In this task I will need to describe the six key features of after sales service and then I would need to describe how these features are handled in Phone 4 U store- usually through their policies and give examples of how handled in Phone 4 U.

The six features of after sales service are:-

1. Information and advice,

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2. Preparation for return,

3. Dealing with complaints,

4. Request for repair/ parts,

5. Guarantee,

6. Dealing with dissatisfied customers.

Information and Advice:-

If some one buys a mobile phone from Phone 4 U and the need advice or information on that product due to the policies of Phone 4 U they have to provide accurate and easy information and advice. If the product is faulty the staff needs to explain clearly how to repair the phone. If the customer wants to know about how to connect a Bluetooth device to their mobile the staff has to explain clearly in simple steps how it should be done. If any technical questions that can not be answered the staff should call the technical staff to explain the problem or give advice. But providing information and advice even after the product is bought from Phone 4 U is compulsory.

After I bought my N70 Mobile Phone I was not to sure on how to use the Radio on my phone so I called Phone 4 U and asked them how and they explained to me clearly in one by one step on what to do and where to go and they helped me all the way until the radio start working.

Preparation for Return:-

Customers return their products for many reasons, but the policies for returning the products bought from Phone 4 U store is that if the product is faulty then the store will give you a new product but if the product is returned of some other reason with in six months then cash back otherwise only an exchange may take place. The product may be returned due to the dissatisfaction of the product, the product may be given as a present and want to exchange, the colour, size, or any other feature may not be attractive.

When I bought a Nokia mobile I did not like the out look of it so I took it back and said that I wanted to see some other mobile phones and if I like any other I would want a exchange otherwise cash back, so they where a bit fussy on the cash back but I didn’t need the cash back and I saw an other Nokia Phone which I really liked. Although Phone 4 U has a policies that the product may be exchanged or returned if not satisfied the staff where still a bit fussy.

Dealing with Complaints:-

Every business has a process on which they follow when dealing with complaints; they have to follow this process to ensure that:

– all complaints are taken seriously so that the customers become loyal towards them,

– so that all staff knows how to solve minor and major complaints,

– all complaints made are solved as quick as possible,

– all complaints are handled fairly and in the same way,

– complaints treated confidentially,

– major complaints investigated and solve it out,

– The complaints made and the action taken must be logged so that if that complaint is repeated the staff would know what to do and can also improve the service.

At Phone 4 U the policy for dealing with complaint is that the complaint has to be dealt with on the same time and then the complaint must be logged on to so that the services can be improved.

The mobile phone that I bought did not have many accessories as I wanted the outer cover so that the screen of my mobile would not get damaged so I called in to say that I was not happy with their accessories and they said that the product was really new and that the outer cover was not yet bought into the market I still was not really happy so to keep me happy they send me a memory card.

Request for repair/ parts:-

If any product is asked to be repaired or replaced by a Phone 4 U customer then the policy is that the product should be repaired by the supplier. But this will only take place if the product is still under guarantee. When I wanted the outer covering for my mobile I asked them that when it will be out in the market I would like to be informed and they informed me after 2 months and told me that they will send it to me but they charged a bit extra.


The policy for guarantee at Phone 4 U is that the guarantee is for 1 year and if the customer wants extra guarantee then the customer must pay more for it.

Dealing with dissatisfied customers:-

The dissatisfaction of a customer can lead to leaving an effect on the business as if one customer goes dissatisfied they will tell other people and the others will not come as the customer has not left a good image of the business. Customers get dissatisfied because of:-

* The performance of the staff or product,

* Unrealistic expectations of the staff or product,

* Misunderstanding.

Phone 4 U has decided to deal with customers by realizing that:-

* customers are the main key stake holder and should be kept happy,

* Phone 4 U depends on the customers and not the customer depend on them,

* Customers are the main purpose of the work,

* The employee job is to satisfy the customer,

* Customers must get the most attention, courteous and all that a business can provide.


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