Job security is a really sensitive issue in the European telecommunication Industry. The continued Telecom industry public presentation has besides triggered a figure of issues that had antecedently been ignored by a figure of stakeholders in the industry. Harmonizing to Gow ( 2008 ) , the challenges faced in the research procedure include deficiency of handiness and deficiency of cooperation from assorted people considered to hold critical information that would hold helped in the research procedure. Ethnographic design has been used in the research procedure in order to clearly acquire findings that would reflect the existent image of the people in the France Telecom industry. Non participatory research method has besides been utilized in order to guarantee that timely and dependable findings are reached and therefore enable decisions that are made to to the full reflect the existent image on the land ( France 2009 ) .

Assorted issues that pertain to the impact of occupation security have besides been addressed. From the research, it is clear that occupation security is rather dependent on the European prevailing concern conditions, the universe economic system, and the single accomplishments in relation to the section in which one works for in the Telecom industry ( Boaz & A ; Wolfe 1997 ) . The function of the authorities in heightening occupation security has besides been discussed and possible steps that could be put in topographic point to protect people ‘s occupations highlighted. From the analysis, it is apparent that occupation security is dependent on location, industry and the business.


The Telecom industry has really diverse issues that relate to the employ personal businesss and the continued form in the employment sector. In France, most telecom houses typically involve usage of electronic devices such as telecasting, telephones, computing machine, wireless, among other devices. In France, the major factors responsible for the growing of the industry are the usage of modern engineering and market competition in Europe. One of the merchandises of modern engineerings in the Telecom industry is optical fibres ( Guardian 2009 ) . Job security in France ‘s Telecom industry plays a critical function in the occupation market.

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In France, the Telecom industry faces assorted issues which are a contemplation of the current tendency in the form of employment and the related issues that relate to employees ‘ personal businesss. Most of the employees in this industry, in France, are engaged in big constitutions. The research therefore analyses assorted issues that relate to the research procedure carried out ( Haykin 2001, pp.1-3 ) . The research methods chosen, restriction of the research, research design used, the challenges faced in the research have been outlined in this study.

Literature Review

I have reviewed a figure of research documents that relate to employment, the telecom industries in France, forms of employment, the continued development of engineering and its impact on the telecom industry, effects of the economic recession on the European market and the hereafter of the telecommunication industry all over in Europe and France in peculiar. The articles I have reviewed hold given me an penetration into the demands of employees in the industry and the possible impact of occupation security issues on the European Telecommunication industry ( Jstor 1994 ) . Some of the articles I have reviewed include the Psychological Stress in the work topographic point ( Richard, 2007 ) , the article on the roleA stressA inA Telecom and the existent effects on employee public presentation and satisfaction. The articles besides examine the employee experience of function of the employers and the effecto of germinating engineering forms to the telecommunication industry ( John 2001 ) .

France Telecom, which is the taking telecommunications company in the state and the 3rd in Europe, employs more than one 1000 and 90 thousand people. Records from the company indicate that about half of the France Telecom company are from outside the state. A figure of employment issues refering to employees ‘ occupation security arise. Competition for available occupations in the company arises from foreign occupation searchers. This is chiefly due to apparently high accomplishments that foreign occupation searchers have. In an article turn toing the grounds why most employees in the France Telecom are about to perpetrate self-destruction, assorted issues that relate to causes of occupation losingss are addressed ( Riaz 1997, pp.557-583 ; Jstor 1994 ) . The loss of occupations due to the continued economic recession both within France Telecom and in the European continent reflects assorted issues such the increased competition in the market and the negative impact that cyberspace engineerings have had on the telecommunication sector.

Research paradigm, doctrine and attack

Ontological inquiries would be used in the research procedure. The ontological inquiries used would turn to both the nature of world in the occupation market and the nature and behaviour of people at the work topographic points. This would enable the research worker to to the full grok certain preexisting forms at the work topographic point and the mode in which assorted employees respond to occupation security related issues ( Boaz & A ; Wolfe 1997 ) . The external factors that detect employees ‘ behaviours would besides be studied. An inductive research attack would so be used to come up with realizable decision.

Research Questions

Why the occupations are cutting down in Telecom industry?

In this research paper, the major research inquiries relates to the grounds why occupations are cutting down in the Telecom Industry in the France Telecom ( Gow 2008 ) . Assorted grounds and the different sectors of employment that have in one manner or another affected the forms of employment in the state and the mode in which occupation conditions in the industry are regulated are besides considered ( Riaz 1997, pp.560-583 ) . All relevant issues that relate to the grounds as to why rate of employment, increased occupation losingss, continued hapless employee wage and low employee public presentation have would be studied. In turn toing the major grounds for occupation decreases, issues such as information engineering continued development and the universe economic recession would be analyzed.

What are the chief factors that influence occupation security issues in this industry?

This research inquiries would adequately assist in happening out the major factors that influence the Telecom occupation market and the influence can be monitored to guarantee that efficient use of assorted available resources are adequately utilised. This research inquiry would enable the research worker to to the full acquire responses that addresses issues such as unequal accomplishments and redundancy in the telecommunication sector ( Rosaldo 1996 ) . The demand to hold retraining in order for the possible employees to get more accomplishments at work and even their opportunities of either retaining the occupation or acquiring a publicity has besides been addressed. To turn to this inquiry, the tendencies in the France Telecom sector would be studied in item. From the research inquiry, issues that pertain to holding contracts that are lawfully adhering, demand for fiscal security and assorted theoretical accounts of compensation in the Telecom sector in the European market would besides be addressed. The fact that the menace to occupation security enhances good public presentation at the work topographic point with the purpose of guaranting occupation keeping would besides be addressed. The research inquiry therefore tackles issues such as the demand for the France Telecom to hold a mix of employees on varied types of contract.

Research Design

In the research procedure, ethnographic research design would be employed. This method which involved active engagement of the people under research and the existent issues at manus is best suited to the research being carried out on the impact of occupation security issues in the France Telecom and other European telecommunication industry. This method of research design best tantrums on the research instance of France Telecom since it allows find of new thoughts, verification of find of relationships among assorted variables ( Boaz & A ; Wolfe 1997 ; Rosaldo 1996 ) . This research design method to be used besides fits in the times agenda, the mark result of the research procedure and the accomplishments and capablenesss of the research worker ( Boaz 1997, p.50 ) . Harmonizing to the old research workers carried out in the impact of occupation security issues utilizing ethnographic research, ethnographic research design methods proved really dependable. The method is besides really appropriate in one to turn to the research job at manus.

Furthermore, ethnographic research method is best suited for usage in this research since it gives substantial part and has an aesthetic virtue. There is a certain degree of coefficient of reflection when this method is employed in a research procedure hence the impact is to the full felt from the research happening reached. The world of the state of affairs in the employment issues in the France Telecom industry is besides best felt when ethnographic research design is employed in the research procedure.

Research Method

The non participant method of research would be used in the research procedure. The method is really dependable and clip efficient. Questionnaires and participant observations would be used in the aggregation of research information. Administration of questionnaires would be done to selected individual due to the broad range of the research procedure. Both difficult transcript questionnaires and electronic questionnaires would be administered to the mark sample group to be used ( Rosaldo 1996 ) . The pick of the use of questionnaires has been due to the fact that questionnaires are more effectual, efficient and best fits the demands for the research to be done. This is chiefly so in comparing to other research methods such as direct interviews and trying. The usage of electronic agencies to administrate questionnaires makes it comparatively speedy to roll up more dependable information.

The pick of participatory observation as a method of making this research is due to its suitableness. Participatory observation would enable the interviewees to be more unfastened and give more dependable information. This method represents a rich beginning of high-quality information therefore it would enable the research worker to hold a better apprehension of the societal and work force per unit areas confronting employees in the telecommunication industry.

Sampling Method

The simple random trying method would be used in the research procedure. The simple random trying best suits the research to be done due to a figure of grounds. To get down with, due to the fact that the population to be studied is big, this method which utilizes a subset of persons that are usually chosen from a larger population would be best suited to transport out the trying procedure. The France telecom industry covers a big country that trying would be the most dependable, efficient and cost effectual method degree Fahrenheit transporting out trying of the collected information. Biasness is besides minimized in the research procedure. This method would enable more dependable decisions to be drawn externally. This would be done utilizing valid sample that would hold been made ( Rosaldo 1996 ) .

Additionally, the simple random method of sampling has the advantage of being free of the common categorization mistakes ( Riaz 1997, pp.557-583 ) . There is besides small or no demand for the research worker who intends to utilize this method to hold anterior cognition of the population being studied other than the existent frame. Harmonizing to the France Telecom Company which is widely spread all over Europe, the simple random trying to be used is the most dependable method since a batch of information sing the Telecom Industry in Europe and France in peculiar would be collected and analyzed. Furthermore, the method is really cost effectual ( Rosaldo 1996 ; Boaz & A ; Wolfe 1997, pp.146-156 ) .

Access Issues

In this research procedure, assorted issues that relate to handiness of assorted countries of involvement have been faced. It is transit costs to some countries were high and some countries that were wholly unaccessible had to be avoided ( Haykin 2001, pp.1-3 ) . Additionally, assorted persons that had been considered to be really cardinal in the research procedure were either chesty or at times unaccessible due to their really busy working agenda and the overall organisational construction. Another job that was faced was the unfastened deficiency of honestness and willingness to portion critical information sing the France Telecom industry which was needed for the success of the research procedure.

Research Limitations or and Challenges

The research to be carried out is likely of face a figure of restrictions. It is clear that some of the challenges are non in governable even though the impact can be minimized. Accessibility to some of the targeted countries is likely to be a large challenge. The big country of survey and the big sample of survey would besides be a large challenge ( Boaz & A ; Wolfe 1997, pp.146-156 ) . Additionally, deficiency of cooperation and dishonesty from some of the participants is likely to present a large challenge to the genuineness and dependability of the research findings.


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