Upon completion of this research I will give thanks to God for the strength and the cognition to do this research complete and a success.

Within this research the reader/s should be able to place tools used to pull off and market a finish like Jamaica. Sketch a SWOT analysis on the techniques used ; assess the value of a touristry selling program and its procedure and other administrations that articulation with the Jamaica Tourist Board to do this program complete.

Describe five tools or techniques that could be used by the Jamaica Tourist Board to efficaciously pull off and market a finish such as Jamaica for visitant entreaty.

Advertising/ Promoting- to pull visitant ‘s attending such as escapade with Sun and sand -According to ( Master program for Sustainable Tourist Development, 2002 ) “ Promoting rafting, trekking, waterfalls alongside the traditional Sun and sand merchandises. The bundle would include flights, adjustment and nutrient along with Tourss and attractive forces. Nature with Sun and sand – Having outstanding natural assets of Jamaica including The John Crow and Blue Mountains, vegetation and fauna including birdlife, iguanas, crocodiles and Trichechus manatuss. ”

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Continue the environment in and around resort countries, hike the visitant or tourer experience to the finish by been originative, attractive, alone and enlightening on the merchandise. Visitors experience should be long lasting and expose the feature of drawing the visitant back to the finish.

Locate precedence market would help in find of creativeness, attraction and competition of the finish within a specific resort country. Harmonizing to ( Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development, 2002 ) ” The important alterations in selling would be to establish Jamaica ‘s market place on its heritage, its greatest competitory plus, and to set forward the assortment that Jamaica has to offer by positioning each of the six resort countries in the market sections that they are best suited to function, ” such as honeymoon, groups, golf, and scuba frogmans etc.

Conduct a SWOT analysis of the techniques used above.


Sun, sea and sand

Heritage merchandises

Flora and zoologies

Art and trade

Social usage




Agricultural green goods





Failing in civilization

Poor substructure


Poor literacy

Poor human rights system


Create employment

Create foreign exchange

Global recovery

Increase adequate health care

Market the Jamaican civilization

The Caribbean figure one English speech production state


Pollution ( air, noise, ocular )

Visitor torment


Cuba opening up to the US market

Inadequate health care

Critically assess the value of a Tourism Marketing Plan and place three procedures involved in developing this program.

Harmonizing to ( Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development, 2002 ) “ The proportion of tactical advertisement will necessitate to be increased at the disbursal of generic advertisement. ”

Harmonizing to ( Master program for Sustainable Tourist Development, 2002 ) ” Other elements of marketing mix will necessitate to be strengthened and all advertisement linked to enterprises by the Jamaican industry to market and sell its merchandises ”

Harmonizing to ( Master program for Sustainable Tourist Development, 2002 ) ” Greater integrating will be required of promotional activities with the gross revenues and air links map of JAMVAC/JRS and greater usage made of the cyberspace to market Jamaica. ”

Name FIVE of the external participants and or administrations that could help a CVB such as the Jamaica Tourist Board with the execution of a Destination Marketing Plan and explicate at least two economic significance of the aid.

Tourism Enhancement Fund ( TEF )

Harmonizing to ( Tourism Enhancement Fund, 2011 ) ” The Tourism Enhancement Act, 2004 was passed by Parliament in December 2004.

This Act provided the legal footing for the Ministry of Tourism to set up a mechanism for the aggregation of a little fee from incoming air hose and sail riders.

Specifically, the Act allows for:

I. A Tourism Enhancement Fee of US $ 10.00 to be charged to incoming air hose riders and US $ 2.00 to be charged to cruise riders.

two. The monies collected is paid into a dedicated Tourism Enhancement Fund ”

2. Jamaica Hotel & A ; Tourist Association

Harmonizing to “ ( Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, 2010 ) Established in 1961, the Jamaica Hotel & A ; Tourist Association is the organisation, which represents Jamaican hotels, other visitant adjustments every bit good as most providers of goods and services to the touristry industry. The chief purpose of the JHTA is to advance the development of Jamaica ‘s cordial reception industry and to stand for the involvements of its members in all fora, locally, regionally and internationally. JHTA promotes the involvements of its members with authorities and its bureaus, with other elements of the private sector and with international organisations. Through its association and representation on the Boards of Directors of the Jamaica Tourist Board ( JTB ) and the Tourism Product Development Company ( TPDCo ) it ensures a strong voice for its rank in the development and selling of Jamaica ‘s touristry. The JHTA is a major member of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica. Its engagement ensures a prima function for the private sector ‘s involvements in the policies and programmes of the PSOJ. Internationally JHTA is affiliated with the Caribbean Hotel Association, the American Society of Travel Agents, the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the International Hotel & A ; Restaurant Association. These valuable affairs provide the JHTA with the chance to procure critical information and exposure for its members. ”

Tourism Product Development Company ( TPDCo )

Harmonizing to ( Tourism Product Development Company, 2005 ) “ The Tourism Product Development Company ( TPDCo ) is the cardinal bureau mandated by the Government of Jamaica to ease the care, development and sweetening of the touristry merchandise.

TPDCo has been in operation since April 5, 1996, and is registered as a private company under the legal power of the Ministry of Industry & A ; Tourism. A Board of Directors oversees the company ‘s policies and strategic programs. The Executive Director studies to the Chairman of the Board and has a functional relationship with the Minister of Industry & A ; Tourism, the Permanent Secretary and the Director General in the Ministry of Industry and Tourism. ”

Ministry of Tourism

Harmonizing to ( Ministry of Tourism, Jamaica, 2012 ) ” The ministry of touristry of Jamaica takes attention of the full touristry industry of the state. The ministry of touristry of Jamaica is merged with the ministry of amusement and civilization.

The touristry ministry of Jamaica associates itself with adjustment of the tourers, proper substructure and assorted offers to hike touristry. The event such as Miss Jamaica Festival Queen is organized by this section of authorities. The economic system of the state of Jamaica is significantly dependent on the touristry industry therefore the touristry ministry of this Cardinal American state ever has to be on their tow to supply growing to this sector. Initially the touristry office of Jamaica was incorporated within the Prime Minister ‘s Office.

The two chief organisations which handled this sector were Jamaica Tourist Board and Tourism Product Development Company. The ministry of touristry of Jamaica non merely looks after the substructure but besides helps in publicity and selling of the industry in the universe. There are offices of the tourer board of Jamaica all over the universe. Some of the of import metropoliss of America are besides place of these offices. ”

Jamaica Trade and Invest ( JTI )

Harmonizing to ( Primary Industry Affiliates ) “ The authorization of JTI is to originate and organize the development of programs, programmes and policies for the economic and fiscal development of Jamaica. In order to accomplish this mandateA JTI provides a broad scope of services, which includes carry oning research on national development issues and the proviso of proficient support to the Cabinet. JTI besides undertakes consultancy activities for authorities entities ; pull off external cooperation understandings and interfaces with support bureaus, while keeping a national socio-economic library. ”

Economic Significance

( Grayson, 2003 ) ” Governments earn gross from touristry through payment of airdrome revenue enhancements, revenue enhancements on hotel suites, gross revenues revenue enhancement, amusement revenue enhancement and eating house and saloon revenue enhancements. Customss and strike revenue enhancements can be earned on spirits or coffin nails that are produced in the island.

Persons besides earn from touristry straight or indirectly. Governments who manage airdromes and havens earn income through charges paid by air hoses and ship proprietors for usage of the installations. Farmers besides earn money by providing hotels and guesthouses with fruits, veggies, meats and land commissariats.

In order to forestall money being spent on imported goods ( economic escape ) , local husbandmans are encouraged to increase their production on supply as much of the hotel ‘s demand as possible. ”

Within the touristry industry and country the demand for goods and services monetary values are by and large high therefore occupants rarely shop or athletics within the tourer countries.

( Grayson, 2003 ) ” Tourism besides affects employment. In the touristry industry, some occupations are seasonal and dependent on periods when there is a big inflow on tourer, the employment degree of workers in the tourer industry rises within a figure of reachings. The growing of touristry consequences in farther employment in other sectors of the economic system as these sectors besides expand. ”


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