Jesus Of Nazareth As I have Just finished watching the video “Jesus of Nazareth” six hours a go I thought there was nothing that I didn’t know about Jesus but now as I look back I didn’t know a few things. But I did know pretty much everything else involved in the movie due too long hard working year in Religion 1 with Mr.. Pedro. Also coming from an extremely religious family I thought I knew it all point proven wrong. But from where I started at 8:00 a. M and its now 2:00 p. M. I have learned a lot that would have no clue of without this video.

Not big events themselves but the such important little details that can make your opinion change so easily and quickly. For example I did not completely understand the birth of Jesus but six hours later I feel like a professor that knows a lot about Jesus who didn’t know Jack idly (Nothing) the other day. The movie also gave me a much better understanding of the other people that where back then that a critical role with Jesus. The movie also gave more details about events as such The Visitation, Annunciation and The Baptism Of Jesus.

That is about all that I didn’t know that I know know. This year I would like to learn about a lot but if I was to specify what I really would love to learn about it would probably be about Jesus whole life including his childhood and adulthood and the time of his sacredness. I would also love to learn about Jesus in war and his angry side if there really was one. As I’m extremely tired from that six hour video it was well worth and will benefit me a lot in the future to come.


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