Introduction: Now I am working at “Beijing Sino Lawyers’ Firm” . My responsibility is to help attorney Tao Feng in covering with the paperworks and clients. To be specific. my occupation is to move as an information aggregator. a jurisprudence paperss author. a instances aid. a information organiser. and a clients communicator. Our steadfast consist of several senior spouses. normal attorneies. and many aids. In order to work more handily and efficaciously. every attorney has a squad that includes one to two aids.

Due to the fact that it is a jurisprudence house and it is a partnership concern. it has developed particular cultural inclinations. which have been enduring for many old ages in the company. So. merely like Varner and Beamer ( 2011 ) stated. “ … understanding a civilization opens the door to understanding how people see and make sense of their universe. ” . ( p. 94 ) placing the sole civilization here is a good manner to understand the house better. Besides. in order to avoid necessary errors and struggles. it is besides critical to understand the Chinese cultural inclinations.

First. the same as the full Chinese cultural inclinations. Bolshevism plays an of import function in our house. It means that our civilization emphasizes the demands. ends. and positions of the squad over the single and includes shared beliefs instead than single beliefs. In our house. recognition or incrimination is placed on the organisation as a whole alternatively of any single. Another nucleus value of collectivized civilization is that of “saving face” . particularly. in China. Ting-Toomey and Kurogi ( 1998 ) explained face as “the claimed sense of favourable societal dignity and the estimated other-worth in an interpersonal state of affairs ( p. 88 ) .

And Ting-Toomey and Oetzel ( 2002 ) pointed out that face is related to “identity regard. discourtesy. self-respect. award. shame. guilt. position. and competency issues” ( p. 145 ) . For case. as a jurisprudence house. the most of import thing is to carry through the clients’ benefits by winning instances. Imagine that if the house did non hold a certain per centum of winning. it would lose the possible clients. So. as a portion of the house. every attorney and his/her squad is responsible for the repute and face of the whole company. Then. in the field of jurisprudence. a certain hierarchy exists.

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Such as their are premium tribunals and local tribunals that have different power and rights in using the jurisprudence. As Varner and Beamer ( 2011 ) illustrated. “In states where power is concentrated at the top degrees of organisations and is wielded harmonizing to personal favour. a healthy and strong relationship with the powerful 1s is a primary end of every enterprise. ” ( p. 114 ) From what we can see that holding a good relationship with the high place authorization can assist us to make our concern. the higher the better. On the other manus. there is a low power distance environment in the house.

Simply to state. “equalness” has been considered as the cardinal component in our clique relationship. As good. a good relationship with clients is critical because your occupation is numbering on their religion. Furthermore. high context communicating is required in our squad. It includes the elaborate communicating with clients. so that you can acquire adequate information about the instance ; and treatment with other co-workers. particularly when you are stocked. sentiments from others could assist a batch. In order to develop a good communicating atmosphere. the house has a hebdomadal meeting to discourse some peculiar instances.

During the meeting. everyone’s voice can be heard and the senior attorneies are besides happy to give their professional positions. As a consequence. people like me. housemans. got improved a batch. Since you are coming to fall in the squad alternatively of me. I have some tips to assist you to accommodate yourself into the civilization and be qualified for the occupation. First of all. ever be prepared. Even Varner and Beamer ( 2011 ) said. “As anyone who has carefully laid programs knows. nevertheless. the unexpected has a manner of scuppering you. ” ( p. 116 ) which means that though you are good planned. unexpected is ever exist. Then what if you are non prepared?

You don’t want to take the hazard of losing instances by no readying. which will finally damage the benefits of your clients and the house. Second. develop your ain relationship with the authorization and clients. Although you are a aid. your occupation is to reach with tribunals. clients. etc. So if you build a good relationship with them. it will be easier for you to finish your occupation because attorney Feng is non with you all the clip after all. Sometimes you have to number on yourself. In add-on. make non be stereotype. Working with attorneies means we are judging and being judged all the tome.

So it is easy to acquire into a phenomena of being stereotype. For illustration. you regard one justice in the Beijing HaiDian Local Court as an unjust individual. you might see that all Judgess in that tribunal are unjust. As a consequence. you don’t want to cover with the instances from that tribunal. So maintain your professional position and be nonsubjective in your work in order to avoid this sort of errors. Last but non least. be ready to bear adversity and stand difficult work. Undeniably. Chinese people are hard-working. Specially when you are working on a tough instance. it costs clip and energy.

Take myself as an illustration. one time attorney Feng and I were covering with an rational belongings instance. which was opening a tribunal session on 1:00 PM. the hottest clip of the summer in Beijing. The tougher state of affairs was. in the same twenty-four hours forenoon. we had another instance that was far off from the tribunal. I could ne’er bury that twenty-four hours because of the waiting clip in the high temperature outside the tribunal. no tiffin. and the super long procedure of the trail. It was wash uping. At the terminal. I hope you can understand our cultural inclinations and bask your work in this house. which will be really helpful for your future work.


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