Jason Dove Greenbelts has been working for and with Donald trump Just over 16 years. As the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Trump Industries. As a religious Individual he believes It Is Important to pass down traditional practices, for he Is an Orthodox Jew. As an Individual who practices his religion, there have been multiple occurrences where Jason misses business deals and his partner Donald allows for him to go home and pray. His work environment is one that respects individuals daily practices and ways of life.

Behind the scenes, Jason has a wife and six children. In correlation with his religion and passion, he created a program called Latte and Learning. (YOU Alumnus) The intention is that Jewish Youth can bond and create a better understanding of their religion in a relaxing cafe environment. (Latte and Learning) As a father of triplets, Season’s family have an organization called Triplets For A Cause. (YOU Alumnus) The organization has an intention to listening to peoples cause recommendations and help create solutions that contribute to the overall cause. Greenbelts) As for Trump Industries, Jason oversees numerous responsibilities ranging from “business Including sales, marketing, business placement, online product development, consultative sales and sales management capacities across online, print and event sponsorships media platforms. ” He is also known for “packaging problem solving advertising solutions for clients and agencies. ” (Dove Greenbelts) Some of the companies upcoming projects include development of a hotel in ROI and Donald will be involving himself in a possible election.

Both of these events seem to correlate with straightening an underline plan that is favorable for the organization, and of course their clientele. In 2016, Trump Enterprise will be opening Iris’s High End Hotel. There are three prominent current events that are or will contribute towards creating a flow of traffic to the location and why this makes a prominent location. The first the 2014 World Cup will be hosted In Bras”. Bras” has been In a stage of new developments, upgrades, and major renovation to prepare major cycles for this event.

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Following the world cup, Will be the 2016 world Olympics. In 2016 the Olympics be In Brasilia. This event will naturally revive tourism for a significant period of time, as well as promote more developments and renovations to contribute to this event. Lastly, ROI is a great location for a high end hotel because of a yearly celebratory event called Carnival. From a business standpoint, the time frame that Trump Industries will be developing the area is prime just as the location is. Trump Organization has been focusing on renovations and truly taking developments to a whole new level.

The organization itself has over seven thousand employees that rely on the company for sustainability. (Trump Employment) One of the most spoken about issues that Donald Trump has been stressing, is the unemployment rate and how the 8. % estimation Is falsified. The actual unemployment rate Is more so leaning towards the 17% range. By creating a one time 14. 25% tax only on the wealth. If Donaldson estimations are accurate it would create an economic boost of 34%. (Budget and Economy) Donald has been considering running for Governor of New York. Will Donald Trump Run for Governor) Depending on his decision and that which follows, tactically this move could create an entirely new playing field for Trump Organization. A boosted economy means that there is predicted be even greater opportunity for growth thin the organization and the families that are apart of running and maintaining Trump’s resorts, real estate, and overall business. (Restoring the American Dream) Jason is associated with supporting Trump through his entire organization.

Jason is a helper as shows by his personal organizations as well as with Trump Organizations. It would be interesting if Jason decides to possible accept a role of large impact when it comes to assisting Donald in developing and presenting his plan to effect the wealth in the economy with a large tax to minimize the nations debt. This model loud help the United States as a whole. Jason holds many roles, will his responsibility continue to grow within the company and beyond the organization?

Questions If Donald Trump runs to become the Governor of New York, will you be apart of his governing council? As a successful individual, why is it that you do not utilize social media to brand yourself? As a successful business man, what advice can you share with us, so that we can avoid blocks in the road when it comes to having ? Has there ever been a time where you had to go against your morals for business? If so, what was the result and was it worth it? How has the United States economy affected Trump Organization?


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