Joan of Arc, a young French woman, born in 1412 has left a legendary mark on history. She was known for dressing like a man in a suit of armor and leading the French troops against the in English in the Hundred Years War. Eventually being apprehended Joan was turned over to the English but tried by the French clerics who surprisingly supported the English. George Bernard, author of Saint Joan, wrote the play based on Arc’s life. A character in the play is the Inquisitor.

The church court whose members decided Jean’s fate was to hear out the Inquisitor’s speech against her. Insert thesis statement here) According to the Inquisitor being a giving person in society will eventually completely destroy the church and empire. “… Giving all riches to the poor, and putting on the garb of poverty, the life of austerity, and the rule of humility and charity may be the fonder that will wreck both the church and empire if nor ruthlessly stamped out in time. The Inquisitor is basically stating in his argument that because Arc is living an austere life, she will become the reasoning to a ruined church and empire. Sharing your wealth is wrong and if you are humble as well as heritable there must be something wrong with you. If you have any money that can be given as a donation it should be given to the church as the church and religion is by far the most important aspect of life in that time period. The Inquisitor believes that Joan should be given a more harsh punishment because of that fact that she is a woman.

He thinks that because she has chosen to dress up like a man there is something peculiar about this lady. “… The women who quarrels with her clothes, and puts on the dress of a man, is like the man who throws if his fur gown and dresses like John the Baptist: they are followed as surely as the night follows the day, by the bands of wild women and men who refuse to wear any clothes at all. ” Apparently if Arc is not punished for her actions, she will drive up wild and evil spirited people.

She will influence others to wear what they want and that is not okay. “When maids will neither marry nor take regular vows, and men reject marriage, and exalt their lusts into divine inspirations, then, as surely as the summer follows the spring, they begin with polygamy and end by incest. Inquisitor is making an argument against Arc by saying that because she is not married, she will influence others into morally wrong doings such as polygamy and incest.

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Such a fear was brainwashed into the people’s minds that they had no choice but to believe Arc was also part of witchcraft. “… It ends in such a monstrous horror of unnatural wickedness… ” He considers that Arc has some sort of “Devilish Pride” in her. Witchcraft scared the towns to death and nobody wanted to be around a “witch”. In the 1 5th century, the church and the clergy could control almost anything. They had so much power and influenced the lives of everyone back in the day. It was crucial that you followed and attended church. If you hate cruelty, remember that nothing is so cruel in its consequences as the toleration of heresy. ” Heresy is the belief or opinion opposing to orthodox religious especially Christian doctrine. Committing heresy may be the worst possible idea in the eyes of the church and clergy. The Inquisitor puts the guilt trip on the court in such a way that they cannot Allegros Witt ml Tort Tear teen would De accused AT nerves. Arc Tallow newer own vine inspirations and claims that God individually spoke to her and told her to dress in armor.

The Inquisitor makes the point that Joan is from a poor family and people from a peasant’s life would not hear from God. How could a woman of a peasant family be an interpreter of God’s will makes no sense to the Inquisitor? The inquisitor thinks that Arc is full of lies. He reasons that because Arc is against Christianity, others will begin to praise her and eventually Arc will take over the church. He claims that Jean’s claim to hearing the voices of God and saints is an example of diabolical madness and can only bring great harm to the church.

He is the lawyer convincing the court that his way of thinking is the only way in the name of God. (rewrite thesis statement here). The Inquisitor wants to make sure the clerics think like him so that there is no question about the verdict and Arc is punished for her unmoral actions. And although she had made mistakes Arc was a noble person and more innocent all along but it was too late as she granted guilty and burned to death as her punishment.


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