During the first half of the story Geed Is seen to be “loud and proud and full of temper” and very much driven by pride. Pride is a central theme in the novel and this technique allows audiences to witness Seed’s coming of age. Seed’s mentor, Goon, warns him numerous times to be less arrogant, though Geed does not heed this advice. Seed’s pride is his downfall when he accidentally releases the shadow when he wants to prove his power. This failure robbed Geed of his pride and confidence. It was not until Geed experienced these failures that his pride Is wounded and he learns to accept Solon’s ways.

This acceptance leads him to achieve a better understanding of himself. He learns that to reach full maturity he must confront the shadow and accept that it is a part of him – “And he began to see the truth, that Geed had neither cost nor won but, naming the shadow of his death with his own name, had made himself whole: a man: who, knowing his whole true self, cannot be used or possessed by any power other than himself,” This line shows that Geed has come of age when he accepts his shadow.

Therefore It Is shown through Seed’s discovery of self that journeys are learning experiences. In Rain Man, the protagonist, Charlie Bait, also undergoes a major change and personal growth. He begins to accept his autistic brother, Raymond, and learns to love him. This is shown through a mid-shot of Charlie and Raymond with their heads on each others shoulders. The shot allows audiences to see Charlie’s facial expression, which Is of tender love.

It shows that he really has come a long way from being the selfish and conceited man, who only wanted to be associated with his brother in order to get his share of his father’s $3 million dollar inheritance. When Charlie states to Raymond “l like having you as my brother”, it is effectively shown that Charlie has undergone a great change and personal growth. It reveals that his inner Journey has encompassed many learning experiences. Referenced. Geed encounters both allies and enemies who hinder, as well as assist, his progress.

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