Instability at home can negatively influence and alter the psychological make up of a child. This explains why societies are victimized by serial killers, murderers, and sexual predators. Most of the serial killers that were mentioned suffered from some form of abuse as a child. The abuse can be physical, mental, or verbal. Children suffering abuse develop a range of maladaptive, anta- social and self-destructive behaviors and thoughts by trying to cope with the abuse (Newton, 2001 ).

Usually, children who are abused suffer from aggression, behavior robbers, depression, compulsive sexual behaviors, social withdrawal, and alcohol or drug abuse (Newton 2001 Some people overcome their emotional trauma as adults, but others are psychologically damaged forever. Those who are severely affected by their abuse either kill themselves, or begin a violent rampage and killing spree that targets the Innocent members of society. When looking into the background of Albert Desalts, better known as “The Boston Strangler”, he suffered from a very troubled childhood.

His father, who was an alcoholic, physically and sexually abused his mother and even sold him into slavery as a child. It was hard for him to see his mother suffer and this began to take a toll on his life. By the time he was 17 he had a police record. In 1955 he was arrested for molesting a nine- year-old girl and beginning


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