Describe at least one incident that was an interesting surprise. Explain how the interesting surprise helped you learn about a character or characters in the text. An interesting surprise in the text “Juno” directed by Jason Rietman was Juno’s determination to set her babe up for acceptance. This surprise helped me larn about Juno’s adulthood. besides the surprise helped me larn that Juno’s parents. Brenda and Mack. respected Juno’s determinations and supported her in any manner they could. and Juno’s best friend Lea besides supported Juno. Another interesting surprise was when Juno pretend hung herself with licorice. “It started with a chair” . The opening scene is a close up shooting of a ruddy chair. and the beginning of the text. The following scene is in the local dairy where Juno goes in to purchase her 3rd gestation trial. this shows that Juno does non desire to be pregnant. so she is look intoing once more and once more in the hope that the first two were faulty. the store keeper. detecting that this is the 3rd clip Juno has bought a gestation trial comments. “That’s the 3rd clip today momma bear. your self-importance is Prego” this is usage of riming duologue. This gestation leads to the first interesting surprise which was when Juno got a long length of ruddy licorice and feign hung herself over her gestation.

This surprising incident helped me larn about Juno because it shows that even in this serious state of affairs. she turns to humor to assist cover with her jobs. When Juno decided to set her kid up for acceptance. it was a medium shooting of Juno and Lea sitting on a park bench. Juno said “I could wish. hold the babe and so give it to a truly nice sapphic twosome or something” . subsequently Lea helped Juno expression for an acceptance twosome in a newspaper called “the penny saver” . This interesting surprise helped me larn how supportive lea is to Juno by hanging out with her in the park. sitting with her in school. and she was besides t here when Juno told her parents she was pregnant. Juno’s parents were really supportive of her daughter’s determination to set her kid up for acceptance. Juno’s pa. Mack. went with Juno to see the Lorings twosome. the twosome who Juno was traveling to give her kid to. and both Lea and Brenda were by Juno’s side as she gave birth.

Everyone supports Juno. even when she told Paulie bleeker. the male parent. she was pregnant. he merely asked “so what are we gunna do” . this shows that Paulie will back up Juno. whatever she decides to make with the babe. Juno besides shows character by traveling to school throughout her gestation. and Lea supports her by non avoiding her or making anything otherwise beceuse Juno is pregnant. Another interesting surprise in the movie is when Juno spots Vanessa in the promenade. when Vanessa is playing with one of her friend’s kid. and from this surprise you learn that Vanessa truly does care about kids. and Juno decides she would be a great female parent. When Juno eventually has the babe male child. and it is adopted. the chair motive comes back into the text. associating it back to the beginning of the movie with the quotation mark. “it ended with a chair” . The several surprising incidents helped us larn how supportive Juno’s friend Lea was. and how supportive Juno’s parents were throughout her gestation. Juno was besides really Mature throughout the text.

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