The poem “Ode to a Grecian urn” by John Keats shows a man in awe of an urn fascinated by the painted figures on it, he talks to them in admiration and imagines what life would be like on the urn. “Forever warm and still to be enjoyed, forever panting and forever young. ” Shows that the speaker has a fascination for the immortality of the figurines. This seems to be a personal trait of the man, as he seems to be obsessed with the beauty “your leaves nor ever bid the spring adieu” and obsessed with prolonged youth.

The unfulfilled of the figurines (how the lovers will never embrace etc. ) does show that the speaker cannot Just be defined as hopeless; youth obsessed soul but that he also sees the downsides of the urn, giving the speaker a more conscious definition to his character. Towards the end of the poem “ode to a Grecian urn” the speaker ends up on an imaginative Journey that takes him within the urns Images. The speaker encounters the new and unknown as he finds himself In a Greek temple by the water witnessing a religious sacrifice.

The fact that the speaker truly believes this Is happening defines that he has a strong Imagination, and that he can manage watching a sacrifice (which wouldn’t occur In the time the speaker comes from) conveys that he Is dealing with his Journey with an open mind. However when he comes out of the Journey he questions begins to question beauty “Beauty Is truth, truth beauty, -that Is all Ye know on the earth, and all ye need to know. ” Showing the character Is able to think critically and seriously too.

The Journey the speaker has undertaken establishes that he has child-Like characteristics, the ability to Imagine, yet his ability to question his journey and what Is Important conveys that he has a level head too. However If It weren’t for his personality and traits he might not have been able to experience this Journey to the extent that he has. “Alice In Wonderland” by Tim Burton reflects how an Individuals new and unknown experiences define both the Journey and who we are by following the ‘grown up’ character of Alice through her second adventure In wonderland.

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At the age of 19 she Is to be married to someone she does not love and live the obedient life of a 19th century housewife. She possesses a curious and child-Like characteristics, so when she sees the rabbit from the reoccurring “dream” she has, she Jumps at the world behind. Throughout the entire film Alice is referred to as “the wrong Alice” by any of the strange creatures and characters that inhabit wonderland. This repetition of her being called the wrong Alice throughout her adventure eventually leads to herself discovery of the fact that she is the original Alice that the other characters had been expecting for so long.

As she had gotten older her personality had changed but with the Journey through wonderland she has proven to the others and herself that She is not “the wrong Alice”. The unknown experience of being in wonderland begins to define who Alice is after she overcomes obstacles such as saving her friends from the Jawbreakers and giving he rule of wonderland back to the White Queen, instead of the cruel and selfish red queen. Because Alice was able to deal with the obstacles she was faced with her journey became successful and she rediscovered herself, becoming more like she was when she was younger, strong minded and inquisitive.

This leads to her returning to the real world believing she is more capable than Just being the wife of a rich man with a title, whom she does not love. She declines the proposal and moves on to continue her father’s global trading quests. The shot of her on the ship with the lee butterfly (Absolve) symbolizes they have both completed their Journey and transformation and can ‘spread their wings’ and move on to the next chapter of their lives.

The Journey defined her as a confident young woman who can make her own decisions in life; contrary to the time she lives in. The idea that Journeys are defined by the individual who experiences them, and who the individual is defines the Journey is evident in both these texts. It is the way a person is, their traits, personality that can affect their Journey. Yet the Journey can have an even bigger effect on the person, for better or for worse defining who they are.


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