Tourism can be a great development tool, exciting economic growing, heightening the economic system, and lending to poverty within about all sectors of a society. In Madagascar, where poorness is common and where the hapless put force per unit area on the natural resource base, touristry can bring forth positive outwardnesss on the 3rd party. First touristry creates topographic points of economic growing in parts on the island that have no alternate beginnings of income and employment. Tourism helps to cut down poorness by diversifying income beginnings. Second, touristry, can assist to continue the environment, whether for ecotourism or for resort-based touristry, intending that most of the merchandises used are ecologically efficient. The current Madagascar touristry assets have great chances nevertheless are non to the full realized and developed. Tourism is complex and requires its ain analysis, peculiarly as it is one of the largest in the universe and quickly consolidating into a few big participants, moreover it becomes a sector of the economic system that yearly increases its function in the entire economic subdivision so to state. More demands to be done to construct a dynamic partnership between concern and touristry, in acknowledgment of the fact that a sound concern program for touristry, an effectual environmental program, and a model for societal grasp are reciprocally reenforcing and that absence of one may set the others into inquiry. This is why it is of import to equilibrate the sectors and all factors that could hold an consequence on the state and its touristry chances.

1.Key Facts About MadagascarMacintosh HD: Users: IrinaMalysh: Desktop: ma-map.gif

Malagasy republic is located in southern Africa on a separate island in the Indian Ocean, following to Mozambique. The Coast line of Madagascar is comparatively immense 4,828 kilometer. the clime of Madagascar is tropical along the seashore, temperate inland and arid in South. Madagascar is universe ‘s 4th largest island with a strategic location along Mozambique Channel.[ 1 ]

Beginning: The CIA, World fact book Madagascar, mapMadagascar has a brilliant scope of biodiversity, nature and cultural resources to back up touristry. However, out of the 200,000 visitants the island per twelvemonth, merely about 60,000 semen expressly for touristry, the RESs are going for different other grounds but which can include some touristry activity. Malagasy republic has the possible to welcome many more tourers if the sector ‘s growing is good planned in a wide manner – concentrating on economic facets, substructure and environmental and societal concerns, peculiarly for community engagement.

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Besides we would wish to advert some cardinal facts that are act uponing Travel and Tourism in Madagascar:


Direct part – The direct part of Travel & A ; Tourism to GDP was MGA1, 095.8bn ( 5.4 % of entire GDP ) in 2011, and is forecast to lift by 13.9 % in 2012, and to raise by 4.4 % dad, from 2012-2022, to MGA1, 924.8bn in 2022 ( in changeless 2011 monetary values ) .

Entire Contribution-the entire part of Travel & A ; Tourism to GDP was MGA3, 005.2bn ( 14.9 % of GDP ) in 2011, and is forecast to lift by 11.6 % in 2012, and to lift by 4.3 % dad to MGA5, 086.2bn in 2022


Direct Contribution-In 2011 Travel & A ; Tourism straight supported 197,500 occupations ( 4.3 % of entire employment ) . This is expected to lift by 13.6 % in 2012 and lift by 2.8 % dad to 297,000 occupations ( 4.8 % of entire employment ) in 2022.

Entire Contribution-In 2011, the entire part of Travel and Tourism to employment, including occupations supported by the industry, was 12.5 % of entire employment ( 577,000 occupations ) . This is expected to lift by 11.2 % in 2012 to 642,000 occupations and rise by 2.7 % dad to 835,000 occupations in 2022 ( 13.5 % of entire ) .

3.Visitor Exports:

Visitor exports generated MGA1, 397.5bn ( 26.6 % of entire exports ) in 2011. This is forecast to turn by 13.8 % in 2012, and turn by 5.0 % dad, from 2012-2022, to MGA2, 582.2bn in 2022 ( 24.7 % of entire ) .

4. Investing:

Travel & A ; Tourism investing in 2011 was MGA590.4bn, or 15.5 % of entire investing. It should lift by 6.7 % in 2012, and rise by 3.5 % dad over the following 10 old ages to MGA884.7bn in 2022 ( 14.9 % of entire ) .[ 2 ]

Besides, highly of import factor for state is its ain World Ranking between other states, which provides us with information sing whether the state is making good or non. The inside informations about Madagascar ‘s universe ranking is showed below.

2. Madagascar ‘s Rankings

Besides, an highly of import factor for the state is its ain World Ranking between other states, which provides us with information sing whether the state is making good or non. The inside informations about Madagascar ‘s universe ranking is showed below.

Beginning: Travel and Tourism Economic Impact 2012 MadagascarMacintosh HD: Users: IrinaMalysh: Desktop: Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 8.03.06 PM.png

Harmonizing to statistics, Madagascar ‘s travel & A ; touristry is playing an of import function within its state. On one manus, it ‘s supplying a entire sum of more than 577,000 occupations yearly, on the other manus, economical wise, its lending to the 14.9 % of the state ‘s GDP with US 0.5 billion in 2011.

In the Travel and Tourism Ranking of 2011 of 181 states, Madagascar is placed 120th at Direct Contribution to GDP and Total Contribution to GDP, 56th at Direct Contribution to Employment, 49th at Entire Contribution to Employment, 98th at Capital Investment, 111th at Visitor Exports. All these Numberss are estimated to be continuously traveling upwards. Madagascar has moved to the 3rd turning state among all. Therefore calculating the long-run growing over the following 10 old ages get downing from 2012, Madagascar is predicted to travel up from 120 to 87 out of 181 states.

In Madagascar, the International publicity is under the duty of the Maison du Tourisme. Yet, as a major possible alien location for increasing foreign touristry, international circuit operator has pointed out the fact that the authorities has non been administering adequate financess presently to advance the state. Worldwide states that have successfully promoted and established a steady good income from touristry, they usually combine attempts and findings from both public and private sectors.

Kenya for illustration, ranking 75 in the study of Travel and Tourism ‘s Direct Contribution to GDP of 2011, with merely two wildlife finishs is already willing to pass more than US $ 10 and 23 million severally on touristry publicity. Madagascar, place at 120, was merely supplying US 150,000 for promotional budget yearly.

Tourist Numberss can non go on to turn at the gait of recent old ages for much longer, unless some of the restraints are removed. If Madagascar of all time succeeds in taking the restraints and traveling frontward to spread out its touristry sector, following up with back uping programs to new investings undertakings with an effectual publicity and selling run, the possible economic growing is about limitless. As related to this issue, a declaration to the current fiscal deficit of the Maison de Tourisme should be proposed.

3. Visitor Exports and Investing

Visitor exports are a cardinal constituent of the direct part of Travel & A ; Tourism. In 2011, Madagascar generated MGA1, 397.5bn in visitant exports. In 2012, this is expected to turn by 13.8 % , and the state is expected to pull 232,000 international tourer reachings.

By 2022, international tourer reachings are forecast to entire 381,000, bring forthing outgo of MGA2, 582.2bn, an addition of 5.0 % dad.[ 3 ]Macintosh HD: Users: IrinaMalysh: Desktop: Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 6.34.42 PM.png

Beginning: Travel and Tourism Economic Impact 2012 Madagascar

Travel & A ; Tourism is expected to hold attracted capital investing of MGA590.4bn in 2011. This is expected to lift by 6.7 % in 2012, and rise by 3.5 % dad over the following 10 old ages to MGA884.7bn in 2022.

Travel & A ; Tourism ‘s portion of entire national investing will fall from 16.1 % in 2012 to 14.9 % in 2022.[ 4 ]

Macintosh HD: Users: IrinaMalysh: Desktop: Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 6.34.51 PM.png

Beginning: Travel and Tourism Economic Impact 2012 Madagascar

4. The Size and Characteristics of the Tourism Sector

Another of import factor that influences the Travel and Tourism Industry is the size and characteristic ofA Tourism Sector as such. In this subdivision of the study we will look at certain inquiries like: how many tourer visited Madagascar, which state are they going from, how long do they remain, what clip of the twelvemonth they travel. Besides every bit good as what are their socio-economic features and how much are they passing while in Madagascar.

A A A A A A Madagascar is affected by economical events invariably, which really affects the influx of tourers to the state. For case, September 11, 2011, doubtless had an impact on Madagascar – and may even hold contributed to a spike in touristry as travellers sought safer finishs. Second, the political events in Madagascar itself were likely of far more of import than September 11. The drawn-out political deadlock resulted in trial to the island plunging, hotels could non happen supplies for concerns and were forced into bankruptcy or to sell assets to keep their belongingss. There is no manner in which such effects can be programmed with any grade of pragmatism into projections of growing.

4.1 Tourist Arrivals

In 2001, 170,208 foreign visitant reachings were recorded, compared with 74,619 in 1995 and 52,923 in 1990, harmonizing to the Ministry of Tourism. Year 2002 was reasonably much a catastrophe for touristry in Madagascar and up until now the state is still retrieving from it.

The comparatively low figure of foreign tourers were recorded as sing national Parkss ( 54,440 in 2000 ) these tourers by and large visit more than one park during their stay, hence there is a great uncertainty on the entire figure of 160,071 tourers ( 2000 ) . Possibly, some visitants may get away being recorded as they enter the national Parkss, but the Numberss still seem low in relation to the claim of 160,071 entire visitants.

The visitant study undertaken in 2000 indicates that 63 % of tourer visitants province that touristry is the chief intent of their visit. This suggests that of the 160,071 reachings in 2000, merely 100, 845 were existent tourers so to state. Furthermore there are “ bogus ” tourers, intending that concern travellers use tourist visas to hold concern in Madagascar. This suggests that the figure of existent tourers may hold been someplace between 68, 054 and 100, 845 in 2000.

Undoubtedly, some visitants who are non tourers will act as tourers for portion of the clip they are in Madagascar, i.e. , they will utilize hotels and related services in major metropoliss, and topographic points. These people are called internal tourers, because they travel outside their usual life topographic point.

A 4.2 Local conveyance

They will likely do a twosome trips to the Parkss, stores, eating house… etc. by utilizing a method of transit. They may besides purchase handcrafts and other keepsakes ; clearly the keepsakes will change happening to the state. However, the differentiation between a tourer and a non-resident sing a state for other intents must be maintained in order to be after efficaciously for the demands of tourers every bit good as give a clear estimation of the existent visitants coming.

The Government is cognizant of touristry ‘s statistical jobs and, with funding from the EU, has undertaken two sample studies, the most recent in 2000, to assist rectify and supplement bing informations traveling into economical footings equalize demand and supply to an equilibrium point. Visitor studies are expensive to set about and, though they provide valuable informations on visitant features, should non replace for standard informations aggregation at points of entry otherwise a opportunity exists that a study can be non as efficient due to the fact that people can be surveyed more than one time. The Government recognizes the demand to better the statistical base for touristry but is constrained by deficiency of funding hence they are short on the supply of either the needful machinery or working labour. There are important chance costs attached to non cognizing the size of a sector that has the possible to go a important generator of occupations, foreign exchange and revenue enhancements, every bit good as stimulate production of goods and services in other sectors, hence the authorities has no pick but to give something in return, i.e. the agricultural sector. A trade-off between the two sectors will be present. These costs may carry the Government to happen the money and/or a giver to help with the of import undertaking of bettering the touristry database. Furthermore this can be done through the trade-off significance that the authorities pulls financess out of agribusiness or military or instruction, etc. and transportations them to the touristry sector.

4.3 States of Beginning

France dominates the market with 60 % of foreign visitants, loosely defined and non entirely tourists. This nevertheless is because Gallic love going within a state that portions the same linguistic communication ; hence Reunion was a perfect topographic point. Language and a partial common heritage, added to the frequence of flights from Paris and Reunion, are the grounds for Gallic predomination. Italians are the following largest contingent with 12 % , followed by US ( 4.2 % ) , Swiss ( 2.9 % ) , Germans ( 2.8 % ) and British ( 2.2 % ) . Given the quality and assortment of assets in Madagascar, and the European grasp for eco/cultural touristry, the little per centum portion of these states, other than France, merely indicates unfulfilled possible demand in those markets.

4.4 Seasonality of Arrivals.

Peak months are systematically August and July, when about 21 % of tourers arrive, 37 % of tourers arrive from September to December. The lowest month is February after which reachings build up steadily to the extremum months.A

4.5 Average Length of Stay.

The 2000 visitant study suggests that the mean length of stay for aliens sing relations is 24 yearss, but for bona fide tourers it is 20 yearss. Tour operators confirm that tourers stay at least two hebdomads and sometimes up to three hebdomads clearly long term corsets are good for Madagascar. As celebrated below, the norm combined length of hotel stay is 15 yearss. The information may be influenced by the big Numberss of those sing friends and relations and by other non-residents, such as the scientists and possible man of affairs who are likely to be long-stay visitants.

The exact length demands to be confirmed for planning intents otherwise it becomes impossible to maintain path of the single tourers going in and out of the state. Ideally, the length of stay should be determined for at least two wide classs of visitants ; eco-tourists and resort tourers, and by type of adjustment. The mean length of stay in the National Parks is said to be 1 – 3 yearss depending on location, the quality of adjustment, and services for touristry. Clearly looking at the types of eating houses visited, the transit methods, etc. can broaden the type of touristry and hence narrow it down even better.

4.6 Gender, Age and Income Levels of Tourists

Harmonizing to the study, the bulk of tourers going to Madagascar are work forces ( 64 % ) . Nevertheless this statistic besides suggests that non all visitants are “ legal ” tourers and, in this instance, may be business communities declaring themselves as tourers to get the better of visa jobs and other factors that could halt them. Over 60 % of tourers are between 30 and 49 old ages old, but the average age is below 40. This one time more underscores that there is high opportunity of them being businessman in their midlife looking for attractive offers and chances. About three quarters of tourers are extremely educated. About two-thirds of visitants are professionals or caputs of businesses/ endeavors therefore coming to the state non merely for leisure intents.

From observation, a important figure of tourers are backpackers. The term “ backpacker ” can include the escapade tourer, who is frequently rather good away, every bit good as the pupil boosting on a low budget. Madagascar welcomes a wide scope of tourers, with backpackers at one extreme and those geting through international circuit operators at the other. For planning intents, more demands to be known about the different demands of each tourer and there approximative figure and clip of stay.

4.7 Tourist Outgos

The study showed that, on norm, tourists spent a small over FF 16,205 ( approximately $ 2,000 ) , including international travel costs on their visit to Madagascar. The study besides found that the mean cost of the trip changed harmonizing to whether the tourer traveled as an person, a brace, a group, or an organized circuit. Tourists utilizing circuit operators paid FF 17,300 before going for the combined bundle of air travel and adjustment in Madagascar and spent an extra FF 3,494 during the visit, for a entire outgo of FF 20,794. Those going entirely spent FF 7,885 on their air ticket and FF 6784 while in Madagascar, for a sum of FF 14,669. This statistic illustrates the weight of the airfare in the entire package-well over 50 % , which is high by international norms. Furthermore this underlines that utilizing circuit operators is non ever more good. As in this illustration 6,000 FF could hold been saved.

The dislocation of outgos in Madagascar by those who did non utilize a circuit operator was as follows:

1. Adjustment and nutrient 50.5 %

2. Internal travel 24.1 %

3. Excursions ( Parks ) 11.5 %

4. Souvenirs 8.7 %

5. Other 5.2 %

Tourists going with circuit operators will hold prepaid their vacation in their state of beginning so that outgo in Madagascar, as reported to a visitant study, is wrong, therefore meaning that the study brought more misinterpretation, moreover the money spent on the travel bureau did n’t travel straight to Madagascar but foremost came to the HQ of the circuit company and lone portion of the income was given to Madagascar. A The study can non take history of transportations made by the international circuit operator for lodging and services used by tourers in Madagascar. It is frequently that a hotel located inside a state works with specific circuit operators at specific given monetary values.

4.8 The State of Knowledge about Demand for Tourism

As the above analysis shows, much of the informations related to touristry is questionable and/or insufficient to assist explicate policies for the sector and turn to the inquiries raised at the beginning of this subdivision.

Madagascar needs to better its aggregation of informations on visitant reachings at cardinal frontier points. This can be done as already stated, by making a trade off between the economical sectors in the state and equilibrate the needful financess. Because of the comparatively few entry points, islands like Madagascar should hold less trouble in placing tourers among other foreign visitants. At the same clip, Madagascar has done good to carry on visitant studies because that are uncovering about the features of tourers. The authorities is able to state that a batch of tourers use the incorrect visa for the intent and hence a better control system has to be put in topographic point. The following visitant study that Madagascar undertakes could turn to some of the anomalousnesss raised in this subdivision. The Government should besides analyze the studies that the touristry industry itself ( hotels, circuit operators, land transit, air hoses ) provide for other intents ( revenue enhancements, licensing, etc. ) to assist better its database. The industry itself would profit from better databases and communicating between the state and the tourer.[ 5 ]

5. Negative Social Impacts of Tourism

Around the universe, many states are confronting non merely positive facets of touristry, but every bit good negative. In Madagascar this job is related with addition in harlotry – at its worst of child harlotry. The Ministry of Tourism of Madagascar realized that there is a high degree hazard of child harlotry, particularly in Nosy Be and Diego. Furthermore, there are rumours of linkages to the international erotica circles, which move this job on the international degree. Additionally, Madagascar ‘s authorities started a strong run against maltreatments which tourer does to the cocottes. The run really states that wrongdoers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the jurisprudence, and send back place due to the international treaty sing maltreatments. Furthermore, The Ministry of Tourism noted that really utmost poorness retarding forces people to direct their kids to gain money for the household in harlotry concern. The World Tourism Organization late published a Code of Ethics and all members, including Madagascar are encouraged to adhere to its rules[ 6 ]

6. Adjustment and Tourist Servicess

The undermentioned subdivisions analyze the supply side of the touristry sector, i.e. hotels and other tourer adjustment. Small information is available about tourism-related services, e.g. , the Numberss or operations of eating houses, scuba plunging teachers, and other related services. This subdivision, hence, focuses on the supply of adjustment by class and by distribution throughout the island. Occupancy rates are besides discussed. The aim is to find whether the supply of adjustment is appropriate for the types of tourers who visit Madagascar and for the locations that are most visited.

6.1 Availability, Quality and Occupancy Rates of Tourist Accommodation

In 1999, the state had 556 hotels with 7,207 suites in 1999 ; some 111 were classified as meeting international criterions and were rated with stars ( largely 3 star ) . Another 109 met local criterions and were rated with thenar trees ( ravinala ) . The staying 336 were unclassified, with many of these incorporating no more than 5 suites, operated as a household concern, including supplying life quarters and repasts for the household.

By July 2001, the figure of hotels had increased and reached 787 and the figure of suites was 8,248 ( nor farther item on dislocation is available ) . The figure of hotels increased by 42 % between 1999 and July 2001 and the figure of suites by 36 % , compared with an addition of 31 % in hotels and 19 % in suites between 1996 and 1999. This large spring in adjustment was caused by the outlook of a big addition in touristry in 2001 because of Madagascar ‘s vantage point for sing the entire occultation of the Sun

Hotels are the chief types of adjustment used by tourists-over 90 % spend about 15 yearss in a hotel harmonizing to the 2000 visitant study. Some 25 % of tourers spend on norm 2 yearss bivouacing and 21 % of even bonafide tourers spend 3 yearss with household or friends. The 1998 study had indicated that tourers spent merely 4-5 yearss in hotels. It is impossible that the hotel stay would hold increased so radically in merely two old ages, so there is an incompatibility between the two studies. Given the scarceness of appropriate encampment or other options to hotel adjustment, the 15-day combined stay for all hotels visited, seems more likely.

6.2 Quality of Adjustment

A recent visitant study of the national Parkss concluded that installations in the inside of the Parkss are limited and sometimes non-existent. Furthermore, adjustment and eating house services are unequal and sometimes non-existent in countries environing the Parkss and in adjacent small towns. The 2000 visitant study points out an anomalousness in that tourers spend most of their clip in nature sites yet it is the towns that are served by more hotels-and by hotels that are by and large better than the adjustment in the nature sites.

The most important feature of the hotels is that they are really small-the mean size for the full state in July 2001 is 10.5 suites. Even Antananarivo, with its several concern hotels, norms 13.6 suites per hotel. Furthermore, the mean figure of suites per hotel has been worsening since 1996, when the national norm was 14.3 suites per hotel. The significant addition in hotel investings between 1999 and 2001 resulted in a diminution in hotel size from 13.0 in 1999 to 10.5 suites per hotel in 2001. The really little size of a hotel can bespeak radically different hotel types-luxury or low terminal. Although Malagasy republic does hold a really few luxury hotels the bulk of the bing adjustment, even the freshly built hotels, are designed for comparatively low-income international tourers, which is non appropriate to demand.

In the 2000 visitant study, Tourists rated extremely security and response. The hotel suites received mean to good evaluations, and were criticized chiefly because of their deficiency of care and modern fixtures and adjustments. Cleanliness was likewise criticized. Food was rated more extremely than all other classs. Tourists had some ambivalency about hotel duties with 32 % evaluation them “ good ” , 26 % “ really good ” and another 26 % norm. As noted in the citation from a circuit operator ‘s booklet, below, about hotels in Madagascar, in general “ the adjustment is non up to western criterions ” .

Group travel is a feature of touristry today and hotels outside Antananarivo can non suit even the little groups of 16 people and less that travel to Madagascar. Tour operators are unwilling to administer their group among a figure of little hotels because of the deficiency of sufficient combined good adjustment and, to a lesser extent, because it raises their operational costs. All the land operators interviewed in Madagascar stated that they compete with each other for suites in the little figure of hotels that meet acceptable criterions. When there are no acceptable options, circuit operators change paths or even cancel groups for extremum day of the months. Absence of quality adjustment in tourer finishs is a major restraint on the growing of the sector.

6.3 Occupancy Ratess

Hotel tenancy rates were 60 % in 1999, 63 % in 2000, and 66 % in 2001. Thus the tenancy rate is increasing at a clip when capacity is besides turning, bespeaking reasonably strong growing. An mean figure means small in a state with such a big figure of hotels, dispersed over many finishs and with a few concern hotels in the chief metropoliss. From conversations with hotel proprietors and circuit operators, it seems that the few good hotels are runing at or near peak capacity in the chief tourist months.

In other finishs, seasonality has been tempered by offering lower monetary values for hotel suites, Inflexibility caused by clime in Madagascar makes any addition in touristry demand in the low season through pricing inducements less susceptible to success, though some parts of Madagascar are more affected than others by clime ( see below ) . Because of the heavy weight of the airfare in the entire tourer bundle ( at least 50 % ) , incentive pricing would besides necessitate to be practiced by air hoses to hold any consequence on the entire cost of the bundle and so on the current timing of tourer reachings.

This suggests that an addition in tenancy rates can merely happen if tourers can be redistributed in the extremum season to countries where tenancy rates are low. Tour operators, nevertheless, say that current finishs are selected because of their handiness and the quality of adjustment. These operators besides agree that the plus base is more diversified than the adjustment base and new countries would pull tourers if entree and adjustment were available in new sites. The chief countries where new adjustment is likely to be required in the close term is in the chief ecotourism finishs, the premier beach resorts and in Antananarivo, where some of the bigger hotels have occupancy rates in the 70 + % scope. Pressures on paths could besides be alleviated if there were choice hotels along the roads to the major tourer finishs.[ 7 ]


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