He was in the shower getting ready for their night when she came Into the bathroom with a camera to take pictures, what he didn’t know was that those were his last moments. The death: The cause of the death was jealousy and anger of the new girlfriend and the break up that happened the previous year. Jodi came into the bathroom with a camera to take pictures of Travis. She took a few pictures while taking them she was tricking him. Finally, she stabbed him multiple times on the body and eventually shot him.

Most medical examiners believed he was stabbed, shot dead, and then stabbed again. There was recorded by one examiner 27 stab wounds, and by another 29 stab wounds so there really isn’t a definite number. He did get his throat sliced and a common carotid cut. It was known he tried to use self-defense because he had defense wounds on his hands. Jodi then left him there and started covering her tracks. On June 9, 2008 one of Trivia’s friends came to the house and found his body in the shower dead.

History of the time period: In 2008 when this occurred Obama became the first black president of the united States. He was elected in 2007 but started his term in 2008. Also, in 2008 the stock rakes started going downhill and houses started foreclosing. In 2008 the war In Iraq was soul going on from 9-11 . It Is not known that anything that happened In the world during 2008 Influenced Jodi Arias to kill Travis Alexander unless you want to count the stress of the economy.

Forensics Evidence: The evidence used for this was the body, blood stains from different places, fingerprints of Jodi, cell phone messages, gun, pictures of Travis Alexander in the shower, a camera in the washing machine, bloody shirt, bed sheets, and checks from Jodi to Travis. Also a gun that was stolen by Jodi from her grandmother was found. Some techniques the investigators used were DNA, Testimonies, and Evidence from the scene and away that was used for the murder. This crime happened in 2008 so there hasn’t been much of a change in evidence techniques.

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Other: smiles that were happy together. The next picture is Travis autopsy but it’s Just his face. It looked like that because he had been laying there dead for a few days. The last picture is Judo’s fingerprints from the crime scene. Conclusion: Jodi Arias was arrested on July 15, 2008 for the murder of Travis Alexander. There was a trial; it lasted from December 2012 to May 8, 2013. On May 8 she was convicted f first degree murder. Her and her lawyer says she was not stable when she murdered Travis so they plea insanity.


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