John Wooden John Wooden who was an extraordinary coach. Won ten national championships In men’s’ college basketball. This great man was different than any other sport coaches. He had a unique way in training his team and teaching them how to become successful players that we don’t see in any other basketball coaches who use physical work In disciplining their athletes. HIS priority as a coach wasn’t wining. He wanted to give his players something that was more beneficial and to impact them for the rest of their lives. Wooden had a different perspective on success.

When he was a sophomore at Martingale High School In Indiana, his math teacher, Mr.. Sheller, asked his students to write an assignment defining success and whether it meant being rich and well- known or winning a basketball game. Wooden thought about this question for a long time until he found the answer and he believed that Mr.. Shedder played a big role in his success. While teaching English, Wooden kept thinking about success and what It means. As a teacher, he didn’t Like parents who thought about a C as failure and an A r B as success.

According to him, each person had a limited capability and when a student works very hard and tries to do the best he can and still gets an average grade doesn’t count as a failure. Wooden accepted that success is measured by effort not by the outcome. He wanted his students to be Intrinsically motivated and to try to be the best they could other than just looking for a higher grade. In Drive, Pink believed that each person will reach his personal best when he is intrinsically motivated.

Wooden and Pink had similar ideas about Motivation 3. 0. They both weren’t pleased when people worked on something Just for the sake of getting a reward. This kind of motivation which relies upon rewards and punishment doesn’t work as Pink discussed in his book. In case of a student, he might resort to cheating in order to get a good grade and that’s where motivation 2. 0 had a negative effect on people. As a coach, Wooden was very successful basketball coach. He had a unique approach in training his team.

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He knew his strengths and weaknesses. Wooden made the best out of his strong abilities and motivated his athletes to do the same. He had many excellent skills like analyzing players and making them work well together as a team, In addition to paying attention to details. But when It comes to tactically and strategically, Wooden admitted that he was an average. He was district when it comes to rules because he believed if one simple rule is to be broken; he would lose control of the team and there will be chaos in the locker room.

When Bill Walton showed to he practice wearing a beard, Wooden gave him a choice between shaving the beard or leaving the team. He also wasn’t afraid to use the bench. He believed that the bench is the best way to motivate players to work harder. Wooden used benching one of his star players as a sign to other players that they could end up just like him If they don’t work and give a 100%. Woodened punishment was different than the one Pink talked about In Motivation 2. 0. He punished his players to bring the best of them and to motivate them to try harder and to be more prepared.

In addition to all of that, 1 OFF losing as a way of learning from the mistakes that he had made and knew it was a matter of time before his team goes back to their winning ways. Wooden was a very great coach and a successful one. He knew what the true definition of success was and worked hard to reach it. Wooden enjoyed hard work and each game he had even the ones that he lost because he believed that his team gave their highest level of ability. The best of his coaching career wasn’t the championships or the number of games that he won; it was the Journey itself.


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