Joseph Stalin played a really of import function in the history of Soviet Russia. He was exposed to Karl Marx’s thoughts at a really immature age in the Tiflis Theological Seminary school he was enrolled in. He continued with these thoughts throughout the early old ages of his life ; modifying them as he went along. Finally. Stalin came to power in Eastern Europe. In my sentiment. Stalin was a harsh and hypocritical leader. He did non hold just policies and he changed them to use to a peculiar job he was confronting. Joseph Stalin in Soviet Russia was rough. hypocritical and forceful.

Stalin made a name for himself when he joined the Social Democratic Labor Party in 1901. After the overthrow of Nicholas II. Stalin did non believe that the Russian people were ready for a Socialistic revolution. apposing what Vladimir Lenin thought. Lenin was the leader of the Socialists at the clip. When Lenin heard about this. he made Stalin choose. He could either dispute Lenin for the leading of the Socialists. or he could alter his head about the revolution and remain loyal to Lenin. Stalin chose to remain loyal to Lenin in an article he wrote.

Lenin was pleased with Stalin. and appointed him Commissar of Nationalities. Stalin told people that the new Soviet authorities promised “complete freedom for the Finnish people. and for other peoples of Russia. to set up their ain life” . This meant that he supported the thought of self-government and doing a life for yourself. After a piece. Stalin found it difficult to command the non-Russian people under his power. They were making many independent provinces without his understanding. These provinces were frequently hostile to Stalin and his authorities.

This made Stalin alter his policies so that self-government was non allowed. In 1939. Stalin made a treaty with Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. which divided the two powers. Taking all of this into consideration. my sentiment on Joseph Stalin is that he was a harsh. hypocritical swayer who wasn’t carnival. His thoughts and actions shaped Soviet Russian history to what we know it to be today. Stalin was hypocritical because he told the people that he supported self-government. but the one time the people put it into action. he punished them for it.

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He was rough because when he punished people who went against him. he killed them with no inquiries asked. Besides. he was responsible for at least 20 million deceases from forced dearths. labour cantonments. forced migrations. province terrorist act and labour cantonments. He did these things to seek to unify his power base into a smaller country ; extinguishing lesser powers. Next. after World War II. he continued mass slaying full countries. He did all of this while practising indurate control over the Soviet Union and it’s environing provinces. This makes me believe even more that Stalin was a atrocious individual and leader in Soviet Russia’s history.

Overall. my judgement of Joseph Stalin in Soviet Russian history is that he was a atrocious leader who caused the decease of many guiltless people. He was hypocritical. ruthless and harsh to the people he ruled. I think that many people likely have different sentiments about how much of an impact Stalin really had on Russian history. but I believe that without him. things would hold been wholly different. Even though Adolf Hitler still would hold caused the Holocaust. Stalin would non hold been at that place to increase the figure of deceases. This is how I would judge Joseph Stalin’s topographic point in Soviet Russia’s history.


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