Late February 2007 posed a immense job for this air power giant, with riders stuck in the airdrome and the tarmac. This proved to take a immense blow to their guaranteed quality service which separates them from their rivals. Here we look closely as to what happened and what could be done to halt such a catastrophe from go oning once more.

David Barger, who had been President of JetBlue, is now CEO of JetBlue, replacing David Neelman who will concentrate on more strategic long-run enterprises for JetBlue as president of the board. What advice would you give Mr. Barger about direction patterns that should be implemented to assist better JetBlue and avoid hereafter state of affairss such as those that occurred in February 2007. Identify assorted best patterns in support of your recommendations. Explain.

JetBlue and its low menus have enjoyed overpowering popularity and client satisfaction evaluations but it was during the terminal of February 2007 but things took a alteration for the worst. David Neeleman in an interview during the wake of the worst operational hebdomad in JetBlue ‘s short yet vivacious history sounded really hesitating with a expression of humiliation on his face. He blamed the debacle on deepness of the company ‘s direction which was n’t strong plenty to cover with a calamity. Most of the 1000 cancelled flights during the five yearss were due to a shoelace communicating system that left pilots and flight attenders in the dark, and an undersize reserve system.

Another issue was the fact that JetBlue did n’t look into the job in a serious note and thought the conditions would interrupt they would be able to wing which in bend would maintain their income flowing in and therefore increasing client satisfaction, this was done while other air hoses responded by call offing their flights and directing their riders place and restarting their agenda within a twenty-four hours or two.

The storm grew worse which led to clients holding to acquire delayed and stuck within the airdrome and led to enormous confusion therefore ensuing to angry exchanges between clients and employees, motivating the air hose to name out security forces.

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David Barger the new CEO demand to take this incident as a aftermath up call and should come up with a eventuality program in order this event should originate once more. With them being low cost they could afford to pass a spot more in suiting riders utilizing certain options such a budget hotels/motels which is by and large the instance with all other major air hoses if they are enduring from a immense hold.

Some of the methods to guarantee riders are looked after used by other air hoses are: –

repasts and refreshments, and

hotel adjustment, when a hold obliges a rider to remain overnight, and

Reimbursement, when a hold delays a rider for at least five hours.

What David Barger has traveling for him is the a loyal work force, Neeleman during the interview went on to state “ We had so many people in the company who wanted to assist who were n’t trained to assist, ” he said. “ We had an exigency control center full of people who did n’t cognize what to make. I had flight attenders sitting in hotel suites for three yearss who could n’t acquire a clasp of us. I had pilots emailing me stating, ‘I ‘m available, what do I make? ‘ “

Unfortunately though this advantage did n’t mount to anything it was found due to portion of the company that locates pilots and flight attenders and directs them to their following flight assignment is far excessively little for an air hose JetBlue ‘s size.

David Barger should really develop certain employees to work in that country to guarantee that effectivity and efficiency is achieved and when a certain quandary does originate it will be dealt with smoothly.

After reading the instance, it is the communicating procedure system needs to be under reappraisal because as the ice storm had left a big part of the air hose ‘s 11,000 pilots and flight attenders far from where they needed to be to run the planes, and JetBlue lacked the trained staff to happen them and state them where to travel. Prior to that hebdomad, JetBlue had ne’er had so many people out of place.

The reserve system was besides overwhelmed, with clients unable to acquire through to human agents to look into on a flight. In an unusual agreement, the company employs about 2,000 reserve agents in the Salt Lake City country, many of them adult females who work at place.

JetBlue should recognize that they need m as it can more forces in the airdrome covering with client ailments as it can be thwarting for riders to happen there is no 1 they could speak excessively.

David Barger, should recognize that this is traveling to be an expensive revamp but it ‘s a monetary value to pay in order to win back people ‘s assurance but he would hold to make up one’s mind whether the monetary value would be paid by reconstituting their organisation which is a low menu air hose.

Search the cyberspace for magazine articles and narratives about JetBlue prior to February 14, 2007. Based on your research ( a ) identify JetBlue ‘s concern scheme and ( B ) discuss whether their concern patterns back up its concern scheme. Critique specific patterns that you believe back up its concern scheme.

JetBlue was one of the forepart smugglers when it comes to low menu air hoses, with its cost advantages and no-nonsense attack to concern it has continuously retained figure one is regional flights across America. The competitory advantage it has is that although it has adopted a really aggressive cost cutting method by making off with most comfortss other air hoses provide but without compromising on comfort and quality of service.

Their end and vision of the company is derived from the laminitis of JetBlue who said “ You can be efficient and effectual and present a great experience at the same clip. ”

JetBlue ‘s purpose was to make a cost construction that would back up low menus, without take downing service criterions. To back up its determination to go a cost leader, JetBlue adopted a figure of advanced steps on its flights. JetBlue decided non to function repasts on its flights, no affair what the distance or continuance.

A farther expression into whether the scheme of JetBlue lucifers their patterns would be taking a expression at their strengths and failings.

Low Operating cost – its ever been a lost cost and in fact personifies low cost with the interior being usage made, they use leather seats alternatively of fabric which needs changeless intervention every bit good as supplying personal telecasting which is something that full menu air hoses provide that is different to JetBlue ‘s rivals. They have besides decided on non offering nutrient no affair how long is the flight as they feel that it ‘s a immense unwanted disbursal for the company. They have besides gone for more fuel efficient and less care cost airbuses instead than their rivals that go for old and inexpensive planes.

Strong trade name – The tendency has switched in the gustatory sensations of the air hose rider to switch from full menu air hoses to low menu air hoses and that has led to clients taking the best low menu air hose that lucifers near to a full menu air hose.

Efficient employee – They do n’t hold excessively many people runing for them outside the flight as most of the process is electronic and the people that are hired are the “ right ” people which have to be client orientated

Consumer satisfaction – The company strives to supply superior services at low cost in every facets of our client ‘s air travel experience: – Safety, Caring, Integrity, Fun and Passion.

Effective usage of engineering – The convenience of client to travel on-line and book and pay online without waiting in waiting lines for a place.

The construction that JetBlue adopts is a thin one although it says 9000 full clip employees on their web site it is up to the clients to make most of their minutess online and lone staff interaction would be if the client has an issue. Due to such a construction the employees would hold to travel through on the occupation covering with whatever circumstance that might come their manner but with all that preparation they could n’t repair the issues they faced in late February 2007.

With such a black hebdomad JetBlue should n’t revamp their thin manner of making concern but alternatively tweak a small spot here and at that place. Their mission provinces that quality service guaranteed but unluckily that was n’t met during this fiasco. As at that place has to be a call for more cross-training of staff to guarantee come a crisis that it would be able to leap into a function.

This brings another job because even if they decide to develop their recruits through different fortunes it would non merely take clip but money and where would this money come from? ? Would they need to take this money from the clients? ? Would they need to alter their low cost scheme in order to cover their disbursals?

What are the societal, political and economic forces act uponing JetBlue ‘s public presentation and what challenges would you anticipate in JetBlue ‘s strive to shift its ‘ trade name individuality.

A PEST analysis is an analysis of the external macro-environment that affects all houses. Such external factors normally are beyond the house ‘s control and sometimes present themselves as menaces.

Political Factor

In America, one can ne’er over-look the political factors which influence each and every industry bing in the state. Like it or non, the political intervention has to be present everyplace. Given below are a few of the political factors with regard to the air hose industry: The air hose industry is really susceptible to alterations in the political environment as it has a great bearing on the travel wonts of its clients. An unstable political environment causes uncertainness in the heads of the air travellers, sing going to a peculiar state.

The most important political event nevertheless has been September 11. The events happening on September had particular significance for the air hose industry since aeroplanes were involved. The immediate consequences were a immense bead in air traffic due to safety & A ; security concerns of the people.

The Airline Deregulation Act which was passed in 1978 guarantee easier market entry for new bearers and with the pro unfastened market initiatives that the US authorities back might supply JetBlue with a few jobs, presently there are is stiff competition within the industry and a steady rise in the low-priced bearers such as Air Tran Airways, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways

Economic Factor

Business rhythms have a broad making impact on the air hose industry. During recession, air hose is considered a luxury & A ; hence disbursement on air travel is cut which leads to cut down monetary values. During prosperity stage people indulge themselves in travel & A ; monetary values addition. After the September 11 incidents, the universe economic system plunged into planetary recession due to the down sentiment of consumers. The loss of income for air hoses led to higher operational costs non merely due to low demand but besides due to higher insurance costs, which increased after the WTC bombardment. This prompted the industry to put off employees, which farther fuelled the recession as disbursement decreased due to the rise in unemployment.

Even the SARS eruption in the Far East was a major cause for slack in the air hose industry.

With the Global Financial Crisis the planetary tendency was to put off full menu air hoses and the outgrowth was outstanding when it came to low menu air hoses.

Then changeless rise in monetary values when it came to oil besides proved to be factors as monetary value of goods have spiked which once more led to the penchant of low menu air hoses compared to full menu air hoses.


The altering travel wonts of people have really broad deductions for the air hose industry. In a state like America, there are people from varied income groups. The air hoses have to acknowledge these persons and should function them consequently. Airlines such as JetBlue needs to concentrate on their patronage make a Greater client consciousness which is largely low income clients & A ; their wonts in order to maintain them satisfied. The finish, sort of services etc all has to be chosen carefully in conformity with the gustatory sensations of their major patronages. With the addition in competition comes the sense on deriving a competitory advantage and its up to JetBlue to come up with an addition degree of quality whether it comes through amusement or service.

Nature of Change

Potential Impact of Change

Opportunity Or Menace

Strategic Response


Major political alterations with the debut of the Air deregulating Act and the terrorist onslaughts

Peoples are afraid to wing and are spending/saving otherwise with a new economic policy

Menace that people will halt winging because of fright and economic grounds

Focus on safety and low monetary values


Economic Meltdown with the Global Financial Crisis

Peoples have now look at the low menu air hoses in a different visible radiation

Opportunity to increase their market portion

Advertise Low monetary values and excess comfortss


Technology such as Television and the cyberspace has become an mundane portion of people ‘s lives

Consumer demands and penchants are altering and going more engineering friendly

Opportunity to add to JetBlue ‘s offerings onboard and anterior to look intoing in

Can buy and book a ticket over the net every bit good as offer Television programming on board

4. In assistance of your proposed recommendations, what cultural dimensions you reckon would augment good towards JetBlue ‘s concern consequences.

The above Figure shows the market place of JetBlue and as it shows it is located between the dimensions of low monetary value and high quality and make to this it has done really good in the air power industry. In order to prolong this they need to recognize the errors that they had made and get the better of such a calamity in instance it happens once more.

The already have a really thin construction where the caput of the company is called by name and is a friend of the employees and therefore demoing the Power Distance in the company is really low. The organisation in itself is really frontward thought and a market leader when it comes to low menu air hoses therefore doing in a Masculine dimension.

Uncertainty turning away seems to be more of an issue with JetBlue with them non really holding a eventuality program if something goes incorrect.

The company as a whole is more a collectivized civilization with more accent on working as a squad and squad edifice

Identify JetBlue ‘s duties to its clients and employees.

Figure 2: – The Service Profit Chain

JetBlue has several built-in strengths that have led to the considerable rise in market portion. After the Valentines Day Massacre the employee ‘s satisfaction have taken a dip but has still managed to retain their loyal clients.

The air hose decided to acquire serious about its employee booster tonss and do the measurings a dogma of JetBlue ‘s four-prong corporate measurings. Not merely would the tonss become more seeable, but leaders ‘ fillips would be dependent on the company making the employee NPS ends.

With their fillips on the line, the VPs became interested. Alternatively of appraising employees yearly like it used to make, JetBlue began e-mailing its employees on a monthly footing and inquiring for feedback. It besides segmented studies per section so that the endeavor could derive penetration on where trueness and

In order to hike morale JetBlue worked difficult to further employee trueness. In times when employee keeping and satisfaction is frequently coupled with income, JetBlue made it its mission to implement no unpaid leave yearss. Alternatively the company is more originative in cutting back.

The JetBlue squad has grown by about 1,200 in the past two old ages.

To employees and clients, nevertheless, the “ touchy-feely ” facet of the air hose seems to count. “ When you have a leader who ‘s so friendly, it makes everybody experience good about what they ‘re making, ” says Jim Small, general director for San Juan, who worked for US Airways before coming to JetBlue. “ At US Air, there was no comparing. Management was the biggest factor turning the grapes. ” Meanwhile, there ‘s a steadily turning organic structure of traditional knowledge about JetBlue ‘s can-do client service — noteworthy, possibly, because air travel has become such a hard-hitting enterprise. JetBlue is generous with travel verifiers when riders are inconvenienced. And employees are encouraged to travel out of their manner for clients. Neeleman himself one time drove an aged twosome from JFK to Connecticut, where he lives and where they were headed, instead than allow them pass $ 200 on a cab. “ He makes everybody want to take attention of the client, ” says Parker of Raymond James. “ It makes everybody more productive.


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