In sum uping this article. be certain you focus on what Daum thinks instead than what Viswanathan did. This will allow you utilize signal verbs more gracefully. Be certain you focus on the chief thoughts. The narrative of Viswanathan’s action is the grounds for the chief point or claim or thesis. non the chief point itself.

If you are unfamiliar with signal phrases. be certain to reexamine pages 556-557 in Everything’s an Argument. Pages 567 to 571 provide you with illustrations of most in text commendation formats. Look particularly carefully at # 1 on page 567. “Author named in a signal phrase. ” Note that you don’t have to utilize the author’s name in parenthesis if you use a signal phrase. You do hold to utilize a page figure from a print beginning. but since this is on-line. you don’t need anything.

one sentence sum-up: Who does what to whom or what? Where? When? How? ( by agencies of ) Why? because ( place the grounds )

Besides retrieve this convention of academic authorship: utilize the author’s full name and designation the first clip you mention the writer: “Famed physicist Albert Einstein explained that. . . ” Use eclipsis ( three periods interspersed with infinites ) if you leave out words. Use brackets [ ] if you add words. After the first reference. usage merely the author’s last name ; “Einstein emphasized that. . . . ” Never use merely the author’s foremost name.

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Information about plants cited pages starts on page 572. We would utilize # 35 on page 578. You must hold a plants cited entry ; if you don’t your paper is considered plagiaristic.


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