Primary industries, such as farming, in Japan are often extreme professions, due to the strict use of their entire land. Japanese farmers are keen to use every part of their land, making the majority of farming in the country intensive. It is thought that the farmers are so keen to make the most of their land, because the amount of flat land in Japan is restricted.

Due to the fact that the farms are small, farmers intensively utilize what little land they have; this ensures that they have maximum use of the land and no space is wasted. By using important farming products such as fertiliser, modern machinery and harvesting equipment, farmers in Japan are able to grow large amount of rice and other crops in each limited hectare. However, the warm wet Kyushu climate allows two crops to be grown in each separate field annually. Although rice is a very important crop in Japan, the Japanese have begun to eat a wider variety of food, improving their previously restricted diet plan. Though this has been useful to the people of Japan, the rate of rice production has since fallen dramatically. Due to the change in the populations’ diet, farmers have begun to produce less rice and more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Japan is made from four islands with the largest of them being named Honshu. Lake Hachiro-gatu is the largest lake in Japan, based in northern Honshu and was drained in 1964. After this, the reclaimed land was reformed and made into rice farms; it has become very successful due to its rich soil. Extra water, however, has to be occasionally pumped away and irrigation system can return the excess water in dry whether. This is the biggest area of land in Japan where rice is grown on such a large scale, with 560 large farms in the region.

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Growing rice is a complicated process and has various steps in order to achieve the best results. In Kyushu, this process is carried out. Tractors prepare the rice fields, also known as paddies, for farming; seedlings are planted in greenhouses so that farmers can control the climate in order to achieve high-quality rice; when the rice is full grown, a binder is used to harvest it; as the seedlings grow, farmers spray with pesticides to keep away animals and insects; hand held cultivators are then used to plough the land and rice seedlings are grown by machines in the paddies.

In conclusion, Japan used to have a very limited amount of land to grow important crops, such as rice, but larger areas, such as Lake Hachiro-gato, were cleared in order for more rice production to proceed. However, the people of Japan decided to enjoy a wider diet and begun eating more fruit and vegetables, consequently reducing the amount of rice production in the country.


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