Jenny Seville was born In Cambridge,England In 1970 and went on to become a contemporary Brothels painter after she earned a Degree at the Glasgow school of Art. After completing her education here In 1992 she was offered a six month scholarship at the university of Cincinnati In Lo,USA. Between 1992 and 1993 she also attended the Salad School Of Art. Whilst in Ohio,Seville immersed herself in her surroundings ,the physicality that the obese women of America had interested her and this inspired her to make this become the main theme of her soon to be well- now artwork.

She also preferred to use her own body image in her work,she felt this was of advantage to her because it is reliable as she available all the time. She also likes the idea of being a part of her work. As a budding feminist herself she also began to read feminist literature which also became a role in her paintings,one in particular Is her famous painting “Propped” Seville was a female artist of the 20th century who has given a new insight to self portraiture. She has helped alter the tradition of self portraits and has raised questions about ideal beauty in fine art,expanding it outside of society’s value of beauty.

She has used her selected subject matter of distorted,in your face bodies and painted her work the way she has to also trigger the viewer to reflect on their own bodies and views and challenge their own response to flaws and imperfections of the human body. Seville is also a favored artist because of her use of medium. She has been loyal to using the traditional medium of Oil paint and she has also resisted use of media like video,only using some photography to aid her work. She Is ere often compared to the famous painter “Lucien Freud” through her use of medium.

Being an old form of art,Savable has also found a way to reinvent figure painting and sustain Its place as a prominent part of art history. Generally, she paints with a lot of fleshy tones and thick brush strokes and her paintings are large in scale. At a college degree show her success started to bloom. In 1993 in a show called “Critics choice” at Loon’s cooling gallery,British art collector Charles Chitchats shown a great interest in her work and went on to purchase all of her paintings from the exhibit when she only at the young age of 22.

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He was so impressed he even challenged her to produce paintings for his own gallery. She was commissioned for her work for Chitchats from 1 992 until 1994 resulting in a large showing of her work In Northwest London. This was a breakthrough In her artists career where she gathered most of her audience. “Branded” was one of her paintings produced early In her career and was featured In both her college degree show and at her solo exhibit in the Chitchats Gallery. The can convey many messages to the viewer.

Some believe that if modeled after herself he painting could show self hate she may feel towards her body. Others may say that it depicts her being proud of her body and being comfortable in her nude skin. Although,once you look at the painting carefully, you can see words carved into the body. These words mock the expected and conventional stereotype of the female body conveyed by society. The words featured and the painting itself go against the general prototype that the female body should be dainty,petite and delicate.

In 1994 Seville went on to live in New York,here she observed the works of Plastic erogenous in their theatres. She was intrigued by liposuction and other cosmetic procedures. She felt she gained a better understanding of the human body and how it can be manipulated. Seville used this new knowledge to produce paintings inspired by what she saw. She also makes use of medical textbooks with her work as she feels this greatens her understanding,” For instance, if I want to paint stretch marks, then I’ll look up in a medical textbook to find what causes them.

Because if you can understand what makes them, you can understand how to paint them better. ” In 1997 her work was also shown at a controversial exhibit called “Sensation” at the Royal Academy of Art in London. The notorious and infamous nature of the exhibition,featuring the a portrait of Moors murderer Myra Handled made from children’s handprint, caused some of the work to be vandalized but luckily Saukville work was left untouched. Her paintings went on to dominate the exhibition and her name was made even more recognizable and important by her success in this showing.

More recently she was featured in her own solo exhibit held at the Gaussian Gallery n New York. Here she showcased six large nudes. At the showing one of her paintings”Matrix” produced in 1999 shows Seville developing fascination with gender. She verges from her usual subject matter and has featured an “interest” person. The model starring in the painting has been taking testosterone supplements to become a male for 3 years and this particular painting shows when Saukville interest in the workings of the human body culminate. She is exploring the idea that our bodies can be altered by ones will.

In 2003,Seville held another exhibition of her paintings at the Gaussian gallery called of her famous paintings from this exhibition was “Reverse” which focuses on her head whilst she is lying on the floor. This painting diverts from her earlier works which used pale pinks and grey and has been created using vibrant,bold colors like bloody reds and browns. “Reverse,2003 Seville is currently a tutor of figure painting in London at the Salad school of Art where she is able to share her knowledge with her students and carry on sustaining Figure painting as an important form in Art.


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