John SingletonMrs. Martins10th Grade English12/29/2017    Illegal Immigration        Illegal immigration is a growing concern and has been an issue throughout the United States for a long time. There are two opposing sides on the immigration policy in the United States with organizations that promote different restrictions. Illegal immigration has been dealt with for decades but has been increasing rapidly in the United States and the current government is focused on preventing this crime. Illegal immigration is a crime in the United States that is affecting the US. There are numerous ways to prevent this crime from taking place and are enforcing stronger regulations on immigration and increasing our border security.       This is a social issue because many people in the United States have different views on the topic of illegal immigration. Especially because in the past decades there has been a rapid increase in illegal immigration. Illegal Immigration is a crime in the United States that affects the economy negatively, takes away jobs and lowers employment rates for lower skilled workers in the United States working class, however laws and bills have been established to reduce this crime that has been increasing rapidly in the United States, but these laws and bills are being slowed down by people with opposing views such as racial profiling.      The act of illegal Immigration into the United States is when a person enters the country and plans on remaining as a resident without following the specific immigration policies put out by that country (“Illegal Immigration”). Both sides of the issue has criticism. Immigrant advocates are concerned about racial profiling and those who support more restrictions claim it would lead to the un support of legal immigrants (“Warner”). One argument that people who are against illegal immigration and weaker security have is that the 911 hijackers could have been detained for their visa violations (“Warner”). This shows what a weak security could lead too.      Illegal Immigration is a problem because it affects the US economy and prosperity negatively. The cost of administration of justice greatly expands the cost way beyond salaries of confinement and prison workers for illegal immigrants (“Martin”). Illegal Immigration adds to unemployment because it decreases wages and takes away jobs especially in the low skilled working population. Immigrant workers make up one seventh of the workforce in the United States (“The Impact”). Illegal Immigration has lowered employment rates and wages of low skilled American workers (“The Impact”).      Illegal Immigration is caused by weak border security and the right to regulate legal immigration that is getting undermined by illegal immigrants and their refusal to leave. Apologist for illegal immigration say that immigration is the responsibility of state and local government (“Martin”). They believe that the state and local government should pass any of the laws concerning illegal immigration (“Martin”). These apologist are mainly concerned about racial profiling and are very vocal about their views (“Martin”).      Several large controversial organizations promote less strict restrictions on illegal immigration into the United States (“Pinto”). These groups want undocumented immigrants to have the same rights as legal immigrants. The two separate views on illegal immigration center around the possible effects illegal immigration has on the United States. Illegal immigration affects the working class, low skilled workers, taxpayers.      Illegal Immigration affects taxpayers and makes them have to pay a lot more than they should in taxes. Illegal immigrant children in Pennsylvania’s public schools cost state taxpayers $230 million dollars annually and this is only the state of pennsylvania (“Martin”). Illegal Immigration also affects low skilled native workers in the American workforce. The more immigrant workers means an increase in unemployment and lower wages for native U.S. workers.  Immigrants add to unemployment because they decrease wages and take away jobs (“Pinto”). Illegal immigration is a severe problem in the United States and is talked about frequently and seen on the news often. Americans began to focus on national security and the United States inability to control Illegal Immigration after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the world trade centers. Illegal immigration has still been getting worse in the last few decades (“Martin”). There are current solutions that have been put in place to minimize illegal immigration into the United States. One of these current solutions is the border patrol.       The Border Patrol is designed to enforce U.S. customs and border protections and is a current solution to the problem of illegal immigration (“Hing”). It is responsible for safeguarding over 8000 miles of land and water and are helping to keep out immigrants that want to immigrate illegally (“Hing”). The Border patrol has a multiple ways that it is engaged to help. This includes, boat patrols, anti smuggling operations, employer sanctions and intelligence work (“Hing”). The Border patrol is best known for its surveillance on the border transportation, interior enforcement and traffic checks. The main purpose of transportation and traffic checks to take place is to apprehend undocumented immigrants who have passed the border (“Hing”). The Border patrol have been helping since May 28, 1924. They are hired by the government to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States. They do this because of the negative effects that illegal immigration bring to the United States.      I think that the border patrol is necessary to enforce the law and to protect our borders from illegal immigration. The only thing I would change with the border patrol would be hiring a lot more border patrol agents so their would be less of a chance of these immigrants can cross the border into the United States illegally. Adding more border patrol agents would help a lot by filling in the gaps where illegal immigrants can cross into the United States. This would increase our border security and reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming into the United States.


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