Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen. is a fresh about a miss named Colie flickers who. at the beginning of the book. is an unconfident 15-year-old who looks upon herself as a also-ran. Since her female parent. who is fundamentally. fittingness famous person kiki flickers. is touring in Europe for the summer. Colie has to pass her summer in Colby. California. with her aunt Mira. In Colie’s past she was really fleshy. and made merriment of because of it. When coming to Colby. Colie makes new friends. and experiences things that help hike her assurance.

Because of Colie’s yesteryear. her assurance degree is non really high. nor has of all time been really high. In the past old ages colie had moved from topographic point to topographic point. school to school. ever trusting to be able to get down over. But she ever ended up being made merriment of because of her weight. Even when her female parent helps her get back into form. she still can’t bury all those atrocious old ages she was teased. When Colie comes to Colby. all that alterations. Colie meets new friends that help her feel more confident about herself.

An of import issue in this book would be the assurance Colie additions. Without assurance in yourself and who you are. it is easy to lose touch on the things that truly matter to you. This book explains that know matter how you are treated. or were treated. it is of import to demo that you have assurance and strength. When you see it in yourself. you realize that you are unstoppable. Peoples will get down to esteem your assurance. and you.

During an occultation. you can be scared that the Moon won’t come back. It is in a manner like when you don’t have assurance in yourself. and your scared that it will ne’er come back. but finally it ever does. You merely have to seek and maintain it. like the Moon. It will ever come back after an occultation. you merely have to give it clip. The rubric gives the message that. there will ever be times where you lose hope in yourself. but to merely be patient. The rubric explains that you have to maintain the Moon ( the assurance in yourself ) and if you loose the Moon ( your assurance ) you merely have to give it clip. because it will come back.

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The importance of the book to the readers is that. cognize matter what you are traveling through. you merely hold to be yourself. because it will assist you derive more assurance. Besides. to stand up for yourself and who you are as a individual. This book teaches a cardinal component to life. that is important for people to populate a healthy life style.


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