Jump The cold air hissed around me, whipping my hair across my face. The rain pelting down on my body, plastering my hair to my scalp and making my clothes stick to my body. I took a shaky step closer to the edge. The lightening cut through the sky, illuminating the thrashing waves beneath me. Thunder boomed a few seconds later, making me blink rapidly. I could feel the salty water spraying at me as the waves crashed against the cliffs edge.

My heart was beating hard against my chest, making it hard to hear anything. All I could hear was the pulsing of blood behind my ears. Why are you doing this? A voice in my head asked. I shook my head violently, now I was hearing voices? I took a short step forward, my toes curling around the ledge. Do it I told myself. Do it NOW. I rolled back on my heels and pushed against the ground as hard as I could. I fell through the air, wind whooshing in my face, making my hair fly back.

My arms and legs spread wide as I prepared for the impact. My body slammed against the waters surface, causing every inch of my skin to prickle in pain. The water dragged my body deep into it’s depths. I kept my lips sealed around my last breath, but as I was smashed against the rocks, it escaped. I watched the air bubbles rise quickly to the surface. My lungs began to fill quickly with ocean water, the salt burning my throat. My fingertips became numb, and the numbness gradually made it’s way through my hole body.

My chest became uncomfortable and tight as it longed for air. A hard, blackness took over my mind, replaying the reason of why I Jumped. “He died in a car accident. ” One of the officers told me, solemnly. I felt my whole world crashing down around me, how could he leave me? He promises nee would always De tenet Tort me, nee salsa nee would always love me. So, why did he leave? Now as the blackness filled my whole body, I knew, I was going to be with him, forever; like he promised. The End

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