On the 19th of July. 1861. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda. better known as Jose Rizal. was born. Even as a kid. Rizal was a lover of literary humanistic disciplines. His female parent. Teodora Alonzo. noticed his involvement in literature. Encouraged by her support. Rizal wrote is poem. “Sa aking mga Kabata” at the age of 8. He studied at the Ateneo de Manila Universityand at the University of Sto. Tomas. During this clip. he wrote poems. dramas. and other literary pieces. He joined competitions and titled as the victor in several times. Time goes by. and unluckily. for old ages. there was non adequate money to hold his work published. However. the first 2000 transcripts of his novel were published. Rizal’s 2nd novel took a long clip to be published. as did his first novel. Noli Me Tangere. The ground was reasonably much similar – deficiency of fiscal resources. But everything seems really good until so. But since Rizal was shot. every individual one of his work was loved and to be love by people non merely here in the Philippines. but around the word. Because Rizal was non merely our Hero. he is besides a lover of literary humanistic disciplines!

Most Celebrated Plants of Rizal:

Noli Me Tangere is the Latin version significance. “Don’t Touch Me” they say that it is simply taken from the bible. It is represented by a interlingual rendition of cease from keeping on to me. meaning that Jesus is stating that although he is risen. he has non returned in the same signifier that he left. El Filibusterismo besides known by its English surrogate rubric “The Region of Greed” is the scond novel of Rizal. It is a subsequence to Noli Me Tangere and like the first book. was written in Spanish.

Other Works of Rizal:

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To my Fellow Children
Through Education our female parent land receives life
To the Filipino Youth
By the Pasig
Love of COuntry
Rizal’s Speech in award of Luna and Hidalgo
Hymn of Labor
To the Flowers of Heidelberg
The Song of Maria Clara
Indios Bravos
Events in the Philippines
The Filipino League
Hymn of Talisay
My Retreat
Last Farewell
Mi Ultimo Adios
Sa Aking Mga Kabta
Mi Retiro
Canto del Viajero
Canto de Maria Clara
Me Piden Versos
A La Juventud Filipina
To The Young Women of Malolos
Indolence of the Filipinos
The Philippines A Century Hence


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