media that can hive away a great trade of informations. 31. It is a type of pressman that is more expensive than the other type ; their print quality is higher. 32. This computing machine specializer is assign to make. trial. and document plans and work side-by-side with system analyst. 33. This computing machine specializer is assign to guarantee that information is entered right. develops process for the analysis of informations and ensures database security.

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34. This package that helps you creates. edit. and manipulate informations. 35. This package provides a aggregation of information and a manner to entree that information. 36. This package helps organisation expeditiously accomplish modus operandi undertaking. 37. This package provides tools for uniting text. artworks. graphs. life. and sounds that can be placed into a series of electronic slides. which used during presentation. 38. This package helps you learn and perfect new accomplishments. 39. This package keeps record of pecuniary dealing and investings. 40. This package includes all kinds of computing machine games. package toys. and package for avocations and leisure activities.

1-4Four Components of Computer System
5-8Four Groups of Keys
9-13Five Mouse Operation
14-15Two Types of Memory
16-17Two Types of Monitor
18-20Two Types of Printer
21-23Types of Basic Communication Software
24-26Types of Numeric Analysis Software
27-28Categories of Business Software
29-30Types of Accounting and Finance Software
31-33Three Common Types of Document Production Software
34-37Classification of System Software
38-39Categories of Software


1. It is a combination of 1000s of computing machine webs making 1000000s of people all over the universe. 2. It is a system used in the Internet for interpreting name of web nodes into references. 3. It is a web topology that connects the nodes of the web in a round concatenation. 4. It consist of two Cu strands. separately covered in plastic. and so twisted around each other and jump together in another bed of fictile insularity. 5. It is a hierarchal scheme in which one specific computing machine serves the storage needs – and sometimes is treating demands – of all the web nodes. 6. It is a connexion between at least two computing machines so that they can portion resources. 7. It is a web scheme in which computing machines on the web can move as both a client and a waiter. 8. It refers to the wires. overseas telegram. and other agencies by which informations travels from its beginning to its finish. 9. It is typically consist of two or more Local area networks in geographical country. 10. It is the physical layout of the wires that connect the nodes of the web. 11. It is a Network topology that the web places a hub in the centre of the web. 12. It is package that interprets hypertext markup linguistic communication. 13. It allows you to research apparently limitless worldwide digital “WEB” information.

1-3Three Network Topologies
4-6Three Common Communication Media
7-12Common Internet Domain Identifiers

Features of Computer

1. It is electronic
2. It is a machine
3. It has memory
4. It can pull strings informations
5. It is automatic
6. It has arithmetic and logic map

Computer Capabilities
* Computer license easy entree to big volumes of informations
* Computer perform drawn-out operation rapidly and accurately
* Computer place relationships among big sum of informations
* Computer-controlled devices travel where people can non.
* Computers can qualify human public presentation.

Computer Restrictions
* Computer can non run independently
* Computer can non able to deduce significances from object
* Computers can observe mistakes but can non rectify them.
* Computers are capable to occasional dislocation.

Computer Applications

1. Business ( ATM. Credit cards. purchasing through PC’s )
2. Medicine And Health Care ( CAT. MRI. ultrasound. patient’s monitoring. diagnosing unwellnesss )
3. Education ( Calculus )
4. Science And Technology ( Prototyping aircraft/spacecraft. orbiters )
5. Technology And Architecture ( Computer-Aided Design Machine )
6. Fabrication ( Robotics CAM. CIM )
7. Legal Practice ( Lawyers uses database in maintaining records )
8. Law Enforcement ( DNA. MDT )
9. Government ( Bureau of Census. SSS/GSIS. BIR )
10. Music ( MDI )
11. Theater And Film ( ILM )
12. Computer at Home ( Intelligent House )


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